The Italian Riviera is a diverse and wild shore segment that offers a recreation filled with adventures. Visitors are amazed by the steep cliffs, lush flora and the gloomy blue waters. The ancient towns built into the cliff walls have been standing proudly for ages. There is something here that touches the human soul. You can explore the most exciting part of the Adriatic Sea. You will find important information about why it is worth sailing in the Italian Riviera.

Location of Italian Riviera

The Italian Riviera refers to the shore segment between France and Tuscany. It is bordered by the Ligurian Sea from the south and the southern Alps from the mainland. Due to these two factors, its climate and geographical features are unique. There are four provinces here: Genoa, Imperia, La Spezia and Savona. Its administrative centre is Genoa. The total population is the app. 1.5 million.

History of Italian Riviera

The origins of the people are rooted in thousands of years. Before the Romans, a people of Celtic origin used to live here; they called themselves Ligurians. We can still observe the different dialects of the language, as the inhabitants of the towns stranded by the mountains typically didn’t understand the dialect spoken in the neighbouring villages. After the fall of the Roman Empire, there were independent small city-states in the area for almost 1, 000 years. In medieval times, with the establishment of the Republic of Genoa, these areas united. Later, during the leaderyacht of Garibaldi, the territorial units as we know them today were formed. Liguria is rich in natural treasure; there are 9 national parks in this small region altogether.

Thanks to the unique natural characteristics of the region, it is very popular among tourists. There are larger cities such as Genoa and San Remo, but smaller towns and fishing villages forming a chain on the rocky shores are more common. Locals make their living by tourism, but olive processing and fishing are also significant.

The climate of Italian Riviera

The climate of the Italian Riviera is typically the Mediterranean. Summers are long and hot, and winters are wet and moderately cold. In the winter-autumn period, we should expect strong winds frequently. In the summer, there is usually moderate wind here, and the sea might get as warm as 24-28 degrees near the beaches.

Beaches in the Italian Riviera

The beaches in the Italian Riviera are versatile. There are wide sandy beaches with shallow water that travellers with children might enjoy best. There are also rocky ones with quickly deepening water, to the great joy of divers. Besides, there are countless tiny bays – practically with the size of a garden – that we can only access on a boat. Let’s see a few examples of beaches where we should go to take a dip in the Italian Riviera!

Paraggi Beach

The most frequently visited town in the Italian Riviera. The crystal clear water will be really refreshing during the hot days. It is located in a beautiful environment, in a tiny bay.

Beach Levanto

If you like active recreation, you should look for the largest beach in Levanto! It is a perfect spot for watersport enthusiasts. Go swimming, scuba diving, surfing or rent a powerboat and explore the shores!

Albenga Beach

This beach can be found in the province of Savona. They organise huge parties with music during the summer here. If you would like to go dancing and enjoy Latin rhythms, dock at Albenga to let off steam!

Le Rossa di Albana Beach

This beach is located next to Cinque Terre. It is worth visiting the place during a boat trip. Its pink cliffs and the blue water are a marvellous combination. There are several rare bird species nesting here. From the land, only adventurous climbers can reach the place. If you would like to relax in peace, you should definitely visit this place.

Curiosities and sights to see in Italian Riviera

The Italian Riviera offers real gems to its visitors. In the following section, we are highlighting a few curiosities that you must see.

San Remo

This is a resort located 20 kilometres from the French borders and is a very popular destination. Luxury and elegance are commonplace here. The town, also known as the City of Flowers, is worthy of its name. Its boardwalk runs through roses, carnations, myrtles and Mediterranean flowers. They organise a famous song contest here every year.


The centre of the province. It is a buzzing Latin city full of life. There are dozens of sights to see; all you have to do is choose! If you have the opportunity, visit La Biosfera and the lighthouse in the Old Port, or take a walk around the Old City. You can admire castles from the 15-16th century, most of which serve as a museum today. The downtown and the 42 castles are UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Cinque Terre

You can find Italy’s “Five Lands” in the eastern regions of the Riviera. This justly famous wine region is constituted of five villages. The Alpine slopes and the vineyards reaching as far as the sea is truly unique. There are perfect docking opportunities here, and you can also take part in a wine tour.

Yacht charter Italian Riviera

If you feel that you must definitely visit the Italian Riviera, here is your chance! Take to the sea in Genoa, the centre of the province. Porto Antico, the Old Port provides moorings for yachts and sailboats as well. The Old City is only 15 minutes from here on foot. There are hardly any opportunities to dock during the day. It is best to visit the sights before your departure or after finishing your trip.


It is also worth docking at Lavagna. The port can accept 1, 400 boats. The average depth of the sea here is between 2.30 and 5.90 metres. We can reach the best hotels and restaurants on foot in a few minutes. We can also join amazing boat trips to Portofino.

La Spezia

You can dock or sail out at several spots around La Spezia. Marina del Fezzano can accept boats with a maximum length of 25 metres. Every mooring has access to running water and electricity. Porto Mirabello is a fairly new innovative port. You can reach La Spezia via a footbridge. There are 100 moorings for yachts larger than 24 metres. They provide a huge parking area, security services and a complete infrastructure.
Porto Lotti is a great docking spot next to La Spezia. One of its advantages is that there is a helipad provided for those arriving by air. You can see the entire bay of La Spezia from the port.

Even though the Italian Riviera is relatively small, it offers several opportunities. This holiday could be the opportunity of your life! Hesitate no more, go on and explore the unique world of the Italian Riviera! Find yacht routes in Italian Riviera or choose another rent a boat in Liguria.

Weather in Italian Riviera

The climate diagrams are based on 30 years of hourly weather model simulations. They give good indications of typical climate patterns and expected conditions (temperature, precipitation, sunshine, and wind). The “mean daily maximum” (solid red line) shows the maximum temperature of an average day for every month for Italian Riviera. Likewise, the “mean daily minimum” (solid blue line) shows the average minimum temperature.

Wind rose in Italian Riviera
Wind speed in Italian Riviera

The wind rose for Italian Riviera shows how many hours per year the wind blows from the indicated direction. The diagram for Italian Riviera shows the days per month, during which the wind reaches a certain speed.

Rent a boat in Italian Riviera, and cruise around Italian Riviera

Day 1. San Remo – Bordighera 10.37 km (6.44 mi), Day 2. Bordighera – Mortola Inferiore 10.24 km (6.36 mi), Day 3.Mortola Inferiore – Monte Carlo 13.88 km (8.63 mi), Day 4. Monte Carlo – Villefranche-sur-Mer 18.82 km (11.69 mi), Day 5. Villefranche-sur-Mer – St-Laurent-du-Var 16.17 km (10.05 mi), Day 6. St-Laurent-du-Var – Antibes 9.19 km (5.71 mi), Day 7. Antibes – Nice – San Remo 66.61 km (41.39 mi)San Remo sailing trip

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Day 1. Genova – Arenzano 21.39 km (13.29 mi), Day 2. Arenzano – Varazze 11.54 km (7.17 mi), Day 3. Varazze – Savona 9.61 km (5.97 mi), Day 4. Savona – Albenga 34.69 km (21.55 mi), Day 5. Albenga – Imperia 25.67 km (15.95 mi), Day 6. Imperia – Vado Ligure 60.45 km (37.56 mi), Day 7. Vado Ligure – Cogoleto – Genoa 46.87 km (29.12 mi)Sailing plan Genova

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