Find out everything about sailing in the Caribbean: itineraries, ports, yacht rental options & other useful sailing information. Get our help! Sailing in the Caribbean is a dream of many sailors. The beautiful sea, the trade wind and the pleasant waters are ideal for a sailing vacation, not to mention the fact that navigating amongst the many islands here is quite exciting. The ports and islands in the Caribbean are ideal for those who love adventures, beautiful sights, and hotness. Sailing in the Caribbean

The world of eternal summer: The climate in the Caribbean

The Caribbean region is a popular sailing destination, even though there are several factors that can possibly make our vacation an unpleasant one. For instance, we should be careful about choosing a season to start our journey, as these islands are often affected by hurricanes. Volcanoes might also cause exciting but dangerous situations; some of the volcanoes of the area are still active.

The region’s climate is characterised by the trade wind. Depending on how prepared we are, there are opportunities to plan with easier and more challenging routes. We should definitely be prepared for the sequels though, which are quick storms. Also, we have to consider coral reefs and currents as well.

The average temperature during the whole year is 28 C°. The dry season is from mid-January to mid-April, and the period between June to November is rainier.

Sunshine is significant here; our skin can easily burn in only a few minutes. It’s recommended to wear a white long-sleeved T-shirt, a hat and shades.

Be careful about the currency! The islands belong to different countries, and thus, represent different cultures. So we shouldn’t be surprised if we cannot use the same currencies while exploring the islands’ ports.

Ports and islands in the Caribbean

Most islands in the Caribbean region have their own port. If you arrive on a boat, you can expect a fine infrastructure on the touristically frequented place. Let’s see some ports!

Marsh Harbour

The town Marsh Harbour can be found on one of the Caribbean islands; its port may be an ideal choice for sailors. We can find everything we possibly need on the island; there is a post office, a laundromat, different shops, and so on.


Antigua belongs to the Lesser Antilles; its capital is Saint John. Its ports used to be the British base of the Northern Caribbean region and are a UNESCO world heritage site. The port is popular amongst water enthusiasts, and as a result, it has a central role.ports and islands in the Caribbean

Nanny Cay BV

Nanny Cay Marina is the port of the British Virgin Islands. We can dock 200 yachts here, and there are two hoists – with a capacity of 50 and 70 tons – that we can use. If you decide not to spend the night on the boat, there are several great hotels and accommodation opportunities to choose from. Interestingly, there is even a dockyard operating on the island.

Pointe a Pitre, Guadalope

Pointe a Pitre is the largest city and economic centre of Guadaloupe. The city is very popular because of its buzz, and due to the presence of the international airport nearby. If you visit the place, you should definitely see the Pointe Noire shore segment where you can witness the migration of the sperm whales. It’s important to note that there is an outdoor market near the port where you can choose from interesting tropical fruits and gifts.


Martinique, an island with a territory of only 1100 km2, belongs to France; the capital is Fort-de-France. Since it’s part of the European Union, the official currency is the Euro. The island went through several changes during the past few years. The developments serve the requirements of both tourists and sailors. The place is recommended for families as well, as they have established many child-friendly beaches.
Sailing in the Caribbean

Sail in the Caribbean! Caribbean sailing trips:

Sailing in the Caribbean BVI: one-week-long Tortola sailing trip

Sailing in the Caribbean is an unforgettable adventure that you must try. The Virgin Islands are a great choice for beginner sailors, as the beautiful islands can be accessed within a short distance. We have prepared a plan for a 7-day-long trip, during which the family can relax. Parham Town can be found on one of the Virgin Islands, on Tortola. This is where our trip starts. Here you can replenish your supplies that will serve you well during your trip. The capital of the island, Road Town is only 8 kilometres from here, so once you’re in the area, it’s also worth visiting. If you are ready to go, you should visit one of the fine beaches in the northern part. Smuggler’s Cove, Long Bay, Cane Garden Bay, Brewer’s Bay, Josiah’s Bay, and Lambert beach can all be found there.
Caribbean sailing trip

Day 1. Parham Town – Peter Island

9.43 km (5.86 mi)
The port of Peter Island is fairly small, which makes it the most expensive port of the Virgin Islands. Despite the price, it’s still worth docking here, as the beach is fabulous. The classic Caribbean atmosphere is guaranteed in the Dead Man’s bay, where you can enjoy the beach with palm trees and cocktails.

Day 2. Peter Island – Salt Island

4.87 km (3.03 mi)
On the third day, our destination is Salt Island. The island got its name from the salt distillers in the middle region. You can anchor on the northwestern side of the island. Here you will find a charming little beach where you can relax. The island is popular amongst scuba divers. In 1867, a steamer called Rhone sank at Dead Chest island while trying to escape a hurricane. The wreck is lying 9-24 meters deep in the sea today.

Day 3. Salt Island – Cooper Island

2.38 km (1.48 mi)
There is an opportunity to dock more than three dozens of yachts at Manchionel Bay at Cooper Island. Get yourself a buoy, and head to the beach! The coral-coloured sand and the palm trees are a great sight. Hobby photographers will love the place due to the beautiful landscape.
There are awesome restaurants and bars on the beach. You should try them before going to bed on your boat.

Day 4. Cooper Island – Virgin Gorda (Spanish Town)

11.33 km (7.04 mi)
The island called Virgin Gorda is 10 kilometres long and 1-4 meters wide, and it can be found only 5miles from Cooper Island. The Bath National Park, which is the most beautiful shore segment on the island, is located in the southwestern region. Its uniqueness comes from the fact that there are giant round-shaped granite rocks on the beach, forming exciting little caves. We can only dock here temporarily during the day, but it’s worth going on a short trip on these weird shores as well.

Day 5. Virgin Gorda – Beef Island

10.21 km (6.34 mi)
The last day of our trip is Beef Island, the shape of which does remind us of a lying bull. Marina Cay is located opposite Scrub Island; 30 buoys are available for sailors here. Tourists love the red English phone booth at the port. Since this is the last day of your trip, you should spend it on the beach swimming and doing watersports.
boating in the Caribbean

Day 6. Beef Island – Jost van Dyke, Great Harbour

24.25 km (15.07 mi)
As the name suggests, Great Harbour is the largest harbour on Jost van Dyke. The area is well-protected thanks to the high mountains. The depth of water is between 5 and 9 metres. We can anchor or use the mooring balls. There are many bars, restaurants, churches and shops ashore, and we can go scuba-diving at an amazing reef nearby.

Day 7. Jost van Dyke, Great Harbour – Road Town – Parham Town

30.9 km (19.2 mi)
Road Town is the capital of Tortola and the sailing centre of the British Virgin Islands. We can enter the port through the Sir Francis Drake Channel. Road Harbour has several yacht marinas providing full service and accommodation. We can find Road Reef Marina, Fort Burt and Wickham’s Cay I and II here; Road Reef Marina and Fort Burt are on the western side, while Wickham’s Cay is on the north. There are over 120 berths and downtown Road Town can be found nearby.

After you have docked at Parham Town, it’s worth making a short trip to one of the national parks on the island, Mount Healthy, where you can admire a mill used to process sugar. Read more about what to do in Tortola, Tortola sailing, or Tortola boat rental
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Caribbean catamaran vacations: sailing from Puerto Rico to St.Thomas

Day 1. San Juan – Loiza 30, 98 km (19, 25 mi), Day 2. Loiza – Fajardo (Isleta Marina) 53, 34 km (33, 15 mi), Day 3. Fajardo – St.Thomas (Yacht Haven Grande) 76, 68 km (47, 65 mi), Day 4. Yacht Haven Grande – Red Hook (St.Thomas) 15, 84 km (9, 84 mi), Day 5. Red Hook – Hull bay (St.Thomas) 15, 12 km (9, 40 mi), Day 6. Hull bay – Culebra (Dewey Harbor) 41, 04 km (25, 50 mi), Day 7. Culebra – Playa Fortuna – San Juan 94, 80 km (58, 91 mi).
sailing from Puerto Rico to St.Thomas” src=”” alt=”Caribbean catamaran vacations” width=”800″ height=”600″ />
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Sailing cruise in the Caribbean: 7days Antigua sailing

Day 1. English Harbour – Nonsuch Bay 18, 24 km (11, 33 mi), Day 2. Nonsuch Bay – Low Bay (Barbuda) 55, 26 km (34, 34 mi), Day 3. Low Bay – Coco Point (Barbuda)18, 41 km (11, 44 mi), Day 4. Coco Point – Dickenson Bay 52, 91 km (32, 88 mi), Day 5. Dickenson Bay – St.John’s 6, 34 km (3, 94 mi), Day 6. St.John’s – Jolly Harbour 13, 56 km (8, 42 mi), Day 7. Jolly Harbour – Carlisle Bay – English Harbour 20, 13 km (12, 51 mi).
Sailing cruise Caribbean
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Caribbean sailing vacations: Sail in the Bahamas – for experienced sailors

Day 1. Nassau (Palm Cay / ONE Marina) – Highbourne Cay (Highbourne Cay Marina) 57, 29 km (35, 60 mi), Day 2. Highbourne Cay – Bells Cay and its surrounding – Compass Cay 59, 28 km (36, 84 mi), Day 3. Compass Cay – Staniel Cay – Great Guana Cay – Safe Harbor Marina 48, 04 km (29, 85 mi), Day 4. Safe Harbor Marina – Emerald Bay Marina 49, 73 km (30, 90 mi), Day 5. Emerald Bay Marina – Farmer’s Cay (Little Farmer’s Cay Yacht Club) 58, 66 km (36, 45 mi), Day 6. Farmer’s Cay – Warderick Wells Cay – Shroud Cay (dock at Highbourne Cay) 97, 99 km (60, 89 mi), Day 7. Highbourne Cay – The wonderful Atlantis – Nassau 72, 59 km (45, 10 mi)
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Caribbean sailing holidays: 7days North Cuba yachting

Day 1. Havana – Santa Fé (Marina Hemingway) 19, 69 km (12, 23 mi), Day 2. Santa Fé – Bahia de Cabanas (port of Cabanas) 55, 11 km (34, 24 mi), Day 3. Cabanas – Cayo Levisa (port Palma Rubia) 74, 69 km (46, 41 mi), Day 4. Palm Rubia – Cayo Jutias 59, 30 km (36, 85 mi), Day 5. Cayo Jutias – Bahia Honda bay 101, 20 km (62, 88 mi), Day 6. Bahia Honda – Mariel 52, 10 km (32, 38 mi), Day 7. Mariel – Fusterlandia – Havana 49, 34 km (30, 66 mi).Caribbean sailing holidays
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The Caribbean region is a real paradise for sailors that everyone has to visit to try what sailing in the Caribbean is like. The cosy ports and islands in the Caribbean attract many tourists, but they still provide a wonderful experience for your family and friends.Find more Caribbean sailing destinations or Caribbean sailing routes HELP ME TO CHOOSE THE PERFECT BOAT

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