Are you planning a sailing from Florida to Bahamas? We help with itineraries, ports, yacht rental options & other useful sailing information. Get our help! Sailing the Bahamas is one of the best experiences that someone could imagine, but there are some important things you need to know about before you sail away to this dreamy destination. Check out our tricks and tips below:Sailing in the Bahamas

Important information if you would like to
sailing from Florida to the Bahamas

Avoid Holiday season

the Bahamas is beloved during the holiday season except for fall, the winter period is by far the most common time to go.
For example, George Town shares a popular anchorage with hundreds of boats, while in the summer period you might find a place for yourself easier.

Weather conditions – cold fronts

you do not want to be caught in the Gulf Stream, we suggest to plan your crossing in a good weather window with light breezes (with nothing out of the north for several days prior to your journey)

Route suggestion

the best and fastest way to reach the closest Islands of Bahamas is leaving from Florida to Bimini, what more Miami (South Florida) is only 50 nauticalmiles away in less than 3 hrs.
Sailing to Bahamas

Pick a suitable yacht

besides the good weather conditions, consider taking this crossing route (Florida – Bimini) with an experienced sailor or we recommend directly flying there to the Bahamas. Choose a power yacht or powerboat which crosses to Bimini in 2.5-4 hours, otherwise, we suggest flying to Bimini (or to other ports in the Bahamas) to start your journey there.

Sailing conditions

if you choose a sailing boat, we are talking about an overnight trip, which’s sailing time can go up to min 8 hrs under good weather conditions, but it can take more (!) Radar recommended

Extra expenses

not only alcoholic beverage and food are expensive but you need to check in to clear Bahamas customs and pay the rather steep 300 USD per boat cruising tax.
Please find our sailing itinerary from Miami to Bimini below:

Sailing from Florida to the Bahamas: 7 days Bimini catamaran tour

Day 1. Miami – Port Royal 82, 63 km (51, 34 mi), Day 2. Port Royal – Gun Cay (Honeymoon Harbour) 13, 86 km (8, 61 mi), Day 3. Gun Cay – Ocean Cay 21, 53 km (13, 38 mi), Day 4. Ocean Cay – North Cat Cay (Honeymoon Harbour), Day 5. North Cat Cay – Bailey Town 17, 74 km (11, 02 mi), Day 6. Bailey Town – Alice Town 2, 39 km (1, 48 mi), Day 7. Alice Town – Miami 82, 95 km (51, 54 mi)
Sailing from Florida to Bahamas

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Marinas around Bimini

  • Browns Marina – Alice Town GPS Coordinates: 25.723060, -79.299206
  • Bimini Blue Water Marina – Alice Town GPS Coordinates: 25°43’30.8″N 79°17’53.4″W
  • Fisherman’s Village Marina – North Bimini GPS Coordinates: 25.747530, -79.280335
  • Mega Marina – North Bimini GPS Coordinates: 25°45’08.9″N 79°16’39.7″W
  • Bimini Sands Resort & Marina – South Bimini GPS Coordinates: 25.711306, -79.300708
  • Resorts World Bimini Resort and Marina – North Bimini GPS Coordinates: 25°44’55.2″N 79°16’56.0″W
  • Bimini Big Game Club Resort & Marina – Alice Town GPS Coordinates: 25°43’37.1″N 79°17’43.8″W
  • Honeymoon Harbour – Gun Cay GPS Coordinates: 25°35’16.0″N 79°18’14.7″W
  • Ocean Cay Village & Marina – Ocean Cay GPS Coordinates: 25.418772, -79.203915

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