Sailing in Liguria is a real adventure. Boasting unique natural and architectural gems, Liguria could be a perfect place for a sailing family holiday. It’s a perfect choice both for experienced sailors and beginners, and the well-equipped ports make it all easier.

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Location of Liguria

Liguria is a north Italian region, bordered by France on the West, the Ligurian Sea on the South, Piemont and Emilia-Romagna on the North and Tuscany on the East. Its capital, Genova is famous for its vessel traffic, thus making the region a perfect destination if you’re renting a boat in Liguria.
The smallest region in Italy, Liguria only covers 5, 421 sq km, however, it’s quite densely populated, counting 1.5 million inhabitants.

History of Liguria

The name celebrates the Ligurian people who populated the area in the 6th century B.C. They were then later pushed further North by the Greek and the Phoenicians.
In the Middle Ages, the Ligurian coastline belonged to the Republic of Genoa, whereas the northern territories were part of Lombardy and Piemont. The Ligurian Republic was established by Napoleon at the end of the 18th century and later became part of the Kingdom of Italy.
Some 10 years later, under the name of the Duchy of Genoa, it’s become part of the Kingdom of Sardinia, and yet later, the territory of the Kingdom of Italy again. Liguria’s present position has only been established after World War II.

Weather of Liguria

The area is characterised by mild weather and moderate winds– a corollary to the surrounding Apennines. The northerly winds only blow in the nights and early mornings, thus Liguria is perfect for renting a boat and sailing around. The coastline is extremely diverse, flecked with cliffs and sandy patches, offering breathtaking views. The region’s climate is the Mediterranean, with hot, humid summers.

Main sights in Liguria

This unique nook of Italy welcomes you with a wealth of attractions. If you rent a boat in Liguria, you’ll get the chance to explore the romantic, quaint little coastal towns as well as to immerse yourself in the immense beauty of the sea.Camogli, for instance, is a perfect spot for those who wish to avoid crowds. Its splendid beach is lined with a row of houses, boasting all the colours of the rainbow, whereas its atmospheric promenade is flecked with bars and restaurants, awaiting weary travellers.

La Spezia, the famous military hub, however, is worlds apart. The town is home to the country’s main military harbour The Abbey Church of Santa Maria Assunta, dating back to the 13th century is definitely worth a visit. It gives a home to such artworks as Andrea della Robbia’s pieces. And you should also include the Cristo Re dei Secoli Cathedral (Christ the King of Centuries) on your to-see list. Another gem, Albenga stuns visitors with its awe-inspiring architecture. Free some time to visit the San Michele Cathedral, surrounded by the three 13th century towers; they are certainly some rather unique landmarks. Another fascinating attraction is the wreck of a Roman yacht that sunk in pre-Christian times. You can admire the wreck in the San Michele Palace.

Beaches in Liguria

You’re bound to rent a boat in Liguria and explore the vast variety of beaches! Cosy coves, superb bars, and dreamy coastlines are awaiting sailors and beach bums.


Boccadasse Beach, in the close vicinity of Genoa, is covered in tiny pebbles and is encircled by mighty cliffs. This beloved tourist destination boasts many splendid restaurants and cafes; everyone will find something of their liking.

Baia Blu

Located in Lerici, this tourist paradise is also popular amongst locals. It has public stretches, and some, where you’ll have to pay an entry fee. In peak season, however, Baia Blue can get pretty crowded.

Baia del Silenzio

Baia del Silenzio is considered to be one of the best beaches in Liguria. The sandy beach, lined with a row of multi-coloured houses, is a perfect place to take a dip.

Rent a boat in Liguria

Yacht chartering in Liguria is a rather great idea, considering how well-equipped the area’s ports are. However, you have to pay a pretty penny in some of these, especially in peak season. Here’s a list of some ports, where it’s worth renting a boat and exploring the area.


Portofino’s Marina is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful ports on the continent. It’s only 36 km from Genoa, thus it’s easy to access and it’s also ideal from sailors’ perspective. Although you have to expect fairly high prices, your trip will be enriched not only by new sailing but also cultural experiences. For instance, you can visit the Brown Castle, the Church of San Martino or the Church of San Giorgio. Read more about Portofino yacht charter

San Remo

If you want to treat yourself to a bit of luxury, head to San Remo, which is often referred to as the ‘Town of Flowers’. Although San Remo’s port is fairly small, it’s nestled in dreamy surroundings. It’s especially popular amongst those, who’d like to let their hairs down and enjoy some buzzing nightlife. Read more about San Remo sailing or yacht charter in San Remo


Genoa is a nautical paradise, hosting the second-largest port of the Mediterranean Sea. Originally, it was only a smaller old port the city grew out of, so the new port was built, stretching for 22 km. Whilst in Genoa, make sure you also visit the Maritime Museum too.
Renting a boat in Liguria is a life-changing experience. If you’d like to recharge your batteries, and indulge your body and soul, visit this true Italian gem! Read more about Genova yachting or yacht rental in Genova
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Weather in Liguria

The climate diagrams are based on 30 years of hourly weather model simulations. They give good indications of typical climate patterns and expected conditions (temperature, precipitation, sunshine, and wind). The “mean daily maximum” (solid red line) shows the maximum temperature of an average day for every month for Liguria. Likewise, the “mean daily minimum” (solid blue line) shows the average minimum temperature.

Wind rose in Liguria
Wind speed in Liguria

The wind rose for Liguria shows how many hours per year the wind blows from the indicated direction. The diagram for Liguria shows the days per month, during which the wind reaches a certain speed.

Rent a boat in Liguria, and cruise around Liguria

Day 1. San Remo – Bordighera 10.37 km (6.44 mi), Day 2. Bordighera – Mortola Inferiore 10.24 km (6.36 mi), Day 3.Mortola Inferiore – Monte Carlo 13.88 km (8.63 mi), Day 4. Monte Carlo – Villefranche-sur-Mer 18.82 km (11.69 mi), Day 5. Villefranche-sur-Mer – St-Laurent-du-Var 16.17 km (10.05 mi), Day 6. St-Laurent-du-Var – Antibes 9.19 km (5.71 mi), Day 7. Antibes – Nice – San Remo 66.61 km (41.39 mi)yacht charter in Liguria

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Day 1. Genova – Arenzano 21.39 km (13.29 mi), Day 2. Arenzano – Varazze 11.54 km (7.17 mi), Day 3. Varazze – Savona 9.61 km (5.97 mi), Day 4. Savona – Albenga 34.69 km (21.55 mi), Day 5. Albenga – Imperia 25.67 km (15.95 mi), Day 6. Imperia – Vado Ligure 60.45 km (37.56 mi), Day 7. Vado Ligure – Cogoleto – Genoa 46.87 km (29.12 mi)

boat rental in Liguria

Day 1. La Spezia – Portovenere 7, 16 km (4, 45 mi), Day 2. Portovenere – Palmaria 1, 00 km (3, 28 mi), Day 3. Palmaria – Tino and Tinetto 4, 32 km (2, 68 mi), Day 4. Tino and Tinetto – Riomaggiore 12, 57 km (7, 81 mi), Day 5. Riomaggiore – Monterosso 8, 46 km (5, 26 mi), Day 6. Monterosso – Levanto 7, 31 km (4, 54 mi), Day 7. Levanto – La Grazie – La Spezia 32, 14 km (19, 97 mi)

Rent a boat in Liguria

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