Sailing in Sibenik. Boating by the shores of Sibenik in North-Dalmatia

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North-Dalmatia is regarded as quite safe and convenient for boaters. In addition, the ports are very close to each other. Both the smaller, barely unpopulated and the bigger islands stretch along the mainland in smaller groups. Culinary experiences, diving, peaceful evening strolls can also be added to your sailing trip; and all in an amazing natural environment. You can explore the islands during a single centre tour; even though, it is a great idea too to organise a one-week trip in the region. Sailing in Sibenik

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Sibenik, a protected city

(After Rijeka and Split) Croatia’s third largest port can be found in Sibenik, in the city full of natural wonders. Actually, the city was not built next to the coast. The St.Anne Channel is the maritime entrance to the bay, so to the city of Sibenik. The protected bay with its calm water is the estuary of the Krka River.

Sailing in Sibenik: Ports at Sibenik

The marina can be found next to the ship factory, a bit far cry from the old town on the southern part of the Mandaline Peninsula. Basically, it is a recently opened marina offering full service.
The old town is 3 km on foot, or if you choose public transport, take bus 2.

Islands by Sibenik

The surrounding of Sibenik is one of the favourite destinations for sailing tours. There are about 50 islands groups lying here. Regarding natural beauties, it is similar to Kornati National Park. Although more islands are populated here and there is an own marina. During a short cruise from Sibenik, you can reach all of them.

The farthest island of this island group having the most size is called Zirje, although the biggest island is Kakan. When it comes to gastronomy, consume a meal in the pleasant restaurants of Kaprije Island. The villages of bigger islands are rapidly developing. St.Anthony’s Channel of Sibenik is surrounded by the islands of Zlarin and Prvic. On the one hand, Zlarin is famous for its agriculture, viticulture, coral and sponge fishing. On the other hand, there is even a sponge factory and a sponge museum. Amazing. Besides, the island of Krapanj is a beloved holiday resort for hundreds of tourists. By yachts, be careful, there are many rocks near the shore.

Kornati islands

Kornati islands are the Mediterranean’s most divided and one of its well-known island groups. There are 152 islands, tiny lands and reefs. 89 islands are under special protection because of the rare flora and fauna living there. They all belong to the Kornati National Park that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Officially there are two entrances to the national park: Velika Provesán and Vrata od Opatán. You can follow designated footpaths on 8 islands of the park on your hiking tour.

Some North-Dalmatian islands are unpopulated whereas on the bigger ones pleasant Mediterranean settlements are flourishing. The islands stretch parallel to the mainland in smaller groups. Moreover, you need to know how safe the North-Dalmatian region for boatman beginner is since it provides many opportunities for docking. It seems as if we were not on the sea. Wherever we drop our anchor, a marvellous landscape and joy are waiting for us.

Sailing in Sibenik: Our one-week sailing tour offer

Day 0 – Sibenik

Before leaving the city is worth visiting once. Let’s start the sightseeing tour at the famous Cathedral of St James in the Old Town which has been added to the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The 71 life-sized sculpted heads of the 15th-century people are its remarkable feature. Furthermore, the Renaissance-style Town Hall can be found on the square as well. Underneath the arches, there is a nice café. The Gothic St. Barbara Church with its 24-hour clock above its entrance and its 4 bells lies near the square.

The narrow streets of the Old Town are built on the hill as a staircase. The 12th-century old Church of St. Krsevan is the oldest building of the city. Nowadays it functions as a gallery. Croatia’s oldest 13th-century old bell is displayed beside the church. Another famous church, the Benedictine Monastery of St. Lucia was erected nearby. The nuns and monks are barely seen on the streets. Their main activity is an education in the nearby school. There is an underground corridor which connects the monastery and the school. Walking along the street of the monastery we come to the St.Michael’s Fortress.

The graveyard next to it was built on a steep hill on gradual levels. It is a must-see spot with its awe-inspiring view on the whole city, the bay and the island group of Sibenik.The narrow streets hide some other gorgeous churches too. And after this long sightseeing tour take a seat in a café or restaurant on the pier. Or end your tour with a nice stress-releasing walk in the St Michael Park.port in Sibenik

Day 1 – Vodice

This town lies in a long-stretching bay 1,5 hours from Sibenik by yacht. The vicinity of the well-equipped marina as well as the picturesque old town provides numerous facilities. With its restaurants, coffee bars and buzzing social life Vodice has become quite popular among youngsters. For the best nightlife experiences visit the marina.

Day 2 – Tribunj

The pleasant old town of this fishing village is situated only on one island. There is a small bridge connecting the mainland and the island. What can you get here? Lots of sunshine, recreation, and the crystal clear sea. Its biggest festival, the Fishermen Night, is held in July.ports and islands in Sibenik

Day 3 – Island of Murter

This is the biggest from the Ŝibenik island groups. In fact, there are four towns: the oldest is Murter and Jezera, the youngest are Tisno and Betina. The island of Murter is famous for its sandy and pebble-stoned Blue Flag beaches. Also, plenty of small bays are waiting for tourists to be explored. The island is hilly and karstic. Furthermore, the vineyards, the almond, fig and olive trees make the landscape picturesque. For the best nightlife experiences visit the marina.

Day 4 – Pirovac

Pirovac – a real paradise of tourists – is also a Mediterranean coastal town. Its old town was built on a small peninsula. We can wonder a large number of medieval buildings here; for instance, the unruined town wall. For the best nightlife experiences visit the marina.

Day 5 – Biograd Na Moru

It was the place of coronation of the Croatian kings. The Regional Museum of the city offers two interesting exhibitions for visitors. The gradually deepening, sandy beaches and the city’s Mediterranean atmosphere attract families with children. Marina Kornati, the Adriatic largest and well-equipped marina, can be found here.

Day 6 – Kaprije

Kaprije Island is part of the Sibenik island group. It lies 15 km from Sibenik on the South-West.
To your surprise, there is only one town here, Kaprije, with 200 inhabitants. The name Kaprije comes from herb, caper, which grows on this island. There are about 20 bays around the island. The most famous one is St. Peter’s Bay in front of the town Kaprije. Here are the ferry terminal and the harbour. Mala Nozdra Bay lying South-East from Kaprije is also worth visiting.

Day 7 – Krka waterfall

Krka National park is Croatia’s popular and fairly spectacular natural reserve.
Its main attractions are its huge and long waterfalls. The total length of the Krka waterfall is 800 m, its width varies between 200 and 400 m. The height difference is 48 m. A footpath leads you around all waterfalls. Do not forget to bring swimming suits so as to take a swim in the basin in front of the Krka waterfall.Sailing in Sibenik

Sibenik is a real paradise for tourists, a charming place. Thanks to its location many sights are easily accessible. If a shorter or a one-week cruise are concerned, Sibenik is always a great starting-off point.

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