Genoa is an enchanting pearl of the Ligurian Sea. Those arriving from the sea will definitely be stunned by the city, nestled amongst mountains. Some 500, 000 inhabitants live their lives driven by that pure Italian passion. If you’d like to experience the real Italian buzz, moor up in in liguria

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Best time for sailing in Genova

Liguria has a typical Mediterranean climate with pleasant temperatures all year round. The Sirocco wind brings more precipitation in the winter and the northwesterly winds are stronger as well, but the average temperature still gravitates around 8°C. From spring to autumn, however, the sea is easily navigable, often with periods of dead calm. Owing to the high humidity, it’s rather more muggy than hot in the summer. The best time for sailing in Genova is between May and September as the weather is perfect for long sailing trips, for swimming in bays of crystalline waters and for sipping wine in coastal bars. If you have the chance, set sail and explore this magical region of the Mediterranean Sea.Check the sailing conditions and wind rose diagram of Genoa.
port in Genova

Ports around Genoa

Port of Genova

The Port of Genoa consists of several parts, including container and passenger terminals, whereas the Old Port (Porto Antico) is a beloved mooring place for yachts and sailing boats. Porto Antico is able to accommodate 280 boats, up to the 60m length. The coast is lined with entertainment facilities to ensure the joy and relaxation of visitors. Comprehensive administration services, yacht yards, 24/7 security service, and restaurants await visitors. The terminal crew will give you all the support you need for docking. After mooring, you have nothing else to do but to enjoy the attractions. Info about Genova yacht charter

Porto Vecchio San Remo

Porto Vecchio is the old port, much smaller than Portiso. Here the water is 1-4.5 meters deep and it offers berths for 50 yachts. There are mainly fishing boats here. In front of the Santa Tecla fortress, life begins on the pier early in the day. The fishermen offer fresh catch and those who are open-eyed snap up the goods soon. Yacht charter in San Remo.ports around Genoa

Port of Bocca di Magra

The Magna river flows into the sea with the freshwater of the Alps here. There is a beautiful port decorated with flowers that tired travellers can use. You can rent a powerboat and explore the hazy bays nearby. The port itself is a wonderful sight, and the reaches of the Alps are truly breathtaking as well. There are several watersports opportunities. They offer continuous 24-hour service to sailors. There are almost 200 moorings provided for boats with a maximum size of 30 metres.

Port of La Spezia

This is a larger town. If you want to have a nice party, you should dock at La Spezia. There is a giant port here with several sections, and it has everything you may need. It is a quite busy port and serves sailors with full equipment. From smaller sailboats to large passenger ships, they accept all types of vessels. Dock and jump right into the Ligurian night! Rent a boat La Spezia

Portofino Peninsula

The Portofino Peninsula lies approximately 20 km east of Genoa. A real gem in Liguria! On the eastern part of the peninsula, Camogli awaits visitors. This picturesque fishing village enchants everyone.
Nestled in a tiny bay, with its few winding little streets, Portofino village on the edge of the peninsula is a significant tourist destination, especially popular when arriving by boat. In fact, the economy of the village is mostly based on tourism. Unique restaurants, cafes and exclusive outlets of far-famed brands await you. In addition, Portofino’s beach is renowned for its cosiness and sparkling blue waters.

Yacht charter around Genova

13.3 m / 44 ft4 Cabins /10 Berths
20.5 m / 67 ft3 Cabins /8 Berths

Sail in Genova! Genova sailing itineraries

Genoa yachting: one week on the Ligurian Sea (east)

Sailing itinerary Genova

Day 1. Genoa – Nervi

10.86 km (6.75 mi)
Start your journey in Genova and head East alongside the Riviera di Levante coastline. Nervi’s port is located about 10km away, nestled in a natural bay. Nervi boasts a pleasant climate with fresh, humid air. The tiny fishing village offers accommodation aplenty and there’re several restaurants and guest houses in the close vicinity of the port. Make sure to take a stroll on Passeggiata Anita Garibaldi, the most beautiful seafront promenade of the region.

Day 2. Nervi – Camogli

9.77 km (6.07 mi)
Camogli is one of Italy’s most stunning settlements. A typical Mediterranean fishing village: louvred windows and multi-coloured houses; a real fairy-tale scene. Whilst immersing yourself in the immense beauty of the scenery, have some focaccia or drink an Aperol spritz on the seafront promenade. Fishing has a very significant role in the village, testified by the numerous fishing nets poised in a neat row on the port’s rails. There are various types of accommodation available: hotels, Airbnb, B& Bs and the port is able to accommodate roughly 300 boats, up to 10m lengths.

Day 3. Camogli – Portofino

21.42 km (13.31 mi)
Portofino–on the edge of the Portofino Peninsula– is a charming fishing village, stunning visitors with its subtle beauty. Portofino is a real gem in the province with its unique romantic landscapes and beloved Paraggi Beach. Its port has two separate parts, one for boats up to 18m and one for boats between 18-60m and the pier boasts facilities aplenty: electricity, drinking water, security service, laundry, just a few to mention. As compared to its tiny size, the village gives a home to some top-notch hotels and resorts.Portofino port

Day 4. Portofino – Santa Margherita Ligure

3.99 km (2.48 mi)
Santa Margherita Ligure is situated on the western side of the peninsula, rather close to Rapallo and has a calmer feel to it than Portofino. The multi-storied, multi-hued houses, the church tower and the palm trees create a view, unlike anything you have seen before. The area is lined with hiking trails, some of them leading to viewpoints; it’s definitely worth having a walk around these. The town boasts a fine, sandy beach as well as one with pebbles and there’s accommodation aplenty. The port can accommodate boats up to 22m.

Day 5. Santa Margherita Ligure – Sestri Levante

16.76 km (10.41 mi)
Sestri Levante is a town of some 20, 000 inhabitants. There’s always a lot going on around here. Sestri Levante offers a wealth of hotels, restaurants and clubs. Moor up and throw yourself into the buzzing life of the town. If you’d like to liven it up a bit, visit Baia del Silenzio, the Bay of Silence, the most picture-perfect, far-famed beach of the town. The harbour is enclosed by the Old Town and is capable of accommodating boats up to 20m.

Day 6. Sestri Levante – Riomaggiore

35.39 km (21.99 mi)
Your next stop is the small fishing village of Riomaggiore, which you can see on the covers of many travel guides. Steep, narrow streets, maze-like staircases, and colorfully painted houses await you. It is worth arriving early in high season, as it can be pretty crowded during the day. Discover the city’s cultural attractions, such as the Chapel of San Rocco, the Historical Museum. The famous seaside hiking trail, Sentiero Azzurro, also starts from here.

Day 7. Riomaggiore – Bogliasco – Genova

78.20 km (48.59 mi)
If you like to get off the beaten track head to Bogliasco. This ancient fishing village was already populated in Roman times. The remains of the bridge over the river are reminiscent of times gone by. Stroll down the quiet streets and let the infectious joy of the locals brighten your mood! You are in for some fun on the central main square, as when the night falls the place fills up with life.

Passeggiata a Mare is a trail craved in a cliff, winding alongside the coast. Have a stroll on it after dinner and admire the spectacular colours of the sea. The black sand of Sestri Levante’s beach is lined with crystalline waters. The town’s harbour is capable of accommodating 50 boats up to the 12m length. Set sail after breakfast and leaving Nervi behind, return to your starting point, Genoa.

7 days Genova sailing plan (west)

Day 1. Genova – Arenzano 21.39 km (13.29 mi), Day 2. Arenzano – Varazze 11.54 km (7.17 mi), Day 3. Varazze – Savona 9.61 km (5.97 mi), Day 4. Savona – Albenga 34.69 km (21.55 mi), Day 5. Albenga – Imperia 25.67 km (15.95 mi), Day 6. Imperia – Vado Ligure 60.45 km (37.56 mi), Day 7. Vado Ligure – Cogoleto – Genoa 46.87 km (29.12 mi)Sailing plan Genova

Marine gas near Genoa, boat gas stations in the Italian Riviera

  • SAN REMO: Depth:5m , Working time:8-19, GPS Coordinates: 43.8154405, 7.7783112
  • IMPERIA: Depth: 8 m, Working time: 9-18, GPS Coordinates: 43.90814971923828, 8.083732604980469
  • SAN LORENZO AL MARE: Depth: 3 m, Working time: 10-19, GPS Coordinates: 43.8154405, 7.7783112
  • ALASSIO: Depth: 3, 5 m, Working time: 8:30-18:30, GPS Coordinates: 44.016876220703125, 8.192068099975586
  • FINALE LIGURE: Depth: 3, 5 m, Working time: 8-22, GPS Coordinates: 44.174766540527344, 8.369462966918945
  • SAVONA: Depth: 6 m, Working time: 8-18, GPS Coordinates: 44.3141, 8.4543
  • VARAZZE: Depth: 6 m, Working time: 9-18, GPS Coordinates: 44.16952, 8.3436
  • ARENZANO: Depth: 3 m, Working time: 0-24, GPS Coordinates: 44.40364074707031, 8.685897827148438
  • GENOA: Depth: 4 m, Working time: 9-18, GPS Coordinates: 44.4063, 8.9339
  • CHIAVARI : Depth: 5 m, Working time: 9:30-18:30, GPS Coordinates: 44.406951904296875, 8.908513069152832
  • LA SPEZIA: Depth: 11 m, Working time: 8:30-19:30, GPS Coordinates: 44.09899139404297, 9.861970901489258

More Liguria sailing itineraries

Our article has summarised why sailing in Genoa is such a unique experience. Hop aboard and fill your heart with the treasures of Liguria! Find more Liguria sailing destinations HELP ME TO CHOOSE THE PERFECT BOAT

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