The port of Murter is located in one of the best-protected bays of the island with the same name, offering a safe anchorage for sailors. Thanks to its favourable location, the town is an ideal starting point when visiting the Kornati islands. We will show you what the weather will be like when you go sailing in Murter. In addition, we will give you some tips for planning a shorter- and a longer itinerary, Visit this picturesque North-Dalmatian town!

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    Dalmatia is full of wonderful islands. It’s time for you to explore one. Visit the gorgeous island of Murter. Most islands are only accessible by ferry or boat. Murter, however, is connected to the mainland’s road system through its port and Tisno’s bridges, with two international airports in the nearby Zadar and Split. The authentic spirit of Dalmatia is still alive here, where the traditional life of fishers and sailors harmonically blends with tourism. Numerous exciting destinations wait for visitors from ancient sites of the rich local history to many cultural and sports events. Dishes represent the very best of the traditional Dalmatian kitchen.

    Location of Murter

    Murter island is sheltered by winds in the spacious Gulf of Hramina in the middle of Dalmatia. It’s 25 km to the northwest from the centre of Šibenik, 34 km on the public road. The island is surrounded by the 125 m high Raduč, the 70 m high Sveti Rok, and the 62 m high Gradina. It extends southward from the Gulf of Hramina to the Gulf of Slanica. 13 kilometre from the highway on the Adriatic coast, it’s accessible from the D12 highway through Tisno.

    History of Murter

    In ancient times the Illyrians lived here. Their castle stood above the gulf as a defence. They called the island Colentum, but it was renamed after the Croats settled down on the edges of the productive soil of this field in the 7th century. Its current name was first used in 1318 on a nautical map. The original written form was “Mortar” which later transformed to Murter through local pronunciation. After the end of the Republic of Venice, it became a part of the Habsburg Empire. Then in 1806, the legions of Napoleon conquered it, thus it belonged to France until 1813. For a short while after World War.It was part of the Italian Kingdom, then the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes, and then a state of Yugoslavia.

    beaches in Murter

    The town, Murter has many popular beaches that offer a great pastime for any age. The best ones aren’t too crowded, not even in high season. From the peak of Sveti Rok, there’s a fantastic scenery of nearby towns and milling crowds on the pebble shores.

    Slanica beach:

    One of the most beautiful and most popular beaches in Šibenik’s Riviera. It’s in the Gulf of Slanica. It’s a well-equipped pebble beach, where you can try almost any summer sports. Sandy volleyball courts, tennis courts, charters, and jet ski rental opportunities are all available. Another truly exciting experience for young lovers and married couples is sailing, which is a memorable family programme as well. The beach itself is ideal for families because it has many toys and playful activities for children. The water is also safe and shallow, the sea deepens gradually.

    Luke beach:

    The Luke beach has easily accessible concrete terraces to make sunbathing even more comfortable. You can find showers, dressing rooms and all that’s necessary for a day by the sea including cold drinks and tasty food in the bars and restaurants on the shore. It’s a great place for families and elders too.

    Podvrške beach:

    The unique trait of Podvrške beach is a pier, which is nice for those who come by smaller boats. You can find countless boat rental opportunities. Take a chance to go on an adventure and explore the nearby islands. Fishing is also a popular programme, and young people especially like jumping in the sea. There’s a small bar on the beach serving the thirsty guests.

    Čigrađa beach

    It’s a pebble beach with a somewhat smaller pier. Visitors can have a meal at Čigrađa Restaurant and slake their thirst at Lantana beach bar.

    Main attractions in Murter

    Murter is famous for its fascinating churches and chapels. A small church of Saint Roch was built on Mt. Vršina in 1760. There’s a stairway to the top from where you can see nearby towns like Murter and Betina in a gorgeous landscape. Another sight is the parish church of Saint Michael from 1770, which is known for its beautiful baroque altar. And then there’s a cemetery with the church of Blessed Virgin Mary of Gradina from the 17th century. Besides that, there’s a fortress on Mt. Raduč. It remained from the times of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, and you can still see the gun-sites and the tunnel connected to it.

    Weather of Murter

    The climate of the Adriatic coast, thus Murter island, in the Mediterranean. There’s a lot of sunshine, summers are dry and hot, winters are mild and rainy.

    Rent a boat Murter:

    The Murter island is the biggest and most populated island in the county of Šibenik-Knin. Jezera is the oldest town of hereafter Murter. If you’d like to visit Murter and you come by boat, you can find a port on the south part of the Gulf of Jezera. The so-called ACI Marina Jezera is one of the most famous and friendliest ports of North Dalmatia. Its eastern side is sheltered by a breakwater and it’s open for yachts and boats all year. Something notable is that this port has won the Blue Flower Prize for the most organized tourist place of coastal Croatia in the past five years, which is the most prestigious prize of landscaping in the country.

    Murter is a wonderful site for either an eventful holiday or calm relaxation. The rich history and cultural memories of the island take you back in time. But if you’re a water explorer, rent a boat, you’ll surely be fascinated by the beauty of some nearby untouched islands. On the beaches, there are plenty of good restaurants serving flavorful dishes. And if you bring the whole family, it’s easy to find several programmes to make sure your children won’t be bored either. Find yacht routes in Dalmatia or choose another yacht charter in Dalmatia.

    Weather in Murter

    The climate diagrams are based on 30 years of hourly weather model simulations. They give good indications of typical climate patterns and expected conditions (temperature, precipitation, sunshine, and wind). The “mean daily maximum” (solid red line) shows the maximum temperature of an average day for every month for Murter. Likewise, the “mean daily minimum” (solid blue line) shows the average minimum temperature.

    Wind rose in Murter
    Wind speed in Murter

    The wind rose for Murter shows how many hours per year the wind blows from the indicated direction. The diagram for Murter shows the days per month, during which the wind reaches a certain speed.

    Rent a boat in Murter, and cruise around Murter

    Day 1: Murter (Marina Hramina) – Vrgada Island(Sidrište Kranje Vrgada) 7, 21 km (4.48 mi), Day 2: Vrgada Island – Sukošan (Marina Dalmacija) 30.09 km (18.70 mi), Day 3: Sukošan – Ugljan (Ugljan Island) 18.53 km (11.51 mi), Day 4: Ugljan – Zvenirac Island 21.81 km (13.55 mi), Day 5: Zvenirac-sziget – what to do in Brbinj (Dugi Otok) 10.77 km (6.69 mi), Day 6: Brbinj – Sali (Dugi Otok) 23.54 km (14.63 mi), Day 7: Sali – Kornati National Park- Murter (Marina Hramina) 44.58 km (27.7 mi)

    Murter Sailing Itinerary

    Day 1. Murter (Marina Hramina) – Tribunj 17.69 km (10.99 mi), Day 2. Tribunj – Rogoznica (Marina Frapa) 32.45 km (20.16 mi), Day 3. Rogoznica – Split (ACI Marina Split) 46.80 km (19.08 mi), Day 4. Split – Stari Grad (Mooring Bouys) 38.53 km (23.94 mi), Day 5. Stari Grad – Vis (Marina Vis) 36.45 km (22.65 mi), Day 6. Vis – Žirje 92.14 km (57.25 mi), Day 7. Žirje – Kaprije (Kaprije Buoy Field) – Murter (Marina Hramina) 36.08 km (22.42 mi)

    Murter Sailing plan

    Rent a boat in Murter, your perfect yacht is in 4 easy steps:

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