The narrow coastline of Dalmatia is separated by the Dinaric mountain range from Bosnia and Herzegovina and the other parts of the Balkan Peninsula. The Mediterranean climate, the cosy beaches and the interesting historic sights draw here millions of tourists year to year. The majority of the Adriatic’s 1000 islands can be found in North Dalmatia. However, some are unpopulated; the bigger ones are home to nice Mediterranean towns. There are several tours leaving from Sukosan to explore the neighbouring islands. All boatmen coming here are fascinated by the area’s pleasant atmosphere.

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Sukosan is a small town and also a port. Those who would enrich their holiday with various activities have several opportunities to do so here. Fans of active relaxation can choose from many options. For example, volleyball, basketball, football, tennis, hiking, cycling. And even surfing, rafting, diving, fishing, paintball and a lot more.

Location of Sukosan

Sukosan lies 11 km southeastward from Zara in the northern part of Dalmatia. It’s next to Velebit canal in the spacious Gulf of Zlatna Luka. The town has a direct connection to motorway A1 through highway 424. Thus, it’s easily accessible by car.

History of Sukosan

Sukosan and its vicinity were already inhabited in ancient times. Archaeological findings prove that Romans lived here. After the Croat settlement, the area belonged to Sigarda region, then to the city of Zára. The first written memory is a contract for selling land from 1289. Sukosan got its name after the patron saint of its church, Saint Cassianus. In the 12th century it was under the control of the Hungarian Kingdom, then Venetian domination. Due to the Turkish conquest the town was repeatedly despoiled and demolished. Residents escaped to nearby towns then participated in the fights against conquerors. Beyond the losses of war, the plague also decimated the local population. After the Turkish threat, the town started developing. First, it was part of the Venetian Republic, then France ruled it.

History from the 19th century

The Vienna Congress gave it to Austria in 1815. In World War II Sukosan and the neighbouring town were under the control of the Italian Kingdom according to the Treaty of Rapallo. Therefore, the town lost its agelong central rule. It became subordinate to Biograd administratively, and to the Šibenik bishopric (under the archbishop of Zára) ecclesiastically. After the Italian capitulation in 1943, Croat troops marched in. Thus, it belonged to Croatia again. The Croat army and police, almost unarmed, prevented the penetration of the Yugoslavian People’s army’s tanks. At the same time, they stopped the attempt to bisect the country’s land area.

Beaches in Sukosan

The sea is crystal clear on the shore of Sukosan, which is more than 10 km long and almost entirely suitable for swimming. It has a natural complex too. Guests can choose according to their preference among well-maintained beaches and small private gulfs.

” Dječji Raj” beach (Kids’ Paradise):

As its name suggests, this beach is a truly ideal choice for children thanks to its shallow water and sandy ground. Here everyone can enjoy different beach games and the fresh, clean seawater. There are deckchairs, pedal boats, and boat rental opportunities. But you can refresh yourself with ice cream or a drink in one of the nearby cafes.

“Zlatna Luka” beach:

This beach is at the Zadar-side entrance of Sukosan. It’s a pebble beach with tamarinds and pine trees casting shadows on it in the summer heat. It has showers, dressing rooms, and toilets. Several sports opportunities are also available.

“Makarska” beach:

This is a beautifully decorated beach. You can find all things necessary like showers, cabins, and bathrooms. The seaside is partly covered with pavement, partly pebble. Tamarinds provide a lot of natural sunshades. There are volleyball, basketball courts, and a playground nearby.

Main sights of Sukosan

This is the place of the Tustica natural complex, as well as numerous beaches, small camping places, old buildings, olive groves, and vineyards. The nearly untouched Rupina and Zrakunjač caves are protected natural assets. The parish church of St. Kasijan, a building with romantic and baroque details, is worth visiting. As well as the church of St. Martin and the church of the Grace Blessed Virgin from 1650. Both can be an authentic historical journey.

Sukosan is famous for its beautiful beaches and hidden gulfs. Exploring these can be a memorable program for the whole family. It’s not a coincidence that renting a boat or yacht charter is almost inevitable for all visitors to the town. Kornati Islands are exceptionally beautiful. This group of more than a hundred islands fascinates visitors with an untouched natural environment.

Weather in Sukosan

The shore of the Adriatic Sea has the traits of the Mediterranean climate. There’s a lot of sunshine. Summers are dry and warm, winters are mild and rainy.

Yachtcharter in Sukosan

One of the country’s biggest yacht ports, “Marine Dalmacija” is here. It has an area above 70 hectares, with 1200 sea and more than 500 coastal moorages. The port is 7 km southward from Zadar’s old town. Marina Dalmacija makes a significant amount of necessary electricity and water connections and land docks. This makes it the biggest sailing center. Among other available services, there are shops, cafes, petrol station and a number of medical equipment. Marina Dalmacija, thanks to its central position in the Adriatic sector, is a perfect starting point of voyages. Numerous islands and smalls gulfs in its vicinity are worth viewing from the deck of a rocking boat. The town of Sukosan is ideal for all ages. Here you can easily find what you’re looking for in a holiday. Either if it’s a passive, relaxing vacation or an active, bustling one full of sports. Find yacht routes in Dalmatia or choose another yacht charter in Dalmatia.

Weather in Sukosan

The climate diagrams are based on 30 years of hourly weather model simulations. They give good indications of typical climate patterns and expected conditions (temperature, precipitation, sunshine, and wind). The “mean daily maximum” (solid red line) shows the maximum temperature of an average day for every month for Sukosan. Likewise, the “mean daily minimum” (solid blue line) shows the average minimum temperature.

Wind rose in Sukosan
Wind speed in Sukosan

The wind rose for Sukosan shows how many hours per year the wind blows from the indicated direction. The diagram for Sukosan shows the days per month, during which the wind reaches a certain speed.

Rent a boat in Sukosan, and cruise around Sukosan

Day 1. Sukosan – Biograd na Moru 17,62 km (10,95 mi), Day 2. Biograd na Moru – Pirovac 23,39 km (14,54 mi), Day 3. Pirovac – Island of Murter (Jezera port) 25,55 km (15,87 mi), Day 4. Jezera – Vodice 12,62 km (7,84 mi), Day 5. Vodice – Sibenik 11,01 km (6,84 mi), Day 6. Sibenik – Kaprije 24,62 km (15,30 mi), Day 7. Kaprije – Tribunj – Sukosan 65,10 km (40,45 mi). Sukosan sailing itinerary

Day 1. Sukosan – Zadar 12,62 km (7,84 mi), Day 2. Zadar – Brbinj 25,18 km (15,65 mi), Day 3. Brbinj – Sali 23,68 km (14,71 mi), Day 4. Sali – Murter 36,97 km (22,97 mi) ,Day 5. Murter – Pirovac 8,00 km (4,97 mi), Day 6. Pirovac – Biograd na Moru 23,51 km (14,61 mi), Day 7. Biograd na Moru – Ošljak – Sukosan 34,12 km (21,20 mi).
Sukosan yachting tour

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