Nassau, which is the centre of the Bahamas, is located in the heart of the region. It is like a utopistic fairy tale, with a mixture of ancient culture and modern urbanism. The name of its northern neighbour, Paradise Islands says it all. On this island, it is all about enjoying life, having fun and relaxing. Visitors are welcome by breathtaking shores, beaches and holiday resorts here. All we have to do in Nassau is leave all our problems behind and dive into the buzzing and uplifting Bahamian way of life.

Yacht vacation in Nassau
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The weather of Nassau

Nassau has a subtropical climate, characterised by moderate warm weather during the entire year. The average annual temperature is 28° Celsius; this means 21° Celsius in the winter and 27° Celsius in the summer. The temperature rarely drops below 16° Celsius or above 32° Celsius. The dominant wind blows from the northeast in the winter and from the southeast in the summer, freshening up the air a bit. The velocity of the wind is an average of 15 km/h during the entire year. Most of the precipitation falls in the summer months. At the end of the summer – during the period between June and November – tropical cyclones (hurricanes) may be a threat.

The strong wind (with a blast of over 90 km/h) and the seawater that rises, as a result, may cause heavy damage. The weather is usually pleasant in Nassau during the whole year, meaning that sailing is also enjoyable in all seasons. We should definitely avoid the hurricane season though, as storms may be very challenging.
Check the sailing conditions and wind rose diagram of Nassau.

Ports and islands around Nassau

Nassau has a perfect location, making it an ideal starting point when exploring the most beautiful places on the Bahamas. Regardless of our destination, we definitely won’t be disappointed, as locals know all about what skippers may need. Sailors can choose from many great yacht marinas that are also equipped well. Let’s get to know a few of these!

New Providence

The island where Nassau is located in New Providence. It has been the centre of the Bahamas for centuries. Thanks to its location and amazing natural marina, this was a famous island as early as the 17th century. It became a popular holiday resort in the 1920s. A large number of tourist facilities, luxury hotels and the giant marina all make this a unique island. There are some nice anchorages near the bridge of Paradise Island, and skippers can choose from several well-equipped yacht marinas as well. Information about Nassau boat rental

Nassau Yacht Haven

Nassau Yacht Haven is the largest and oldest yacht marina on the island. The marina has 135 wide and spacious moorings. Every dock has access to electricity and drinking water. Guests can also use the laundry and the showers. There is a famous restaurant here, too. Thanks to the favourable location, we can find several types of shops within a walking distance including a boat supply store, groceries, bottle shops and a bank.

Bay Street Marina

Bay Street Marina can be found in the centre of Nassau. They accommodate 120 boats, the depth of water is app. 6 metres, and they also have a fuel dock. They provide electricity, water and Wi-Fi for all boats. The marina is also convenient thanks to the air-conditioned toilets, showers and laundry. They have their own restaurant, too, and we can reach downtown Nassau as well as Paradise Island easily from here.

Paradise Island

Paradise Island is a small island next to Nassau. The two islands are connected by a bridge that crosses the marina of Nassau. Paradise Island is mostly famous for the giant and colourful resort Atlantis with its excellent beaches, impressive casinos and breathtaking water park. Similarly to New Providence, there are great yacht marinas here.

Atlantis Marina

Atlantis Marina is the most important yacht marina on Paradise Island. It can be reached directly from the marina of Nassau via the 30-metre-wide canal west of the bridge connecting Nassau and Paradise Island. They accommodate 63 boats, the depth of water is app. 3.5 metres during low tide and the area is protected well. They meet all expectations with a great staff. If we want to visit the Atlantis, we can hitch a boat ride from the marina.

Paradise Harbour Club Marina

Paradise Harbour Club is an amazing holiday resort with a charming little yacht marina that can accommodate 22 boats. There is a wonderful view of the marina of Nassau from here, and one of the most beautiful beaches of the Bahamas is located nearby. It is an ideal place when exploring Paradise Island.

11.9 m / 39 ft3 Cabins /8 Berths

Sail in Nassau! Nassau sailing itineraries

A week Nassau sailing plan

During this 7-day round trip, we will sail to the Exumas from Nassau. It is a beautiful trip with breathtaking stops. Most of the islands belong to Exuma Land and Sea Park, which is among the most beautiful protected areas on the Bahamas. Every place has something unique to offer, and all the marinas are beautiful. The Highbourne Cay yacht marina, the iguanas living in Allan’s Cay as well as the sandbanks scattered around in the sea are all among the countless beautiful things that we can encounter here.
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Day 1.Nassau Yacht Haven – Palm Cay

12.00 km (7.46 mi)
Palm Cay – a smaller town in Nassau – can be found on the eastern edge of the island. It has a soft, white sandy shoreline of nearly 500 metres, with 400 metres constituted by the beaches. It is a perfect spot for fishing. The yacht marina has a full-service; they accommodate 150 boats, and the depth of water is 2.5 metres around here. This will be a perfect starting point for our Nassau sailing trip. Read more about what to do in Nassau, or yacht charter in Nassau

Day 2. Palm Cay – Highbourne Cay

57.05 km (35.45 mi)
Highbourne Cay is a small, private island between Nassau and Eleuthera. It’s a popular stop for boaters exploring the Bahamas from Nassau. We can get water, ice fuel, food and all the essential supplies we need here. Its harbour is beautiful, well maintained and protected.

Day 3. Highbourne Cay – Allan’s Cay

6, 00 km (3.73 mi)
The island’s charm lies in the iguanas living here. This is the most protected species of lizards, and thanks to the special protection programme they are treated with, there are about a thousand on the island There are numerous anchorages around the island both on the east and west coast. We might often encounter strong currents near the east coast, but the western part is quieter and more protected. The seabed is sandy, and the water depth is app. 7 metres.

Day 4. Allan’s Cay – Warderick Wells Cay

47.20 km (29.33 mi)
Waderick Wells Cay is one of the best-protected islands of Exuma National Park. The port is protected from all directions, making it very popular among sailors. Tying up our boat is only allowed outside the marking buoys, at Emerald Rock. It is forbidden to anchor near the coral reef. The island has many great anchorages to offer, but the northern part is not ideal for anchoring. We can find information on the fees on the website of Exuma Park. There is an amazing beach, as well as dozens of sights to see.

Day 5. Warderick Wells Cay – Shroud Cay

21.15 km (13.14 mi)
Shroud Cay is located at the northern end of Exumas Cay Land and Sea Park. A wonderful river runs through the island, leading to an amazing beach. The remains of an old and abandoned camp can still be seen on the beach; it was used as a base by drug smugglers during the 1980s. We can use the mooring buoys around the island and the established boat slips for a certain fee.

Day 6. Shroud Cay – Norman’s Cay

6.80 km (4.23 mi)
Our first stop is Norman’s Cay. It is one of the most fascinating islands of the Exumas, as the area is surrounded by an ancient coral reef. The conditions are suitable for all kinds of waterfront activities, but the place is also perfect for a relaxing afternoon. The remains of drug lord Carlos Lehder’s plane lie beneath the sea. It is a classic diving spot, as the plane is still intact, providing a home for tropical fish and corals. We can anchor at several parts of the island. Boats that are well-suited to strong waves may use the area between Battery Point and Norman’s Cut. As for vessels with a smaller draft, they can anchor near Boot Cay. We can find other anchorages on the southeastern side between the dock and the plane wreck. The area is well-protected against winds, and the depth of water is around 2 metres.

Day 7. Norman’s Cay – Hurricane Hole, Paradise Island – Nassau

72.35 km (44.96 mi)
Hurricane Hole Marina is located in the centre of Paradise Island. This is among the safest and most developed yacht marinas in the region. Their services include a fuel dock, a laundry, a fitness centre and different maintenance services. There are great restaurants, a mall as well as great clubs within a relatively small area. It will be a fitting end of our trip.

7 Days the Nassau sailing tour

Yacht charter in Nassau
During this round trip, we will sail over to Eleuthera, passing by almost every island of the archipelago. The chain of islands is very long and narrow at the same time. The eastern shores overlook the Atlantic Ocean, while the western shores face the Great Bahama Bank. The giant pineapple fields and pink beaches make this one of the most popular beaches in the region. Its gorgeous marinas are surrounded by turquoise waters.
Day 1. Nassau Yacht Haven – Paradise Harbour Club Marina 1.35 km (1 mi), Day 2. Paradise Island – Egg Island 64.75 km (40.23 mi), Day 3. Egg Island – Spanish Wells 15.50 km (9.63 mi), Day 4. Spanish Wells – Governor’s Harbour, Eleuthera 72.30 km (44.92 mi), Day 5. Governor’s Harbour – Harbour Island 51.90 km (32.25 mi), Day 6. Harbour Island – Hurricane Hole, Paradise Island 102.05 km (63.41 mi), Day 7. Paradise Island – Nassau 1 km (0.5 mi)

Marine gas near Nassau

  • BAY STREET MARINA, NASSAU: Depth: 3, 5 m, GPS Coordinates: 25.077572, -77.328900
  • PALM CAY MARINA, NASSAU: Depth: 2 m, Working time: 7-19, GPS Coordinates: 25.020997, -77.274406
  • HURRICANE HOLE, PARADISE ISLAND: GPS Coordinates: 25.079167, -77.319667
  • HIGHBOURNE CAY MARINA: Depth: 2, 5 m, Working time: 8-17, GPS Coordinates: 24.708938, -76.821578
  • SPANISH WELLS MARINE & HARDWARE: 8-12 & 13-17 , GPS Coordinates: 25.542075, -76.751341
  • HARBOUR ISLAND CLUB AND MARINA: Depth: 3 m, Working time:8-18, GPS Coordinates: 44.8749, 13.84651
  • FRENCH LEAVE HARBOUR VILLAGE MARINA, ELEUTHERA: Depth: 2, 5 m, GPS Coordinates: 25.203069, -76.246944
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