The well-maintained beaches, interesting activities and breathtaking nearby islands make Vodice an extremely popular holiday destination. You can find out what weather to expect when you go sailing in Vodice, In addition, we will help you plan a 1-week itinerary. If you follow our advice, you can enrich your life with some unforgettable experiences.

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    Vodice is one of the most popular tourist attractions of the Adriatic region. It is especially lucrative for lovers of extreme sports and sailing. For those arriving from distant countries, it is close to two international airports. Vodice lies at the coast in a wide bay. The town is proud of its traditions and has a rich cultural memorial heritage. It has won the „tourist flower” prize, which is donated to towns that have an especially wide range of tourism attractions. Hacienda club, which is one of the most popular night clubs of the Adriatic region, is also to be found here. Lovers of sports can freely choose from exciting water activities, play beach volleyball, football, basketball, but they can also cycle or scuba dive or try sea fitness, kayaking or rent a boat, yacht or a powerboat.

    Location of Vodice

    The town of Vodice is in county Šibenik-Knin of Croatia. It lies in the heart of Dalmatia, 9 km from Šibenik’s centre in a beeline and 14 km on a public road, in the northwestern edge of Šibenik channel in a wide bay.

    History of Vodice

    Vodice was first mentioned in 1402, although the town had been present since the Roman age under the name of Arausa. The town’s name originates from the water sources that serve the whole area. The meadow of Vodice had much water already in ancient times, it had fertile soil, thus it was an ideal place for settlement. The objects that have been found count as one of the most valuable collections from the Roman Empire and show that Vodice used to be a very important town in that age already. The area was then hardly inhabited, but commercial yachts moored and had a market here.

    Vodice’s most valuable treasure was water due to its sources. The town was part of the Kingdom of Hungary in the 15th century and that’s when the construction of the defence walls was started. Seeing the Turkish danger the authorities of Venice ordered in 1509 to build a castle on Gradina, the hill above Vodice, a part of which is in a good condition even today. Eventually, the Christian population could flee behind the castle walls. Although Rakitnica and Gradina were occupied by Turks in 1572, the walls could defend the population and Vodice was never taken hold of by Turks. When the Turkish danger had passed, the city walls and the defence towers were demolished.

    In 1646 the tower of Čorić was established in the heart of the town, but that didn’t have defence purposes but served as a summer palace of the rich Fonda family from Šibenik. Today this is the only tower to stand in the town. The last defence tower was demolished after World War 2. After Napoleon’s fall, the town was again taken by Habsburgs until the end of World War 1, then it was ruled by the Kingdom of Italy, the Serbian-Croatian-Slovenian Kingdom and Yugoslavia for shorter periods.

    Beaches in Vodice

    Visitors can choose from many fantastic beaches in Vodice. Most beaches are ideal for families with children, as they have special shallow coastal parts, but young people who want to party will not get bored here either. Entertainment will not be finished by sunset, bars offer great programs to the young ones, which may last even until the morning hours. You can find many boat rental opportunities on the beaches. Be brave and rent a yacht to visit the nearby beaches, for example, Zamalin or Bristak near Tribunj! Our yacht charter Vodice list

    Plava beach:

    Plava beach is in one of the most beautiful tourism centres of Vodice. It was honoured by the blue flag distinction that symbolises clean seawater. The beach is 4 km long from Hotel Punta to Tribunj. Visitors can enjoy many activities at the beach with clean water, you can choose from many sports activities including volleyball, gliding, sailing, banana rental, jet-ski, tennis, etc., but also the scuba diving and sailing schools are organised here during the summer.

    Hangar beach:

    Vodice’s Hangar beach is one of the best-equipped beaches of the Adriatic Sea that can contribute to your Croatian holiday experience besides the Sun and the sea. You can find cafés, restaurants, fast food restaurants, healthy food stores, shops with sports and sea equipment, outdoor showers and public dressing rooms there and you can rent summer beds and parasols to make your rest more comfortable. The beach has a part that is separated especially for the elderly and for families with kids. This section of the beach is extended by entertainment facilities like children’s railway, jumping boards and bouncy castles. The most popular bar of the beach is the Hookah bar, which has already hosted some world-famous DJs, making Hangar beach very popular among young people. Hookah offers a rich nightlife that can go into the morning hours sometimes.

    Stara škola beach:

    This is the official beach in the centre of Vodice for those arriving with dogs. The clean sea and nice pebbles, as well as the comfortable location, attract many dog owners and pets. However, there is no shower or freshwater at the beach and the area also lacks shadow, therefore much water has to be brought for your dogs. Since the beach is in the centre of the holiday resort, bars, restaurants and other facilities of your choice are very close.

    Main attractions in Vodice

    Many historic sights and churches are to be admired in the inner city, but also in the outskirts. One of the oldest relics is the first church of the town, the Holy Cross parish, which operates as a gallery today. The church was mainly built with Gothic elements, however, a great part of these style marks have disappeared by now due to reconstructions. The Roman-Gothic font is unique in the diocese of Šibenik. The Saint John the Baptist church of Rakitnica was built on the Gradina hill in 1445. Its speciality is the bell tower.

    Today only three masses are held here annually. The tower of Čorić in the heart of the town was built by the rich Fonda family from Šibenik in 1646. Today this is the only tower of the town, its fortress walls and towers have already been demolished. The castle that was built for defence purposes against the Turks was built-in 1509 and can be found on the Gradina hill above the town near the Saint John the Baptist church of Rakitnica. The castle was demolished during the Cretan War at the end of the 17th century since then you can only visit its ruins.

    The weather of Vodice

    The Adriatic Sea has a Mediterranean climate with much sunshine, dry and hot summer and a mild and humid winter. Vodice weather information

    Yacht charter in Vodice

    The popularity of Vodice was also greatly influenced by the construction of the port. The sea at the town, the islands, the river and the two national parks’ – Krka and Kornat – direct vicinity have all reasoned to let the town receive visitors arriving via water. It is thus not surprising that Vodice’s port, ACI Marina is one of the most popular places for boats that look for a wide selection of holidays, entertainment and leisure. The port is in the northeast of the town in bay Vrulje and it is open all year round. It is protected by two breakwaters and has 290 water and 60 mainland places in the port. The port is easy to recognise from Punta building and its access is assisted and marked by illuminated breakwaters and the local bell tower.

    Vodice has excellent transport connections to other parts of the region on the main coastal routes. Don’t hesitate to organise a water trip, rent a boat and visit the islands and sights of the region! Our boat rent Vodice list The town of Vodice with its momentum and ever-changing life in motion will guarantee you an experience for life. This is your place, if you want parties and excitement or if you want to stimulate your adrenaline level by extreme sports. Vodice is again an ideal spot if you plan a family trip to introduce children to the world of sailing. Find yacht routes in Dalmatia or choose another yacht charter in Dalmatia.

    Weather in Vodice

    The climate diagrams are based on 30 years of hourly weather model simulations. They give good indications of typical climate patterns and expected conditions (temperature, precipitation, sunshine, and wind). The “mean daily maximum” (solid red line) shows the maximum temperature of an average day for every month for Vodice. Likewise, the “mean daily minimum” (solid blue line) shows the average minimum temperature.

    Wind rose in Vodice
    Wind speed in Vodice

    The wind rose for Vodice shows how many hours per year the wind blows from the indicated direction. The diagram for Vodice shows the days per month, during which the wind reaches a certain speed.

    Rent a boat in Vodice, and cruise around Vodice

    Day 1. Vodice (ACI Marina Vodice) – Kaprije (Kaprije Buoy Field) 15, 93 km (9, 90 mi), Day 2. Kaprije – Žirje 12, 13 km (7, 54 mi), Day 3. Žirje – Rogoznica (Marina Frapa) 31, 19 km (19, 38 mi), Day 4. Rogoznica – Primosten 9, 79 km (6, 08 mi), Day 5. Primosten – Zlarin (Marina Zlarin) 18, 73 km (11, 64 mi), Day 6. Zlarin – Šibenik (Marina Mandalina) 7, 79 km (4, 84 mi), Day 7. Šibenik – Prvić (Prvic Luka Mooring Buoys) – Vodice (ACI Marina Vodice) 15, 56 km (9, 67 mi)

    Vodice sailing itinerary

    Day 1. Vodice – Jezera (Murter) 12, 54 km (7, 79 mi), Day 2. Jezera – Zadar (Marina Tankerkomerc) 53, 00 km (32, 93 mi), Day 3. Zadar – Ilovik 67, 13 km (41, 71 mi), Day 4. Ilovik – Veli Rat (Marina Veli Rat, Dugi Otok) 43, 70 km (27, 16 mi), Day 5. Veli Rat – Mali Iž (Iž) 33, 52 km (20, 83 mi), Day 6. Mali Iž – Žut (ACI Marina Zut, Kornati) 22, 45 km (13, 95 mi), Day 7. Žut – Kaprije (Kaprije Buoy Field) – Vodice (ACI Marina Vodice) 57, 28 km (35, 59 mi)

    Sailing itinerary VodiceRead more about sailing in Vodice, or Dalmatia sailing itineraries.

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