The United States is a huge country, therefore it has a considerable climatic variety. There are some remarkable differences from region to region. The climate of the U.S. becomes warmer the further south, and drier the further west, to the West Coast. In general, the western half of the country is arider than the eastern one.

In the West Coast on the Pacific Ocean, the climate is cool in the north and Mediterranean in the south. The Southwest has a hot desert climate, The Gulf and South Atlantic states have a humid subtropical climate with mostly mild winters and hot, humid summers, while in Florida it is almost tropical. The northern half of the Great Plains have a humid continental climate, with warm summers, and cold winters. The Pacific Northwest has an oceanic climate, stable and drier in the summer, wet and cool in other seasons. In Alaska, tundra and arctic conditions predominate.

In summer heat waves can be intense as well and almost all of the country can experience sudden cold waves in winter. The characteristics of precipitation across the United States differ also significantly. Pacific storm systems bring most of Hawaii and the western United States much of their precipitation during the year. Florida has a subtropical monsoon rainfall pattern. In spring tornadoes are possible in inland areas of the central and eastern part. In autumn hurricanes can affect the southernmost area.

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