Are you looking for a really special and world-class holiday, where you don’t have to worry about the mechanics of sailing or cleaning up? Are you so much in love with the sea that you’d prefer spending the whole day at the beach? Luxury yacht charter and private yacht charter can now make a perfect combination of your wishes. Renting a luxury private yacht belongs to the category of the most beautiful and most exclusive holidays. On board of a luxury super boat, you can reach the most beautiful destinations, while you can enjoy the highest level of comfort, exceptional dishes, and many exciting activities, all in a breathtaking sea environment.

Luxury yacht rental This article gives you an overview of the following topics:

What is luxury yacht charter?

You can find luxury yachts for rental in many ports. The rental of the best yacht models has become globally accessible. Regardless of their size or category, these water vehicles surely attract lovers of the sea with services that meet all demands. These luxury yachts are not only outstanding in their comfort level, but they are also innovative in their mechanics. You can find the top quality power yachts in this branch of boat charter.

How do luxury yacht holidays work?

Port staff take great care to ensure that clients get a service that meets all demands during their journey. So the guests can remember their sailing holiday with satisfaction.
The crew gives information about the target destinations and the weather forecast every day. They always keep in mind the forecast because they might have to change the route for safety reasons. The crew can also recommend tourist attractions in the ports and cities to visit. After docking, you can admire the beauty of the beaches or go to the city.
In most cases, such luxury boats dock in yacht ports, but this is mostly influenced by your own preference. You can choose any village, city or island you like.
In addition to the captain the crew includes engineers, hostesses, coordinators and technicians. They offer a full range of services on board, let it be navigation, cooking or cleaning.Luxury motor yacht rental

The advantages of chartering a luxury yacht

Luxury yacht charter can offer so much more than you can imagine. Dreams come true on board of these yachts perfect relaxation, breathtaking adventures and valuable family moments await you. Luxury yacht rental makes it possible to discover various destinations, while offering comfort and service by the crew that could only be compared to a luxury villa’s amenities. You don’t have to worry about the boats’ navigation for a minute, just relax and trust the skilled and professional crew.
No matter if you are a people person or an independent adventurer, the important thing is to love the sunshine and the sea. On board of a luxury yacht true freedom and perfect comfort await you. Of course the cabins are much more spacious and elegant than on most yachts. The cabins often offer a wonderful view of the sea or the ocean. It doesn’t matter, if you’re looking for loud beach parties or just a great sailing adventure, you guaranteed to have a quality journey on board of a luxury yacht. You can organize individual programs, you can have a romantic dinner with your partner, you can enjoy the silence and peace or you can visit local clubs.
The will also provide you information about the city, the shopping options and recommend pleasant restaurants. The crew is not only responsible for the proper operation of the yacht, but also for the enjoyment and quality of your holiday. Therefore, renting a yacht can be ideal for anyone who appreciates both luxury and privacy.
A luxury boat is surely enjoyable for children too, as many services favour the little ones, e.g. a water slide with a pool or 4D movies. This program will bring the family closer together through unforgettable experiences.

Who do we recommend luxury yacht charter to?

Luxury yacht rental is an ideal choice for newly-weds, young couples, friends and families. Many people rent a boat to celebrate special occasions Such a journey can be a very special birthday gift. but this program is popular among honeymooners too. Luxury yacht charter also represents a high standard of living, comfort and luxury. You can have wonderful adventures when exploring the sea and you can gain life-long experiences with a program or by visiting tourist attractions. Luxury sailing is an ideal choice for everyone who wants a quality holiday they are going to remember for a long time.Luxury yacht rental

Luxury yacht types

The category of luxury yachts includes sailing yachts, expedition yachts, classic yachts, and motor yachts. Despite this, many people associate luxury yachts with motor yachts. This is not a coincidence, as engine-powered water vehicles may be as long as 50 feet and they are much bigger than wind-powered vehicles. The large yacht hull, spacious board, and living space all provide you with much more comfort, thus such boats can be called luxury vehicles.
What is common in these different kinds of yachts is that all yachts are in excellent condition, they are well-equipped, the crew takes care of refuelling and other technical details. Each boat is in compliance with the safety regulations of the local area or region. Luxury yachts are easy to recognize by their graceful lines and timeless, classic elegance. The soft, clean lines and the muscular V-hull also represent the luxury yachts worldwide.

By service

You can categorize luxury yachts mostly by services, on-board and leisure time options. A pool and a water slide are now basic requirements on most luxury boats today. Some models offer on-board theatres, full-service spa and a gym as well. Many charter companies organize programs in town such as bus trips to national parks or popular attractions. The possibilities are endless, but the choice is in your hands. The main thing is to have an unforgettable trip so it is important to find the right yacht for you.

By duration

On average, a sailing holiday takes approximately a week. But the real decision is up to you. If you want to spend more time on the crystal clear sea, you can make a reservation for a longer period. You can leave behind the hustle and bustle of everyday life for up to three weeks and enjoy pleasures of sailing and the luxurious lifestyle.

By region

A good starting point for organizing your holiday is choosing the region, country or city. Each region offers a wide range of boat charter opportunities. No matter, which area you choose, you’ll be guaranteed a life-long experience. The average daily 15-20-mile journey gives you enough time to swim, snorkel, and explore faraway bays or simply spend more time at target destinations or the ports. Unlike cruise yachts, these yachts are able to navigate in shallow waters. Thus they are able to approach coastal areas that are unreachable for larger yachts.Luxury yacht rental

How to book your holiday?

Yacht chartering is not as complicated as it may sound at first, especially if you have a good travel agent. There are always some basic questions to discuss when you start the process with the help of the service provider. When you have decided to charter a luxury boat, but you have no idea how to get started, the easiest way is to select the region, where you want to travel to. All popular regions, e.g. the Caribbean, Greece, Italy, Croatia, etc. offer luxury boat rental options. These itineraries include the most popular places in the region. Your preferences will also be taken into account, thus you can take part in the planning process. You have to be thorough when choosing the yacht. Be conscious and think of your environment! These luxury yachts have a high fuel consumption so it is important to choose the right vessel. Nowadays environmentally-friendly engines are available. Your choice may greatly be influenced or narrowed down by what kind of a holiday you want to experience.
Enjoy the freedom, the elegance and a high-quality holiday on board of a luxury yacht! Enjoy the sunshine at the pool, jump in the Jacuzzi or get a relaxing massage! Spend some quality time with your family, friends or your partner! A quality holiday awaits you here without having to worry about anything. HELP ME TO CHOOSE THE PERFECT BOAT

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