Sailing in Bar: the best sailing route in Montenegro

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This tiny country hides all beauties of the Mediterranean landscape and its cities. The sapphire sea attracts beach-lovers, whereas the massive mountains the tourists keen on hiking. The elegant Palazzo hotels and ancient sights are visited by history lovers. Not to mention its long coastline with fjord-shaped bays and numerous cosy beaches. Plenty of fully-equipped ports can be found in Bar, Kotor and Tivat. For boatmen, it is one of the best places in Europe with its marvellous natural wonders.Sailing in Bar

The main points are the following:

Climate, the best sailing time in Bar

In the whole territory of Montenegro, so in Bar too, prevail the Mediterranean and the continental climate. The average summer temperature is between 25 and 27 °C, though, July and August are very hot with sometimes 30 °C. The appropriate sailing time is between April and October. There are about 10 rainy days in a month in April, May and September, whereas only 2-3 days in June, July and August. The sea temperature reaches 22 °C from May making it ideal for bathing. It grows, of course, continuously until 28 °C in August. It is quite interesting that the sea temperature stays warm until October.

Ports and islands in Bar: Ports at the centre

Bar – one of the largest ports in Montenegro

The 200-acre port is one of the largest ports in Montenegro. The port can be divided into more parts for chartered, private, commercial and military yachts. Therefore, the city has become an important trade centre. The port constitutes the border of the water land and customs control as well. As a result, it is fully equipped. There are drinking water, electricity and phone supply. Furthermore, many restaurants and catering facilities await you. A 24-hour security service cares for your safety. A long artificially-built headland stretches into the sea; the lighthouse at the end helps the boatmen find their way.

Kotor – the farthest part of the Adriatic Sea

The Kotor Port is surrounded by fortresses erected during the Venetian era. The number of tourists travelling on ships has risen in recent years. Thus, the port has developed significantly. A breath-taking view expects you at our arrival in the port. You sail among huge mountains which have a picturesque view. You can even get fuel at the port. Or choose from the countless restaurants and bars. Regarding entertainment visit the souvenir shops or evening concerts.

Tivat – Porto Montenegro yacht harbour

The most expensive and elegant yachts are at the docks by the shore of Porto Montenegro. Tivat has gained its fame thanks to the newly-built residences and the yacht complex called Porto Montenegro. It’s snow-white, clean European-style quay attracts many tourists. As a matter of fact, a Canadian businessman, Peter Munk, initiated its construction. The restaurants nearby offer mouth-watering dishes and you can buy pretty clothes in the boutiques. Otherwise, it can take hours to check all luxurious yachts standing next to each other by the shore.ports and islands in Bar

Sailing in Bar: A one-week sailing itinerary

The starting point of the one-week sailing trip is the Port of Bar, and the trip also ends here on the 7th day.

Day 1: Sutomore

The first spot at arrival is the 1500-metre long beach. Above that, there are several terraces waiting for hungry and thirsty tourists. Besides the terraces, an asphalt promenade stretches along with ice-cream parlours, bazaars, restaurants and hotels. For youngsters, giant parties are organized in the town. Since this beach is the most well-known, it gets crammed with swimmers very soon. Of course, there are some other intact beaches too, like „Zlatna Obala” or the Golden Beach. Another undiscovered pebble-stoned, rocky beach is Strbina. A unique natural wonder, Black Cape can be seen in Sutomore. This huge cliff emerging from the sea is fabulous. In its underwater part, there are many significant archaeological excavations ongoing.

Day 2-3: Čanj

The picturesque and calm Čanj is a small pleasant village. This resort lies on the northern part of the Bar Riviera. Its biggest attractions are the forest nearby and the fascinating turquoise-blue sea. The Pearl Coast, one of the most beautiful beaches of Montenegro, is located next to Čanj. Its name derives from its extraordinary pearl-coloured pebbly beach. Actually, the infrastructure is quite developed in Čanj. Traditional dishes of Montenegro and coffee bars await their guests for refreshment. This resort is a great choice for families with children. The air containing eucalypti and pine aromas, iodine and bromine have a good effect on adults and children too. Queen’s Beach in the vicinity is only accessible by small ships. Let’s leave it for the second day. Queen’s Beach lies in a small separated cove. Huge cliffs protect it from every direction. The water is crystal-clear, ideal for diving.

Day 4-5: Petrovac

This is a picturesque small town. If you are longing for a peaceful week off with your family, come here. Petrovac is an important traffic point; therefore, its port is safe and well-equipped. Petrovac Castle is one of the most interesting sights. If you want to see the whole town of Petrovac and shoot some photos, there is an amazing view from the top. The sandy Petrovac Beach is 600m long. Practically speaking, the whole bay is the beach. It has a slowly-deepening shore. Although, there are other parts where the shore is empty; so you can bring and install your equipment. The two islets near Petrovac, Katič and Sveta Nedjelja, are also worth visiting once. A tiny temple was erected on the island of Sveta Nedjelja commemorating the victims of a shipwreck. The ship still lies 75 metres under the sea; you can see it during organized diving tours.boating in Bar

Day 6: Budva

The next destination on Day 6 is the city of Budva. It is the most popular metropolis of the whole Mediterranean region. As you would expect, there are luxurious hotels, exclusive restaurants and buzzing nightlife. However, culture-oriented tourists can also enjoy their stay thanks to its numerous historical sights. Its wall was built 2.5 millennia ago since the city is one of the oldest settlements of the region. The Old Town is the trademark of Budva. The Citadel fortress has a wonderful view of the sea. What is a must to see is the Island Sveti Nikola? The largest island of the South Adriatic Sea is also called the Hawaii of Budva. It is 2 km wide and lies very close to the bay. The crystal-clear water, the shining blue sky, Mediterranean flavours and tastes make your stay here unforgettable.

Day 7: Budva

As there are too many sights in the vicinity, it is worth spending another day here. The Island Sveti Stefan by Budva is a priority on the must-see list. It is, actually, an island hotel, a real luxurious holiday resort. From the highest outlook point of Budva you can have a breath-taking view on the island. This is one of the most special attractions of Montenegro, often the most popular background of postcards. The island has become a symbol. Many stars and celebrities spend their holiday here under luxurious circumstances.

At the end of the one-week sailing trip and after visiting the sights of Budva let’s sail back to the Port of Bar.
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