Lindos is a popular resort town in the central part of the eastern coast of Rhodes. You have the opportunity to admire several historic buildings in the acropolis on top of the hill behind the village and in the neighbouring areas. Besides, the village is just beautiful with its whitewashed house walls, narrow alleys and fantastic restaurants.
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    Location of Lindos

    Lindos is located in the central part of the southeastern coast of Rhodes, above a wide bay. It lies app. 50 kilometres from Rhodes Town.

    History of Lindos

    Lindos has an incredibly rich history; the 2 most popular excavation sites in Greece can be found here. According to Greek mythology, Lindos was founded by the son of King Belus. In ancient times, an acropolis was built on top of the hill with the Temple of Athena, the ruins of which can still be seen today. During this period, Lindos had an enormous naval force and was considered the strongest town on Rhodes. Thanks to maritime trade, the local economy was flourishing. In medieval times, Lindos was under the dominion of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta and then the Ottoman Empire. They didn’t destroy the economy, so trading could go on unaffected. Today, it is mainly the acropolis, the archaeological sites and the beautiful coast that make Lindos attractive to tourists.

    The climate of Rhodes and Lindos

    The town, located in the bay, is well-protected from the Meltemi in the summer. The minimum temperature is 3–5° Celsius in the winter, and it is between 22 and 25° Celsius in the summer. The maximum temperature is 14° Celsius on a windless day, while it can be a scorching 35° Celsius on the warmest days of the summer. The temperature of the sea is 25° Celsius in August and September.

    Main sights around Lindos

    What is Lindos famous for? Its archaeological sites, the acropolis and the Temple of Athena. If you visit this village, you should definitely have your camera on you! You can admire the architectural elements and ruins of several different historic periods in the town and in the near vicinity. Walking on the narrow alleys and among the whitewashed houses with flat roofs, you will find dozens of interesting sights to see. You can get to the acropolis on foot or on the back of a donkey.

    The Gastronomy of Lindos

    Lindos has many restaurants to offer, many of which serve Greek dishes. The Ambrosia is famous for the international cuisine. You can try different Italian pastas and pizzas at Gatto Bianco.

    Beaches around Lindos

    Lindos beaches

    There are three beaches slightly separated from one another in front of Lindos. All of these are well-organised and family-friendly. Limanaki Agios Pavlos is located a bit further to the south and offers slowly-deepening waters to its visitors.

    Vlicha beach

    This well-organised pebbly beach can be found north of Lindos. It is not too crowded even during the main season, so those who prefer a quiet environment tend to choose this spot instead of the beaches in Lindos. Almost the entire beach is covered with sunshades and loungers that beach-goers can use. The water deepens slowly.

    Yacht charter Lindos

    Thanks to its central location, you can sail out from Lindos both towards the north and the south.

    Rhodes Marina

    This world-famous marina offers everything that you might need as a boater. They accommodate 382 boats with a maximum length of 120 metres and a draught of up to 6.5 metres. The marina is particularly well-accessible. Since it is located close to the airport, you can get here quickly on a bus or by taxi. As for services, the marina stands out among all the Greek marinas on the Aegean Sea: they provide boat maintenance, fuel, laundry, water supply as well as many other useful services. There is even free Wi-Fi, which is not at all common in Greek marinas.

    Lindos Harbour

    The marina of Lindos is located near the southern shores. Similarly to the other resort towns, it accommodates only smaller pleasure boats due to the shallow waters. The southern beach can be found right next to the marina; you can choose from some snack bars and beach bars there. If you need groceries, you will have to walk for a few minutes to the centre.

    The popular town of Lindos provides tourists with countless interesting historic sites, an acropolis built on a hill and great beaches. It also has a favourable location from a sailing point of view – you can easily explore the coastal towns and beaches of Rhodes navigating clockwise from here.

    Find yacht routes in Rhodes Greece or choose another boat charter in Rhodes Greece.

    Weather in Lindos

    The climate diagrams are based on 30 years of hourly weather model simulations. They give good indications of typical climate patterns and expected conditions (temperature, precipitation, sunshine, and wind). The “mean daily maximum” (solid red line) shows the maximum temperature of an average day for every month for Lindos. Likewise, the “mean daily minimum” (solid blue line) shows the average minimum temperature.

    Wind rose in Lindos
    Wind speed in Lindos

    The wind rose for Lindos shows how many hours per year the wind blows from the indicated direction. The diagram for Lindos shows the days per month, during which the wind reaches a certain speed.

    Rent a boat in Lindos, and cruise around Lindos

    Day 1.Lindos (Rhodes) – Kiotari (Rhodes) 17.78 km (11.05 mi), Day 2.Kiotari (Rhodes) – Plimmiri (Rhodes) – Chalki 68.66 km (42.66 mi), Day 3. Chalki – Livadia (Tilos) 33.52 km (20.83 mi), Day 4.Livadia (Tilos) – Palon (Nisyros) 32.52 km (20.21 mi), Day 5.Palon (Nisyros) – Kamari (Kos) 22.32 km (13.87 mi), Day 6.Kamari (Kos) – Mastihari (Kos) 40.38 km (25.09 mi), Day 7.Mastihari (Kos) – Pserimos – Kos (Kos) 26.88 km (16.70 mi)
    Lindos Sailing Plan

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