The coastal town is a popular destination thanks to the pleasant Mediterranean climate, the beautiful old city and the beaches with crystal clear water. From this article, you can learn about the weather you should expect when sailing in Budva. Also, we will provide you with 7 days sailing itinerary. Explore this exciting town in Montenegro and its neighbourhood! Sailing in BudvaThis article gives you an overview of the following topics:

The climate of Budva: Pleasant climate

The resort has typical Mediterranean weather with hot and dry summers and mild, wet winters. The warmest month is July when the average temperature may even reach 27°C. Most of the precipitation comes in November and December, and July is the driest month. We recommend that you visit Budva anytime between May and October due to the pleasant weather. Do you love swimming? The average temperature of the sea might reach 25°C. Check the sailing conditions and wind rose diagram of Budva.

Ports around Budva

Port of Budva

This protected port is also known as Dukley Marina Budva. It has 300 berths and can accommodate boats up to 40 metres in length. The maximum depth is 4 metres. If you get hungry, there is a bar and a restaurant at the site of the port. The excellent services include a laundry, a refuelling station and maintenance. Rent a boat in Budva.
Ports in Budva

Port of Bar

It is the largest and most important port in Montenegro, in the southern part of the country. The place is also known as Luka Bar. The port consists of several sections: the port for scheduled vessels, the port for private vessels, commercial vessels and a military port. There are more than 600 berths for vessels up to 35 metres. The depth of the seabed is 8 metres. There is a restaurant on-site, WiFi and maintenance are available. Furthermore, a sailing school also operates in the port. Information about sailing in Bar, or rent a boat in Bar.

The port of Herceg Novi

D-Marin Portonovi has 238 berths for vessels with a maximum length of 120 metres. The maximum depth water is 20 metres. There are many services offered at the port: you can refuel your vessel and choose from excellent cafés, cocktail bars and restaurants. Rent a boat Herceg Novi.

Port of Tivat

The Porto Montenegro has helped Tivat become a prosperous town since it is visited by the richest people in the world. It has 450 berths, and it can accommodate the largest luxury yachts. The complex includes residences, restaurants, boutiques, the five-star Regent Porto Montenegro Hotel and many other facilities. Rent a boat in Tivat.

Port of Kotor

The port of Kotor is also known as Luka Kotor or Cattaro. It can accommodate up to 30 boats, up to 30 metres in length. The maximum depth of the seabed is 8.5 metres. The protected port offers many high-quality services. It has drinking water, electricity, a laundry, a bar and a restaurant. You can refuel and do maintenance. Moreover, you can even get medical help if needed. Rent a boat in Kotor
Ports around Budva

Yacht charter around Budva

Sail in Budva! Budva sailing itineraries:

Sailing in Budva: 7 days sailing itinerary

We begin our journey in one of the most popular towns in Montenegro, Budva, and this is where we will return after visiting the amazing holiday resorts in the area. Budva sailing itinerary

Day 1. Budva – Pržno

4.68 km (2.91 mi)
First, we sail to Pržno, located between Kamenari and Sveti Stefan. This tiny town was built around a picturesque bay where visitors can enjoy the pebbly beach, the wellness hotels and the traditional restaurants. There are both pebbly and sandy parts on the 350-metre-long beach. There is a valuable olive plantation in the background; the area has a conservation status.

Day 2. Pržno – Sveti Stefan

1.98 km (1.23 mi)
The artificial Mediterranean beach of Sveti Stefan is 1, 200 metres long. The beach is covered with fine red sand, and it has slowly deepening waters. Interestingly, the island got its name from the Church of Sveti Stefan, which is the highest point there. Once a fishing village, Sveti Stefan is now an island of a luxury hotel where the ruby-red roofs and the seawater with its turquoise colour make a wonderful contrast.

Day 3. Sveti Stefan – Petrovac

7.46 km (4.63 mi)
If you are looking for a more peaceful and quiet place, Petrovac is the place to go. Its main sights are the Roman mosaics and the Venetian fortress called Castello, located on the right side of the pier. The latter provides a wonderful view of the whole town. There are two tiny beaches among the important sights as well: One of them is Sveta Nedjelja with a small church and the other is Katič.

Day 4. Petrovac – Buljarica

2.99 km (1.86 mi)
The Gradište Monastery can be found in the Buljarica region, on top of a hill. It is very famous for its murals, and there is also an amazing view of the sea from up here. The 2, 400-metre-long beach is the largest one in Budva Riviera and is also among the longest beaches on the Adriatic Sea. If you are a fan of active recreation and would like to go on a hike, there is a picturesque bay around the beach.

Day 5. Buljarica – Bar

15.78 km (9.81 mi)
One of the most interesting places in Bar is Stari Bar, which is located 4 kilometres away. The remains of the old town, which is uninhabited today, can still be seen in the mountains. The former churches, Turkish baths and piping systems are also in great condition. Bar is a famous olive oil producer; its main sight is the 2, 000-year-old Stara Maslina, which is the oldest olive tree in Europe. Read more about what to do in Bar or Bar sailing. Check our boats: Rent a boat in Bar. ports around Budva

Day 6. Bar – Uljinc

26.10 km (16.22 mi)
Our next destination is Ulcinj, the southernmost city in Montenegro. If you are looking for peace and quiet, this resort is one of the best choices. The main sight here is the old town itself, which is almost 2, 000 years old. The fortress of Citadella and the Venetian Palace can be found to the east. If you visit the place, you should see the orthodox Church of St Nicholas and the Church of St Mary. The latter was converted into a mosque in the 15th century, and today it functions as a museum. The “Heart” of Ulcinj provides a wonderful view of the sandy beach, which is a paradise for surfers.

Day 7. Uljinc – Sveti Nicola island – Budva

50.60 km (31.44 mi)
The island, located near Budva, is covered with a thick forest which is home to deers, mouflons, rabbits and pheasants. It got its name from the patron saint of sailors, and its church bears the same name as well. Hawaii Beach is a pebbly-sandy beach, divided into three parts. As for catering facilities, there are bars, restaurants and a popular fish restaurant here.After dropping anchor, if we still have some time, it is worth taking a look around Budva. It is extremely rich not only in natural beauties but also in historical monuments. The most important monument in the city is the Fortress of St. Mary, also known as the Citadel. Visit the restaurant on the first floor, which has a spacious terrace. A wonderful view awaits you here over the seashore and St. Nicholas Island. The town becomes a cultural centre during summer, housing several theatre plays and events. If you are looking for a nice meal, we recommend the restaurants Jadran and Porto.

A week Budva sailing trip (longer)

Day 1. Budva – Bigova 20.59 (12.80 mi), Day 2. Bigova – Tivat (Porto Montenegro) 29.40 km (18.27 mi), Day 3. Tivat (Porto Montenegro) – Herceg Novi (Harbor) 13.76 km (8.55 mi), Day 4. Herceg Novi (Harbor) – Cavtat (Harbour) 44.80 km (27.84 mi), Day 5. Cavtat (Harbour) – Dubrovnik (Orsan) 19.93 km (13.39 mi), Day 6. Dubrovnik (Orsan) – Sudurad 15.26 km (9.48 mi), Day 7. Sudurad – St Nicholas Island – Budva 95.03 km (59.05 mi).Budva sailing tripMore Montenegro sailing tours.

Marine gas near Budva, boat gas stations around Montenegro

  • BUDVA – Dukley Marina: Depth: 4 m, Working time: from May 1st through October 1st from 8-22, GPS Coordinates: 42.279906, 18.838321
  • BAR – AD Marina: Depth: 5 m, Working time: 7-20, GPS Coordinates: 42.098617, 19.088010
  • HERCEG NOVI – Portonovi Marina: Depth: 20 m, Working time: 0-24, GPS Coordinates: 42.433903, 18.603754
  • TIVAT – Porto Montenegro: Depth: 12 m, Working time: 0-24, GPS Coordinates: 42.433897, 18.691430
  • KOTOR: Depth: 8.5 m, Working time: 0-24, GPS Coordinates: 42.426348, 18.767266,
  • DUBROVNIK, ACI Marina: Depth: 4m, Working time: 8-20, GPS Coordinates: 42.670687, 18.127007
  • DUBROVNIK, Orsan: Depth: 3.7-4.9 m, Working time: 6-22, GPS Coordinates: 42.660463, 18.079714
  • SOBRA, MLJET: Depth: 5m, Working time: 6-22, GPS Coordinates: 42.740951, 17.598208
  • LASTOVO: Depth: 2.5-4.5 m, Working time: 6-22, GPS Coordinates: 42.745218, 16.824718
  • ACI Marina KORCULA: Depth: 3.5m, GPS Coordinates: 42.956744, 17.138561
  • VELA LUKA: Depth: 3-4 m, Working time: 6-22, GPS Coordinates: 42.959407, 16.714213

Thanks to the pleasant climate and incredibly clear waters, Budva is among the best sailing destinations in Montenegro. Dock at one of the beautiful holiday resorts that all offer wonderful sights to visit. Find more Montenegro sailing destinations.


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