This tiny country hides all beauties of the Mediterranean landscape and its cities. The sapphire sea attracts beach-lovers, whereas the massive mountains the tourists keen on hiking. The elegant Palazzo hotels and ancient sights are visited by history lovers. Not to mention its long coastline with fjord-shaped bays and numerous cosy beaches. Plenty of fully-equipped ports can be found in Bar, Kotor and Tivat. For boatmen, it is one of the best places in Europe with its marvellous natural wonders.

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Bar is Montenegro’s most important and also largest southern port city. Its trade function is still important, but nowadays tourism has somewhat got into the foreground…Bar is also the place, from where most scheduled yachts leave for Ancona and Bari in Italy. Due to its southern location, it has almost 270 sunny days a year, making it one of the sunniest towns of the Mediterranean region. Bar is a must for all sailors in Montenegro with its rich historical past and real busy Mediterranean and Balkanic atmosphere. Bar is often called the town of olive trees, as you can find huge olive plantation in the neighbourhood. You can also find the world’s oldest olive tree in Bar, which is said to be more than 2, 000 years old.

The weather of Bar

In the whole territory of Montenegro, so in Bar too, prevail the Mediterranean and the continental climate. The average summer temperature is between 25 and 27 °C, though, July and August are very hot with sometimes 30 °C. The appropriate sailing time is between April and October. There are about 10 rainy days in a month in April, May and September, whereas only 2-3 days in June, July and August. The sea temperature reaches 22 °C from May making it ideal for bathing. It grows, of course, continuously until 28 °C in August. It is quite interesting that the sea temperature stays warm until October.

Sightseeing in Bar

Bar’s old town

Bar’s old town is characterised by a basically Byzantine Turkish atmosphere besides the many Venetian style buildings. The royal palace in the old town was built during Venetian reign. At the entrance of the fortress, you can admire a large watchtower and the lion of Saint Mark making you remember the power of Venice. Residential buildings, a chapel and a winter garden were also created inside the palace

Nikola (Nicholas) Castle

If you visit the town, king Nikola’s (Nicholas) castle that was built-in 1885 at the seaside is worth a visit. The building itself consists of a large castle, a smaller castle, a chapel, a watchtower and the winter garden. Your visit there will become a rather complex experience. Today you can find the local history museum that preserves many archaeological findings from this region.

Stari Bar

This is one of Bar’s most interesting sights that is only four kilometres Bar’s centre. Stari Bar is actually the heart of the old town surrounded by castle walls. This is one of the world’s largest archaeological sights in a fortress. Stari Bar’s fortress-type construction is very much apparent even today. Stari Bar became abandoned during the 19th century, but you can still find local vendors coming from Bar at the marketplace. You can buy many delicious things, e.g. homemade cheese, wine, spirits, and olive products from them.

Beaches in Bar

Kraljicina Queen’s Beach

This is, actually, the pearl of the Bar Riviera; it is surrounded by a natural wall of sedimentary rock. It has a more than one-kilometre long sandy coastline. There are sunbeds, sun umbrellas, plenty of buffets and cocktail bars at your disposal. The amazingly blue sea on one side, the fabulous green trees and plants on the other side make the whole landscape awe-inspiring. Beyond relaxation, you can try many water sports facilities here. Or you can play beach volleyball or football on the shore. Both children and adults can have a good time here.

Zukotrlica, a beach within the town

The 1200-metre gravel beach of Zukotrlica is located at the town centre of Bar. Beside its white pebbles, there is Mediterranean flora and pine trees around the beach.

Rent a boat in Bar

Port of Bar

The 200-acre port is one of the largest ports in Montenegro. The port can be divided into more parts for chartered, private, commercial and military yachts. Therefore, the city has become an important trade centre. The port constitutes the border of the water land and customs control as well. As a result, it is fully equipped. There are drinking water, electricity and phone supply. Furthermore, many restaurants and catering facilities await you. A 24-hour security service cares for your safety. A long artificially-built headland stretches into the sea; the lighthouse at the end helps the boatmen find their way.

Port of Kotor

The Kotor Port is surrounded by fortresses erected during the Venetian era. The number of tourists travelling on yachts has risen in recent years. Thus, the port has developed significantly. A breath-taking view expects you at our arrival in the port. You sail among huge mountains which have a picturesque view. You can even get fuel at the port. Or choose from the countless restaurants and bars. Regarding entertainment visit the souvenir shops or evening concerts.

Tivat – Porto Montenegro yacht harbour

The most expensive and elegant yachts are at the docks by the shore of Porto Montenegro. Tivat has gained its fame thanks to the newly-built residences and the yacht complex called Porto Montenegro. It’s snow-white, clean European-style quay attracts many tourists. As a matter of fact, a Canadian businessman, Peter Munk, initiated its construction. The restaurants nearby offer mouth-watering dishes and you can buy pretty clothes in the boutiques. Otherwise, it can take hours to check all luxurious yachts standing next to each other by the shore.

Port of Budva

This protected port is also known as Dukley Marina Budva. It has 300 berths and can accommodate boats up to 40 metres in length. The maximum depth is 4 metres, If you get hungry, there is a bar and a restaurant at the site of the port. The excellent services include a laundry, a refuelling station and maintenance. Information about sailing in Budva, or rent a boat in Budva

The port of Herceg Novi

They port of D-Maring Portonovi has 238 berths for ships as long as 120 metres. The depth of the water is 20 metres. They offer great services, such as a refueling station, cosy cafés, cocktail bars and restaurants. Information about sailing in Herceg Novi, or yacht charter in Herceg Novi
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Weather in Bar

The climate diagrams are based on 30 years of hourly weather model simulations. They give good indications of typical climate patterns and expected conditions (temperature, precipitation, sunshine, and wind). The “mean daily maximum” (solid red line) shows the maximum temperature of an average day for every month for Bar. Likewise, the “mean daily minimum” (solid blue line) shows the average minimum temperature.

Wind rose in Bar
Wind speed in Bar

The wind rose for Bar shows how many hours per year the wind blows from the indicated direction. The diagram for Bar shows the days per month, during which the wind reaches a certain speed.

Rent a boat in Bar, and cruise around Bar

Day 1. Bar – Sutomore 5, 75 km (3, 57 mi), Day 2. Sutomore – Petrovac 13, 10 km (8, 14 mi), Day 3. Petrovac – Budva 12, 47 km (7, 75 mi), Day 4. Budva – Herceg Novi 35, 62 km (22, 13 mi), Day 5. Herceg Novi – Kotor 26, 67 km (16, 57 mi), Day 6. Kotor – Tivat (Porto Montenegro) 15, 29 km (9, 50 mi), Day 7. Tivat (Porto Montenegro) – Bigova – Bar 71, 98 km (44, 73 mi). Bar sailing itineraries

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Day 1. Bar – Čanj 5, 71 km (3, 55 mi), Day 2. Čanj – Budva 25, 02 km (15, 55 mi), Day 3. Budva – Molunat 41, 52 km (25, 80 mi), Day 4. Molunat -Cavtat 29, 50 km (18, 33 mi), Day 5. Cavtat – Dubrovnik 19, 58 km (12, 16 mi), Day 6. Dubrovnik – Herceg Novi 60, 14 km (37, 37 mi), Day 7. Herceg Novi – Petrovac – Bar 62, 37 km (38, 75 mi).Bar sailing plan

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