Find out everything about sailing in Murter: itineraries, ports, yacht rental options & other useful sailing information. Get our help! The port of Murter is located in one of the best-protected bays of the island with the same name, offering a safe anchorage for sailors. Thanks to its favourable location, the town is an ideal starting point when visiting the Kornati islands. In this article, we will show you what the weather will be like when you go sailing in Murter. In addition, we will give you some tips for planning a shorter- and a longer itinerary, Visit this picturesque North-Dalmatian town!
Sailing in Murter
This article gives you an overview of the following topics:

The weather of Murter

The peaceful and calm island of Murter has a Mediterranean climate with hot dry summers and mild but wet winters. During the summer, the Mistral is the wind that is present most frequently, making the area perfect for sailing. It usually starts to blow every day at 10:30, gets gradually stronger until 15:00 and then starts to drop until 18:00 As the island of Murter centres around sailing, it is recommended to visit it both in the autumn and spring. Check the sailing conditions and wind rose diagram of Murter

Ports around Murter

Marina Hramina (Murter)

This protected and safe marina is located in the northwestern part of the island of Murter, in Hramina Bay. It has 370 seas and 120 land berths for boats up to 25 m in length. The depth of the seabed is 3, 5 m. Marina Hramina is open all year round. It offers quality services, including refuelling.

Marina Betina (Murter)

The marina of Betina located in the southeastern part of Murter has 190 berths. The depth of the water is 3–8 metres at the dock. They have grocery stores, sailing equipment as well as video surveillance. The port is open all year. Click if you want to rent a boat in Murter

ACI Marina Jezera (Murter)

ACI Marina Jezera has Certification. Thanks to its location, the marina is an ideal destination for sailors. It is located in a bay surrounded by picturesque hills that provide protection against winds. The marina has 225 sea and 60 land berths for boats up to 25 m in length. The depth of the seabed is 5 m. ACI Marina Jezera is open all year round. In addition to the most important services, you can also refuel your boat.
Ports around Murter

Marina Kornati (Biograd na Moru)

The marina of Biograd, which also has a certificate, can accommodate 705 boats with a length of up to 23 metres. The entrance is 40 metres wide, and the maximum depth is 6.5 metres. They have a 24-hour security service, boat maintenance, and a fuel station. There is also a restaurant with a capacity of 370 guests. sailing in Biograd na Moru, boat rental Biograd na Moru

ACI Marina Žut (Kornati)

The marina, located in the northeastern part of the Kornati archipelago, offers 120 berths for boats up to 40 metres long. They are open between April 1st and October 31st. In case the Bora is strong, it is recommended to anchor in the northern dock or use the mooring buoys. If the other strong wind, the Jugo is present, it is much more pleasant to anchor on the southern dock.

Marina Tribunj

Marina Tribunj has 220 seas and 150 land berths, all of which are equipped with running water and electricity. The marina can accommodate boats up to 26 m in length. The depth of the seabed is 4 m. Marina Tribunj is open all year round, and it also has Certification. Thanks to the circular shape of the nearby Lukovnic island, the marina is protected against winds.

ACI Marina Vodice

The marina has 273 sea berths and 55 land berths for boats up to 25 m in length. The depth of the seabed is 3.5 m. There is also a laundry, restaurants and a refuelling station on site. ACI Marina Vodice is sheltered from all winds, except for the strong Jugo, which can cause strong waves. Read more about sailing in Vodice, or boat hire in Vodice
Marinas around Murter

D-Marin Mandalina (Šibenik)

One of the biggest advantages of this beautiful marina is its convenient location. It is only a few km away from the historic centre of Šibenik. Moreover, it is protected against winds and waves. D-Marin Mandalina is awarded with five Golden Anchors and a Certification. It has 429 seas and 50 land berths. Of these, 79 are designed specifically for superyachts. This is the only port in Croatia that can accommodate superyachts up to 140 m.
The depth of the seabed is 5.5 m. Refuelling is among the quality services of the port If you get hungry, there is a bar, a restaurant, and a grocery store on site. Sibenik sailing, rent a boat Sibenik

35 %sun-odyssey-37-2002Murter
11.5 m / 38 ft3 Cabins /7 Berths
25 %adriana-36-2017Murter
11.8 m / 39 ft3 Cabins /6 Berths

Sail in Murter! Murter sailing trips

Sailing in Murter: 1-week sailing itinerary

Our trip starts in the wonderful city of Murter. After visiting the most beautiful places of North Dalmatia, we will return here.
Murter Sailing Itinerary

Day 1: Murter (Marina Hramina) – Vrgada Island(Sidrište Kranje Vrgada)

7, 21 km (4.48 mi)

Are you seeking a truly relaxing vacation? Visit Vrgada, an island with a length of nearly 3 kilometres and width of barely 1 kilometre. Due to its small size, you can get to any of the spots on the island on foot, walking among the beautiful pines. Vrgada has marvellous bays; its highest point is Srabljinova with 112 metres, providing a fantastic view. The island has a rich flora: besides the chard, there are rare beans, grapes and wild herbs.

Day 2: Vrgada Island – Sukošan (Marina Dalmacija)

30.09 km (18.70 mi)
One of the most important sights to see in Sukošan is the church of St. Cassian, which only got its final shape in the 17th century. In the town’s bay, you can still see the wall remains of the building which used to serve as a summer residence of the archbishops of Zadar. The church was seriously damaged during the Ottoman-Venetian war, and the ruins were further devastated by earthquakes as well.
Today, there are only three wooden pillars left from the building. Those who are looking for entertainment should visit the event called “Nights of Sukosan”, attracting a lot of tourists in the summer. The town – famous for its hospitality – also has great restaurants offering specialties of Croatian cuisine. Read more about what to do in Sukosan, Sokosan sailing, or yacht charter in Sukosan

Day 3: Sukošan – Ugljan (Ugljan Island)

18.53 km (11.51 mi)

The town of Ugljan can be found in the northeastern end of the island with the same name. Main attractions include the Franciscan Church Saint Jerome, built-in a Gothic style in the 15th century. There are several Roman ruins in the Muline quarter, for instance, the Villa Rustica. You can choose from great restaurants such as the Orkula, the Konoba Guljan or the Trapula bistro.
Coasts and bays in Murter

Day 4: Ugljan – Zvenirac Island

21.81 km (13.55 mi)

The island of Zverinac is famous for its olives of excellent quality, which you can buy at some of the houses. The island’s main sightseeing is the St. Ignatius Loyola Catholic Church – there is a road paved by cypress trees leading to the building. If you visit the islands, you should also see the Baroque palace of the Fanfonga family. The cosy restaurant Zverinac offers local specialties.

Day 5: Zvenirac-island – Brbinj (Dugi Otok)

10.77 km (6.69 mi)

The town is bordered by the beautiful bays of Jaz and Lučina. One of the most protected ports in the area can be found here; the Bora is the only wind present. The most significant attraction in Brbinj is a collection of Glagolitic scripts which are the oldest written records of the region written in Croatian. Brbinjšćica Bay is located southwest of the town; there are giant cliffs and several caves here. We can still see the remains of the salt marshes and salt storage from the 12th century, and there are olive tree plantations in the centre of the village. Read more about what to do in Brbinj, Brbinj sailing, or rent a boat in Brbinj

Day 6: Brbinj – Sali (Dugi Otok)

23.54 km (14.63 mi)

Sali, located in the southeastern part of the island of Dugi Otok, has a long tradition of fishing. The largest olive-growing area of the island can also be found here – you can admire olive trees of hundreds of years old in the Saljsko Polje botanical reserve. One of the most interesting local sights is the parish church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and it is also worth paying a visit to the churches of St. Roch and St. Nicholas. You can go on a pleasant walk on the narrow streets and alleys of the old town.

The festival “Sali Cultural Summer” offers exhibitions, concerts and gastronomic specialties to the visitors. Another event called “Saljske užance” has a 50-year tradition. It begins with the “Fishermen’s Night” in August, then different sports contests follow, and the last event is the so-called donkey race.

Day 7: Sali – Kornati National Park- Murter (Marina Hramina)

44.58 km (27.7 mi)

The Kornati National Park is among the most beautiful and most frequently visited national parks in Croatia, declared a nature reserve at the beginning of the 1980s. It got its name from its largest island, Kornat. It has a territory of 220 km², and it consists of app. 140 rocky islands that may remind us of whales. There are Illyrian castles and ruins of Roman villas on the archipelago. The park has strict guidelines; for instance, we can only anchor only in the designated areas (it is even forbidden at certain islands).

If you arrive on your own boat, you need to pay an entrance fee, the level of which depends on the dimensions of your vessel. The last opportunity to buy your pass is at the entrance of the national park.

After we return our ship, it is definitely worth exploring Murter if we still have some time. Must-see sights include the Catholic Church of Saint Michael and the Church of St. Roch. The latter stands on the mountain of Vršina, from where there is a spectacular view of the town and Betina nearby. Are you looking for a delicious meal? Visit the konobas Boba or Skalinada.

7 Days Murter sailing trip (longer)

Leaving from Murter, we are now headed towards the south on a route consisting of longer sections. We are going to sail to the North-Dalmatian city of Split, then pass by Hvar – referred to as the sunniest Croatian island – and Vis on the open Adriatic Sea as well.
Murter Sailing plan

Day 1. Murter (Marina Hramina) – Tribunj 17.69 km (10.99 mi), Day 2. Tribunj – Rogoznica (Marina Frapa) 32.45 km (20.16 mi), Day 3. Rogoznica – Split (ACI Marina Split) 46.80 km (19.08 mi), Day 4. Split – Stari Grad (Mooring Bouys) 38.53 km (23.94 mi), Day 5. Stari Grad – Vis (Marina Vis) 36.45 km (22.65 mi), Day 6. Vis – Žirje 92.14 km (57.25 mi), Day 7. Žirje – Kaprije (Kaprije Buoy Field) – Murter (Marina Hramina) 36.08 km (22.42 mi)

Marine gas near Murter, boat gas stations around North Dalmatia

  • MURTER: Depth: 2.3-3.3 m, Working time: 6-22, GPS Coordinates: 43.824445, 15.593815
  • JEZERA, MURTER: Depth: 2.5 m, Working time: 8-20, GPS Coordinates: 43.785188, 15.643681
  • TRIBUNJ: Depth: 3.5-4 m, Working time: 6-21, GPS Coordinates: 43.753809, 15.747321
  • VODICE: Depth: 3.3 m, Working time: 8-20, GPS Coordinates: 43.762718, 15.775681
  • ŠIBENIK, Marina Mandalina: , VHF: 17, Depth: 5.5 m, GPS Coordinates: 43.71894, 15.900435
  • PRIMOSTEN: Depth: 3-4.5 m, Working time: 6-22, GPS Coordinates: 43.587926, 15.92353
  • ROGOZNICA: Depth: 3.7 m, Working time: 8-20, GPS Coordinates: 43.529952, 15.963572
  • ZAGLAV, DUGI OTOK: Depth: 2 m, Working time: 0-24, GPS Coordinates: 43.948775, 15.143664
  • BIOGRAD NA MORU, Marina Šangulin: , VHF: 17, Depth: 1.5-4 m, GPS Coordinates: 43.940002, 15.444817
  • BIOGRAD NA MORU, Marina Kornati: Depth: 2.3-3.3 m, Working time: 6-22, GPS Coordinates: 43.941732, 15.445418
  • PREKO, UGLJAN: Depth: 2-2.7 m, Working time: 6-22, GPS Coordinates: 44.080626, 15.188219
  • SUKOŠAN: Depth: 6 m, Working time: 7-21, GPS Coordinates: 44.055107, 15.300838
  • ZADAR: Depth: 2.5 m, Working time: 7-22, GPS Coordinates: 44.119839, 15.226764
  • NOVALJA, PAG: Depth: 1.5 m, Working time: 6-22, GPS Coordinates: 44.5568, 14.882164

If you sail around Murter, you can explore numerous wonderful islands. The idyllic bays are perfect for anchoring, and the local restaurants offer amazing culinary experiences. Find more Dalmatia sailing destinations or choose another yacht charter Dalmatia.


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