Are you planning a sailing trip in Bimini? We help with itineraries, ports, yacht rental options, & other useful sailing information. Get our help! Bimini is the Bahamian island located closest to the United States. It can be found only 80 kilometres from the shores of Florida. It consists of three islands: North Bimini, South Bimini, and East Bimini. The largest island, which is also the most significant one in terms of tourism, is North Bimini. Although the group of islands is relatively small, it is still a unique world waiting to be explored. The waters of the area are incredibly clean: we can see the sandy sea bottom under our boat. It is an amazing spectacle to see the coastal waters changing their colours from dark blue to green when approaching the ocean.

The archipelago also has a historic significance: Bimini was Ernest Hemingways’ favourite place of escape. Spending time here inspired him to write his book “Islands in the Stream”. Visitors from all over the world come here to enjoy the beach and get to know the exciting part of the area.
Sailing in Bimini

This article gives you an overview of the following topics:

The-weather of Bimini

Bimini has a subtropical climate, characterised by moderate warm weather during the entire year. The average annual temperature is 28° Celsius; this means 21° Celsius in the winter and 27° Celsius in the summer. The temperature rarely drops below 16° Celsius or above 32° Celsius. The dominant wind blows from the northeast in the winter and from the southeast in the summer, freshening up the air a bit. The velocity of the wind is an average of 15 km/h during the entire year. Most of the precipitation falls in the summer months. At the end of the summer – during the period between June and November – tropical cyclones (hurricanes) may be a threat.

The strong wind (with a blast of over 90 km/h) and the seawater that rises, as a result, may cause heavy damage. The weather is usually pleasant in Bimini during the whole year, meaning that sailing is also enjoyable in all seasons. We should definitely avoid the hurricane season though, as storms may be very challenging. Check the sailing conditions and wind rose diagram of Bimini

Ports and islands around Bimini

There are ports on all islands of the Bimini area that offer full service to sailors. Most of these are ports of entry, so we can take care of clearance practically anywhere. They provide fuel basically everywhere, and the service offered is professional. Beaches are marvellous, and there are countless recreational watersport activities that we can do. In this section, we give you a list of the islands as well as the best ports and anchorages of the Bimini chain. Information about Bimini boat rentals
Coasts in Bimini

North Bimini

As its name suggests, the main island of the archipelago, North Bimini, is located in the north. The most important towns of the area can be found here: Alice Town, Bailey Town and Paradise Point. The archipelago is sparsely populated; most people live in North Bimini, which is the most buzzing island. There are several restaurants, bars and shops that visitors can choose from; the Hemingway Museum is located in Alice Town. Bimini Road, which is among the most exciting diving spots in the Bahamas, can be found in the northern corner of the island. They say that this is where the remains of the sunken city Atlantis are.

There are many yacht marinas, anchorages and long beaches here. Blue Water Marina, Browns Marina and Resort Word Bimini are all great establishments providing full service. Weech’s Bimini Dock is a cheaper and less exclusive marina, but we can find all the basic amenities here as well. Bimini Big Club is very popular among the visitors of Bimini; it is a first-class entertainment facility and a yacht marina at the same time.

South Bimini

South Bimini is the second-largest island in the archipelago. There are many private estates here making this place less significant in terms of tourism than its northern counterpart. However, the most important international airport of the archipelago, South Bimini Airport, is located here. The yacht marina called Bimini Sands Marina has a certificate thanks to its excellent waters. Also, the services offered here will cater to all the needs of yacht owners. There are a customs and immigration office at the entrance where we can arrange our clearance. It is an ideal central destination. Nixon’s Harbour is located in the southern corner of the island with great anchorages and moorings. The famous wreck of the SS Sappona can also be found nearby; it is a popular diving and snorkeling spot.

Gun Cay

There are some smaller islands south of Bimini. The first is Gun Cay, app. 10 kilometres from the southern corner of South Bimini. One of the most popular anchorages is at the northern end; all Bahamian sailors stop at Honeymoon Harbour. The area is spectacular, and its beach is among the most beautiful ones. A unique symbol of the island is the lighthouse located in the south, standing here since 1836.

Cat Cays

Cat Cays is the other island’s name, south of Bimini. In fact, it consists of two islands, North Cat Cay and South Cat Cay. North Cat Cay is privately-owned and is run by the Cat Cay Yacht Club. Since this is a private island, access is limited, and we are only allowed to dock temporarily in the marina. There is a restaurant, a shop and a bar, which will all make our stay here more pleasant. We must definitely visit this beautiful area around the port. South Cat Cay is not very developed yet. but we can still find great anchorages at Moxom Rocks. There is an amazing diving spot, Tuna Alley, near the shores. They have placed out mooring buoys to provide help with securing the boats to those who visit for a dive.

11.9 m / 39 ft2 Cabins /6 Berths

Sail in Bimini! Bimini sailing adventures

Sailing in Bimini: a week sailing itinerary

During this round trip, we are going to sail to Nassau through Andros, and then back to Bimini, while also passing by North Cat Cay. This is a popular trip among Bahamian sailors. It definitely requires some experience as certain sections are quite long. Even though we need to prepare well for this trip, it is definitely worth taking, as sailing on the open ocean is an unforgettable experience.
Bimini sailing itinerary

Day 1. North Bimini, Bimini Big Game Club – South Bimini, Bimini Sands Marina

2.00 km (1.24 mi)

The port of South Bimini is a very well-protected deep sea anchorage only a few kilometres from the ocean. The beach is marvellous, and it is also a great snorkelling spot. The yacht port can accommodate 75 vessels, the depth of water is 2.5 metres. There is a restaurant, a bar and a grocery store as well. Spending the night on the sandy beach will be a fitting conclusion to our Bimini holiday. Read more about what to do in Bimini, sailing in Bimini or boat rental in Bimini

Day 2. South Bimini – Gun Cay

14.15 km (8.79 mi)

It is also worth spending a day on Gun Cay during our trip. This small island is famous for its beautiful beach, and there is also a lighthouse that we can visit here. Given that the weather and the winds are ideal, we can anchor on any side of the island or even at Honeymoon Harbour. The sea bottom is suitable for a secure anchorage, but we should double-check just to be sure.

Day 3. Gun Cay – Lighthouse Yacht Club and Marina, Andros

196.10 km (121.85 mi)

On the third day, we are headed towards Nassau and stop for a short break on Andros. This is the largest island of the Bahamas, with a quite big area still unexplored. Lighthouse Yacht Club is the greatest yacht marina on the island and is a must-see stop for the visitors of the Bahamas. It is located at the junction of Fresh Creek and the Atlantic Ocean. It got its name from the 107-year-old lighthouse, which has become the symbol of the island. They have 31 moorings, and their services include fuel, electricity, and drinking water. We can use the laundry service and the showers and have a nice dinner in the club’s restaurant.

Day 4. Andros – Nassau Yacht Haven

67.15 km (41.73 mi)

We arrive midweek in Nassau. There is an exciting trip ahead because of the TOTO – The Tongue of the Ocean – between Andros and Nassau. The TOTO is a U-shaped trench where the depth of the ocean is over a thousand metres. After arriving at the shores of Nassau, we head towards the largest and oldest yacht marina, Nassau Yacht Heaven. The marina has 135 wide and spacious moorings. Every dock has access to electricity and drinking water. Guests can also use the laundry and the showers. There is a famous restaurant here, too. Thanks to the favourable location, we can find several types of shops within a walking distance including a boat supply store, groceries, bottle shops and a bank.
Sail around Bimini

Day 5. Nassau – Chub Cay, Berry Islands

64.60 km (40.14 mi)

On our way back, we can stop for a break at Chub Cay, belonging to the Berry Islands. The Yacht marina accommodates 110 vessels, and the depth of water is 3.5 metres. Services include a fuel dock, showers and a restaurant. There are several anchorages around the island. We can secure our boat firmly and enjoy a sandy beach nearby.

Day 6. Chub Cay – North Cat Cay

137.05 km (85.16 mi)

On the sixth day, we return to North Cat Cay near Bimini. If you do not own a property, your only opportunity to spend a few nights here is at Cat Cay Marina. The port is among the best-protected and best-equipped establishments in the area. There are 180 berths here and they also provide a fuel dock. The beach is very calm and enchanting, and there are great diving and fishing spots in the near vicinity.

Day 7. North Cat Cay – Blue Water Marina, Alice Town – Bimini Big Game Club

19.60 km (12.18 mi)

Blue Water Marina is a great yacht marina, providing full comfort to their guests. We can refuel, replenish our water and ice supplies, use the showers and the laundry service and visit the amazing restaurant. They accommodate 36 boats, and the depth of water is app. 4 metres. We can choose from many diving, fishing and other watersport activities.

7 Days Bimini sailing route (longer)

This route leads us to the Grand Bahama, so we have to do longer distances and should expect days spent entirely with sailing in the first part of the week. This is also a popular route from Bimini, as we can get to know another piece of the Bahamas on the small archipelago. The second part of the week will be more relaxing, as we will have an opportunity to wander around and explore the hidden gems of Bimini.

Day 1. South Bimini, Bimini Sands Marina – Bimini, Bimini Big Game Club 2.00 km (1.24 mi), Day 2. North Bimini – Port Lucaya, Grand Bahama 112.90 km (70.16 mi), Day 3. Port Lucaya – Old Bahama Bay 47.80 km (29.70 mi), Day 4. Old Bahama Bay – Blue Water Marina, North Bimini 115.20 km (71.58 mi), Day 5. North Bimini – North Cat Cay 20.40 km (12.68 mi), Day 6. North Cat Cay – Gun Cay 4.00 km (2.49 mi), Day 7. Gun Cay – South Bimini 13.80 km (8.57 mi)
Bimini sailing plan

Marine gas near Bimini

  • BIMINI SANDS MARINA: Depth: 2.5 m , GPS Coordinates: 25.709361, -79.299608
  • BLUE WATER MARINA: Depth: 3 m, Working time: 10-15, GPS Coordinates: 25.724865, -79.298217
  • CAT CAY MARINA: Depth: 3 m, GPS Coordinates: 25.554400, -79.275003
  • LIGHTHOUSE YACHT CLUB AND MARINA: GPS Coordinates: 24.725000, -77.805000
  • CHUB CAY MARINA: Depth: 3.5 m, GPS Coordinates: 25.410965, -77.902506
  • PORT LUCAYA MARINA: Depth: 3 m, GPS Coordinates: 26.513939, -78.642033
  • OLD BAHAMA BAY: GPS Coordinates: 26.703150, -78.997867

Bimini might be so popular mainly because of the fact that it is located close to the United States. The island itself is smaller than most members of the Bahamas, but it is just as diverse as any other island in the region. Dozens of marvellous beaches and waterfront activities await, making our trip to Bimini an unforgettable one. Find more Bahamas sailing tours or choose another yacht charter in the Bahamas


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