Are you planning a sailing trip in Bosa? We help with itineraries, ports, yacht rental options & other useful sailing information. Get our help! If you are a sailing enthusiast, the idyllic and quiet town is a perfect destination. Here you can find out when it is worth sailing in Bosa, and we will also help you with useful tips on how to make a one-week-long sailing trip. Dock in the city, and visit the wonderful places in the neighbourhood. You will have a wonderful experience.Sailing in Bosa

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The climate of Bosa: A pleasant Mediterranean climate

Bosa is a Sardinian town of picturesque beauty. The island has a typical Mediterranean climate. Summers are long and hot, and winters are wet. In July and August, the average temperature is 24-25°C. Novembers and Decembers are the rainiest. On the parts near the sea, winters are moderate, and the temperature rarely drops below °C. In January and February, the average temperature is 10°C.

The dominant winds of Sardinia are the Mistral and the Sirocco. The former is mainly present on the northern and western parts of the island. Due to the windy climate, they have built several wind turbines. If you do not insist on the warm weather, it is worth visiting the place in the autumn and spring. The weather is ideal both for travelling and hiking. Would you also like to swim? Then we recommend the period between the end of May and the end of September. Check the sailing conditions and wind rose diagram of Bosa.

Ports around Bosa

The port of Bosa

There are 120 moorings, and the maximum allowed length of boats is 30 metres. They provide water, electricity and fuel in the protected place. You can eat nearby, and there is also a supermarket.ports in Alghero

The port of Alghero

The port is 150 metres long. There are 400 permanent moorings for boats with a maximum length of 50 metres. Ferries leave towards Civitavecchia, Palermo and Naples.

The port of Porto Torres

They have 400 moorings for yachts as long as 40 metres. We can dock in the ferry port with larger boats. There are bars, restaurants and different shops nearby. There are ferries leaving for Genoa, Marseille, Toulon, Barcelona and Civitavecchia.

Port of Portoscuso

The port has 385 berths for boats up to the length of 25 metres. The depth can be 3-4, 5 metres at the docks. Water, electricity and waste collection are among the services of the port.

Port of Carloforte

The marina of Marine Sifredi has 250 berths for sailing yachts and boats up to the length of 60 meters. You have access to services such as Wi-Fi, electricity, laundry, pharmacy or medical care. Information about sailing in Carloforte, or Carloforte yacht charters

Yacht charter around Bosa

27.0 m / 89 ft3 Cabins /13 Berths
27.0 m / 89 ft3 Cabins /13 Berths
27.0 m / 89 ft3 Cabins /13 Berths

Sail in Bosa! Bosa sailing itineraries

Sailing around Bosa: Plan for a one-week-long sailing trip

We are leaving from Bosa, and this is where we will return after visiting the sights in the neighbouring areas.Sailing Itinerary Bosa

Day 1. Bosa – Santa Caterina di Pittinuri

21, 65 km (13, 45 mi)
First, sail to the coastal town of Santa Caterina di Pittinuri; it has a sandy beach where you can marvel at the unique rocky landscape around you. The spectacular cliff S’Archittu can be found here; swimming and canoeing will become an unforgettable experience if you are bound to travel here. Do not forget to visit the Santa Caterina Church either.

Day 2. Santa Caterina di Pittinuri – San Giovanni di Sinis

31, 35 km (19, 48 mi)
After leaving Santa Caterina di Pittinuri you arrive at a former fishing village called San Giovanni di Sinis. The most significant sight of this coastal resort is the Spanish tower of San Giovanni. Philip II had it erected between 1580 and 1610 to prevent pirate attacks. If you happen to have a bit more time, the central square awaits you with a 5-century old Paleo-Christian temple.

Day 3. San Giovanni di Sinis – Tharros

4, 73 km (2, 94 mi)
If you dock here, you can explore one of the most valuable archaeological treasures of Sardinia in the ancient ruins. The archaeological site is not only special because it is facing the sea, but it is also an open-air museum where you can see churches, baths and a necropolis. It feels like travelling back in time.

Day 4. Tharros – Cabras

9, 94 km (6, 18 mi)
You can find precious architectural findings in the Architectural Museum here. Do you want to satisfy your taste buds? Then visit Il Caminetto, one of the most popular seafood restaurant which lies in the historical centre. You can get to know such classical meals of Sardinia such as smoked mullet or spaghetti shell. Furthermore, you should also order either a plate with seafood or pizza slices at L’Oliveto.

Day 5. Cabras – Oristano (Marina di Torre Grande)

6, 07 km (3, 77 mi)
The city has beautiful Renaissance and Baroque buildings. Do you have more time to spend here? You should also see the cathedral, the Tower of St. Christopher and the local museum. Oristano is famous for its equestrian carnival which has a 500-year-old tradition. They organise it during the carnival season, on the last but one Sunday and the Tuesday following it.boating in Bosa

Days 6. Oristano (Marina di Torre Grande) – Buggerru

58, 42 km (36, 30 mi)
The next stop is Buggerru, a former mining town. The two famous sites of the town are San Giovanni Battista Church and the wonderful bay of Cala Domestica, 2 km from the town south. For climbers, the over 100-metre high cliffs are excellent challenges.

Day 7. Buggerru – Island of Mal di Ventre – Bosa

101, 88 km (63, 30 mi)
The first name of Mal di Ventre Island was Maluentu. It is unpopulated lying a few kilometres from the Sardinian shore. The southern coastline is rocky whereas the eastern hides breath-taking coves like Cala Valdaro. There is a lighting tower on the island’s highest point, 18 metres above seas level.

After Maluentu, we return to our first stop, Bosa. You should definitely try the frutti di mare in one of the cosy restaurants; as for wines, we recommend Malvasia.

Bosa sailing: 7 days sailing itinerary Long (North)

Day 1. Bosa – Alghero 35.63 km (22.14 mi), Day 2. Alghero – Porto Conte 14.49 km (9.00 mi), Day 3. Porto Conte – Cala dell’Argentiera 30.96 km (19.24 mi), Day 4. Cala dell’Argentiera – Stintino 37.04 km (23.02 mi), Day 5. Stintino – Porto Torres 20.50 km (12.74 mi) , Day 6. Porto Torres – Castelsardo 29.31 km (18.21 mi), Day 7. Castelsardo – La Pelosa – Bosa 133.85 km (83.17 mi)Sailing plan Bosa

Marine gas near Bosa

  • BOSA: Depth:3, 5m, Working time: 0-24, GPS Coordinates: 40.2972019, 8.4848895
  • ALGHERO -Port Conte Marina: Depth:2, 5 m, Working time: 8-18, GPS Coordinates: 40.5926808, 8.2513785
  • CARLOFORTE: Depth:4, 5m, Working time: 9-22, GPS Coordinates: 39.1347, 8.2981
  • CAGLIARI: Depth:7 m, Working time: 8-24, GPS Coordinates: 39.207, 9.122234

If you would like to go sailing, Bosa and its neighbourhood is an excellent choice. The island of Sardinia welcomes you with a pleasant Mediterranean climate and ideal wind conditions. Regardless of where you dock, you can see beaches of picturesque beauty, as well as cultural and natural sights.Find more Sardinia sailing holidays or choose another Sardinia yacht charter.


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