The endless blueness attracts you? Do you like when the sunlight is stroking? In San Remo, you can experience them all! Riviera dei Fiori, West of Genoa, is one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. The town of San Remo is a treasure chest on the beach. Sailing in San Remo? Read on to find out why you need to get to this wonderful countryside!Sailing in San Remo

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Which is the best time for sailing in San Remo?

The town lies in the bay between Capo Nero and Capo Verde. The lines of the Maritime Alps run down to the coast. This is why winter is very mild and the summer is very pleasant. Rain is rare from May to September, and sunshine is usually undisturbed. The average temperature is 8-10 ° C in winter and 25-27 ° C in summer. The air is less humid than the Riviera di Levante. If you would visit this neighborhood, be sure to do it in the summer! In winter the wind can be as high as 18-25 knots, but in summer it reduces significantly, just right for a pleasant run. There are rare storms. The wind is typically northwest or southwest direction.Check the sailing conditions and wind rose diagram of San Remo.

Ports around San Remo

Porto Vecchio San Remo

Porto Vecchio is the old port, much smaller than Portoso. Here the water is 1-4.5 meters deep and it offers berths for 50 yachts. There are mainly fishing boats here. In front of the Santa Tecla fortress, life begins on the pier early in the day. The fishermen offer fresh catch and those who are open-eyed snap up the goods soon. Yacht charter in San Remo.port in San Remo


One of the largest and most elegant marinas in the Mediterranean is Portosole. It is a newly built, fully equipped. The water is 2.5-7 meters deep; vessels with a length of up to 90 meters are welcome. There is 24-hour service, first aid, piped water, electricity, fuel, and technical assistance. Right by the harbour, there is a hotel, a restaurant, and shopping facilities. In addition, there is a centre here for the monitoring of the cetacean. To sum up, Portosole is complex with the real elegance of San Remo.

Port of La Spezia

This is a larger town. If you want to have a nice party, you should dock at La Spezia. There is a giant port here with several sections, and it has everything you may need. It is a quite busy port and serves sailors with full equipment. From smaller sailboats to large passenger ships, they accept all types of vessels. Dock and jump right into the Ligurian night! Rent a boat La Spezia

Port of Genova

The Port of Genoa consists of several parts, including container and passenger terminals, whereas the Old Port (Porto Antico) is a beloved mooring place for yachts and sailing boats. Porto Antico is able to accommodate 280 boats, up to the 60m length. The coast is lined with entertainment facilities to ensure the joy and relaxation of visitors. Comprehensive administration services, yacht yards, 24/7 security service, and restaurants await visitors. The terminal crew will give you all the support you need for docking. After mooring, you have nothing else to do but to enjoy the attractions. info about sailing in Genova, or Genova yacht charter

Yacht charter around San Remo

13.3 m / 44 ft4 Cabins /10 Berths
20.5 m / 67 ft3 Cabins /8 Berths

Sail in San Remo! San Remo sailing itineraries:

Sailing in San Remo: 7-day cruise in the bright summer (East)

Sailing itinerary San Remo

Day 1. San Remo – Marina Degli Aregai

12.19 km (7.57 mi)
Let’s start eastward of San Remo. Passing around the small peninsula where Bussana lies, get to Marina Degli Aregai! The harbour has modern infrastructure, it can accommodate 961 up to 50-meter long yachts. Trained staff, repairing shop, refueling facilities, and shops are at your disposal. In the cozy little town, you can go for walks, but you can also rent bicycles.

Day 2. Marina Degli Aregai – Imperia

11.92 km (7.41 mi)
Imperia is about 12 km from Aregai. It is a combination of Porto Maurizio and Oneglia, so there is a big difference between the two parts of the city. The harbour has 1300 berths; the maximum length is 90 meters. The Old Town, called Paradiso, is really cosy with its small little streets and centuries-old residential buildings. By train, within 45 minutes you can reach South France for a short trip. There are many attractions in Imperia. Visit the medieval cathedral or the Palazzo dei Doria. Right on the beach, but also in the old town there is plenty of accommodation.

Day 3. Imperia – Marina di Andora

13.89 km (8.63 mi)
Marina di Andora locates 14 km from Imperia. The town was built at the mouth of the Merula River. During its 2000-year history, it survived the Roman conquest, the loot of Visigoth, and the Saracen pirate attacks. In the city centre, there is a nearly 1000-year-old watchtower, which currently houses a cosy pizzeria. You can cross the river on a 13th-century Roman bridge. The harbour welcomes yachts up to 20 meters. It will be a pleasure to swim in the beautifully clear water of the beach.boating in San Remo

Day 4. Marina di Andora – Alassio

10.02 km (6.23 mi)
Alassio is very close to Andorra, but you have to spend a day in town! The beach is huge, almost 3 kilometers long. It is sandy, slowly deepening, and suitable for families. Many churches and palaces rise between the houses. The round tower, which was built on the rock of the coast in the 16th century to prevent attacks, is especially nice. Gallinara Island rises from the sea between Alassio and Albenga. Saint Martin spent his reclusory here. It has a port for 550 yachts up to 35 meters.

Day 5. Alassio – Loano

15.20 km (9.44 mi)
The Doria family-owned Loano for a long time. The Palazzo Doria is built on a Roman base, and the 3rd-century mosaic floor is still intact. Churches from the 14th to 16th centuries are stepping on your way. The area is under the protection of Liguria Natura 2000 because it is a site of rare species and special geological formations. Its port can accommodate 900 yachts up to 77 meters.

Day 6. Loano – Finale Ligure

9.85 km (6.12 mi)
Finale Ligure is a real pearl with its beautiful white sandy beach and the cityscape running to the mountains. The settlement is divided into three parts. Finalmarina is the seaside part, mostly preferred by tourists. Finale Pia is the old medieval centre where you can see the Benedictine abbey. Finlborgo is also an old town surrounded by walls. The area is populated by limestone plateaus, caves with Palaeolithic finds and remains of Roman building. The harbour is sandy with a depth of 1.5-3.5 meters. It is fully equipped, 24 hours a day. Yachts are welcomed up to 60 meters long.

Day 7. Finale Ligure – Albenga – San Remo

67.34 km (41.84 mi)
At the end of the wonderful journey,
touching Albenga, return to San Remo. On the way, you can still admire the most beautiful cities of Riviera di Ponente.

After  dropping off your boat in San Remo, go and explore the city!San Remo is also known as the city of flowers, thanks to the many parks, full of flowers, in the city. The town is a popular destination not only because of its long, sandy  beach. It has many attractions to explore.Take a walk in the narrow alleys of the old town, admire the Sanctuary of the Madonna Della Costa, visit Alfred Nobel’s villa or gamble at the local casino! One thing is for sure: you can not be bored here.

7 days San Remo sailing itinerary (West)

San Remo sailing trip
Day 1. San Remo – Bordighera 10.37 km (6.44 mi), Day 2. Bordighera – Mortola Inferiore 10.24 km (6.36 mi), Day 3.Mortola Inferiore – Monte Carlo 13.88 km (8.63 mi), Day 4. Monte Carlo – Villefranche-sur-Mer 18.82 km (11.69 mi), Day 5. Villefranche-sur-Mer – St-Laurent-du-Var 16.17 km (10.05 mi), Day 6. St-Laurent-du-Var – Antibes 9.19 km (5.71 mi), Day 7. Antibes – Nice – San Remo 66.61 km (41.39 mi),

More sailing trip in Liguria

Marine gas near San Remo, boat gas stations in the Italian Riviera

  • SAN REMO: Depth:5m , Working time:8-19, GPS Coordinates: 43.8154405, 7.7783112
  • IMPERIA: Depth: 8 m, Working time: 9-18, GPS Coordinates: 43.90814971923828, 8.083732604980469
  • SAN LORENZO AL MARE: Depth: 3 m, Working time: 10-19, GPS Coordinates: 43.8154405, 7.7783112
  • ALASSIO: Depth: 3, 5 m, Working time: 8:30-18:30, GPS Coordinates: 44.016876220703125, 8.192068099975586
  • FINALE LIGURE: Depth: 3, 5 m, Working time: 8-22, GPS Coordinates: 44.174766540527344, 8.369462966918945
  • SAVONA: Depth: 6 m, Working time: 8-18, GPS Coordinates: 44.3141, 8.4543
  • VARAZZE: Depth: 6 m, Working time: 9-18, GPS Coordinates: 44.16952, 8.3436
  • ARENZANO: Depth: 3 m, Working time: 0-24, GPS Coordinates: 44.40364074707031, 8.685897827148438
  • GENOA: Depth: 4 m, Working time: 9-18, GPS Coordinates: 44.4063, 8.9339
  • CHIAVARI : Depth: 5 m, Working time: 9:30-18:30, GPS Coordinates: 44.406951904296875, 8.908513069152832
  • LA SPEZIA: Depth: 11 m, Working time: 8:30-19:30, GPS Coordinates: 44.09899139404297, 9.861970901489258

In this article, we showed you why it is worth sailing in San Remo! If you want to experience the perfect vacation, you don’t have to do anything else than embark. Leave your daily troubles and relax in the crystal clear sea! Italian Riviera sailing destinations HELP ME TO CHOOSE THE PERFECT BOAT

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