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Most people agree, that if you want a relaxing, quality vacation on the Caribbean Sea, the Bahamas are the ideal choice. Nassau and Freeport are both full of historical sights and teeming marketplaces. For a more active pastime, you can rent diving gear to explore coral reefs. Or discover uninhabited islands from aboard by boat.

Location of the Bahamas

The group of 690 islands and more than 2000 coral reefs lies southeastward from Florida in the Atlantic Ocean. Out of them, only 29 islands are inhabited. The average area of the reefs is four and a half square km. From south Cuba, and from north Florida will be the archipelago. The combined area of the Bahamas is 13939 km2 and the population of the country is 303 000. There is a parliamentary monarchy in the area and the official language is English. Nassau is the capital and largest city of the Bahamas. About 70% of the country’s total population lives here. It has its own harbour and international airport.

History of the Bahamas

The original residents of the Bahamas were Arawak tribes and the peaceful Lucayans, who arrived at the turn of the 9th century. Christopher Columbo came in 1492. Soon the Spaniards started the transport of natives as slaves. Pirates created so-called pirate paradises, then the first British governor stabilized peace. They established an administration under the responsibility of the English crown. After the American revolution immigrants started settling down, a lot of them were rich entrepreneurs. These rich landowners lived well and kept slaves until 1807 when the British Empire banned the slave trade. The government supported the evolving bank sector encouraging investors to avoid taxes. This fortunate uplift overlapped the emerge of party politics and the restraint of ethnic tensions since the white elite and the growing black middle class gained profit from the uprising. On the 10th of July in 1973 the Bahamas officially became a new nation, the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, leaving the 325 years long British domination behind.

Beaches in the Bahamas

Picturesque beaches, gulfs, and lagoons with the gorgeous view of the sea and warm sunshine will all make your journey unforgettable.

Gulf of Goodman:

Goodman’s Bay Beach is a popular public beach in Cable Beach. This beach offers locals and tourists a variety of fitness activities and a number of water sports. It’s ideal for the lovers of sailing. Besides sailboat rental you can rent a moped or banana boat. The sand is rougher compared to other beaches in Nassau, but the water is just as clean and refreshing. There are no restaurants, but in busy periods you can find hot dog stands and merchants selling soft drinks. Due to safety reasons, visiting the beach at night is not recommended.

Pink Sands beach:

Many people visit Harbour Island to view the famous Pink Sands beach. You shouldn’t believe every picture you see on the internet though. Some are left disappointed when they find out that the beach is not fully pink like some photos suggest. The unique mixture of coral, broken shells, miniature rocks, and calcium carbonate color the sand with pink fragments. It’s a long, wide beach. Calm waters surround it. It’s ideal for wedding ceremonies, sports, and yoga.

Junkanoo beach:

The Junkanoo is the only beach in the Bahamas that functions as a full-time party beach. This small but lively area has music, bathrooms, showers, and local dealers. The Tiki Bikini Hut restaurant on the shore serves cocktails in fresh coconut shells. The beach, in a walking distance of Nassau’s city center, is popular among sailors primarily due to its nearness to the coastal port. The water is just as beautiful as most beaches in the Bahamas, but the sand is a bit rocky. Only 50 m form Junkanoo beach there’s Long Wharf Beach, which has similar atmosphere but with less audience.

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Main attractions in the Bahamas

The capital of the Bahamas, Nassau, is on New Providence Island in the business region of the country. Historically it was a pirate fortress. The House of Parliament and different judicial organizations are also here. There are kid-friendly sights on the Bahamas like the Atlantis, the water park of the Bahamas on Paradise Island. The Dolphin Encounters is a sea habitat with trained dolphins. Dolphins show diving tricks and give kisses to visitors. You can swim with them, take a photo together, or feed them. The concept of piracy became popular through movies like The Pirates of the Caribbean. This era, however, is a critical period of Caribbean history. The “golden age of piracy” lasted from 1690 to 1720. It had a huge effect on the Bahamas, since the capital, Nassau, supplied the biggest pirate concentration out of every Caribbean islands. Visitors of the Pirates of Nassau interactive Museum can view the weapons used by pirates and come to know the most popular pirate legends. This museum is an especially exciting program for children.

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Weather of the Bahamas

The Caribbean region is characterized by the all year long hot and humid tropical climate. The weather is somewhat cool and dry from the middle of January to the middle of April. From the middle of June to the middle of November it’s usually hot, wet, and rainy. The country’s weather is dominated by a subtropical monsoon climate. The average yearly medium heat is 28°C.

Sailboat charter in the Bahamas

The port of the Bahamas is Marsh Harbour Marina. The hotel is comfortably near and ideal for tax-free shopping. Gift shops are also near as well as art galleries and the city center. The port can host many boats and offers all kinds of services including: petrol station, electricity, pool, restaurant. If you wish for an amazing holiday with sunshine and the stunning wonders of nature, visit the Bahamas, where you’ll find all of this. Organize an adventurous day for your kids, rent a yacht to become one of the pirates of the Caribbean. Read about Bahamas sailing trips or choose other Caribbean yacht charters

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The country’s weather is dominated by a subtropical monsoon climate. The Bahamas really do not have an off-season. On the coast, the climate is generally sunny and pleasant year-round, influenced by the trade winds. Some months are rainy and others dry. Of course, temperatures vary by location.

Even the rainy season (May through November) rarely offers challenges for visitors. Even the occasional tropical rainstorm is usually short-lived. Summers may see temperatures from 26 °C to 32 °C and higher humidity. The average yearly medium heat is 28°C. The Caribbean region is characterized by the all year long hot and humid tropical climate. The weather is somewhat cool and dry from the middle of January to the middle of April. From the middle of June to the middle of November it’s usually hot, wet, and rainy. The low latitude, warm tropical Gulf Stream, and low elevation give the Bahamas a warm and winterless climate. The low latitude, warm tropical Gulf Stream, and low elevation give the Bahamas a warm and winterless climate.

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