The Croatian island lies 44 km from the land. Upon sailing in Vis, read our article about the climate of this island. Moreover, you can check out our two-week sailing plan to gather a few tips to your memorable cruise. Explore the tranquil Central-Dalmatian island and their vicinity!Sailing in Vis island

This article gives you an overview of the following topics:

Weather on Vis island: Pleasant climate

The island’s climate is moderate with hot and dry summers and wet winters. The annual average temperature is above 16 °C. In summer the temperature is above 24 °C, and in winter it does not go below 6 °C. Regarding winds, the dominant winds in winter are the Bora blowing from the northwest and the Jugo from the southeast, whereas in summer the Mistral from the northwest. For bathing the best sea temperature is in August about 24.4 °C.Check the sailing conditions and wind rose diagram of Vis island.

Ports and islands around Vis

Marina Vis

This marina can accommodate 70 boats up to 20 metres in length. The Bora and Jugo winds can make berthing difficult, thus when they are blowing stronger, it is better anchoring at the quay at the nearby town of Kut. The depth of the seabed here is 2, 5-4, 5 metres. Marina Vis offers excellent services like a refuelling station. sailing in Vis, rent a boat Vis
Port in Vis island

Komiža Town Harbour

The harbour of Komiža is in a wide, deep bay. It has 30 berths for boats up to 20 metres in length. The seabed is 6 metres deep. The harbour offers excellent protection from northern and eastern winds, but the southern Jugo can cause some waves. Komiža sailing

Marina Vela Luka, Korčula

The marina on the west side of the Island of Korčula has 45 berths for boats up to 17 metres in length. The depth of the seabed is 3-4 metres. The marina has a refuelling station, directly next to the yacht pier. Vela Luka sailing

Marina Sveti Klement, Hvar

ACI Marina Palmižana is located on the northeastern part of Saint Klement Island, which belongs to the Pakleni archipelago. This is one of the safest harbours on the Adriatic Sea. It offers 180 berths for ships as long as 30 metres. The depth of the water is 3–8 metres. It is open seasonally, from the 1st of April until the 31st of October. They provide showers, Wi-Fi, cafés, and if you are hungry you can also find restaurants and grocery stores.

Port of Hvar

The town of Hvar Island, which bears the same name, is the most popular docking place on the island. The port provides safety against northern winds; however, southern and northwestern winds can cause significant waves. Docking is expensive on the town’s pier, but you can do it on the other side of the port for a fair price. You can choose from several services including fuelling. Hvar island sailing,Hvar boat rental.
Port around Vis island

Marina Stari Grad, Hvar

Stari Grad is the oldest town in Hvar Island, and its port can accept a total of 150 boats. The depth of the water is 13 metres at the entrance and 4–5 metres at the town pier. At the port, you can find cafés, restaurants and an information office as well. Stari Grad sailing

Marina Bol, Brač

The port of Bol is located on the southern coast of Brač Island, about halfway between Milna and Sumartin. It is small, so it can be hard to find a free berth during the main season. The depth of the water is 6–7 metres at the entrance and 2 metres at the pier. It provides drinking water, electricity and laundry, as well as cafés and restaurants. Information about sailing in Bol, or rent a boat in Bol

Yacht charter around Vis island

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10.0 m / 33 ft3 Cabins /8 Berths
10 %dalla-pieta-48-2001Split
14.8 m / 49 ft3 Cabins /6 Berths

Sail in Vis island! Vis island sailing itineraries

Sailing in Vis island: 1 week sailing plan

Vis island sailing plan

Day 1. Komiža – Rukavac

17, 98 km (11, 17 mi)

First, we sail to Rukavac on the southeastern side of the Island of Vis. It is the third-largest town after Vis and Komiža. The resort town offers beautiful natural surroundings where you can truly relax. The bay allows safe berthing.

Day 2. Rukavac – Stončica-bay

9, 35 km (5, 81 mi)

The Bay of Stončica is in the northeastern part of Vis Island. The turquoise sea and the lush Mediterranean greenery look truly spectacular. If you get hungry, there is a cosy restaurant, offering delicious dishes. Drop anchor for the night in this quiet bay.

Day 3. Stončica-bay – Vinogradišće-bay

16, 19 km (10, 06 mi)

The Bay of Vinogradišće is the largest and most famous island in the Pakleni Archipelago. It is on the southern side of Sveti Klement. It is opposite the ACI Marina Palmižana on the Hvar side. If the northern wind, the Bora blows, it is safe to drop anchor here. There is a great restaurant nearby like Zori or Toto’s, famous for the seafood dishes. There is a short promenade, embraced by plants from all over the world.

Day 4. Vinogradišće-bay – Hvar

5, 58 km (3, 47 mi)

On the main square of Hvar, you will see buildings such as the Cathedral of St. Stephen, the Loggia, a semi-open arcade hall and the clock tower. If you are craving a delicious meal, choose the Dalmatino restaurant. They offer excellent dishes and drinks, a friendly atmosphere and attentive service. Read more about what to do in Hvar or Hvar sailing. Check our boats: yachtcharter in Hvar.Coast of Hvar

Day 5. Hvar – Brusje (Hafen Stiniva)

16, 14 km (10, 03 mi)

Brusje, along with the neighbouring Velo and Malo Grablje, has been a suburb of Hvar for centuries. It is famous for its church dedicated to St. George, built-in 1676. The little village on the hill offers magnificent views over the nearby island of Brač.

Day 6. Brusje (Hafen Stiniva) – St. Klement-island (ACI Marina Palmižana)

14, 11 km (8, 77 mi)

The main attraction of Sveti Klement is the chapel of the same name. It was built-in 1866, commemorating the Battle of Vis. The pine, cactus, rosemary and laurel forests enhance the beauty of the island.

Day 7. St. Klement-island (ACI Marina Palmizana) – Vis (Marina Vis) – Komiža

42, 91 km (26, 67 mi)

Vis’s famous landmark is a 16th-century monastery built on the remains of an antique theatre on the Pirovo Peninsula. Visit the Archaeological Museum and explore the priceless archaeological collection. If you are visiting Vis, you can choose from some excellent restaurants like Lola Konoba & Bar or Restoran Pojoda.

If we still have some time after returning our boat, we should take a look around Komiža. The most famous sights in town are the Church of Our Lady of Seven Sorrows, the Church of St. Nicholas and the Fishing Museum. Are you craving a delicious meal? We recommend the Konoba Barba and Restaurant & Wine Bar Hum. Read more about what to do in Komiža

7 Days Vis island sailing itinerary (longer)

Leaving the town of Vis we recommend a route with longer sections. During your cruise, you travel past the islands of Šolta, Hvar, and the Makarska Riviera, one of the most splendid parts of the Adriatic Sea.

Day 1. Vis (Marina Vis) – Vinogradišće-bay 20, 00 km (12, 43 mi), Day 2. Vinogradišće-bay – Maslinica 34, 32 km (21, 33 mi), Day 3. Maslinica – Omiš 42, 58 km (26, 46 mi), Day 4. Omiš – Makarska 31, 86 km (19, 80 mi), Day 5. Makarska – Vrboska 31, 13 km (19, 34 mi), Day 6. Vrboska – Hvar 39, 64 km (24, 63 mi), Day 7. Hvar – Stončica-bay – Vis (Marina Vis) 27, 00 km (16, 78 mi)Vis island sailing itinerary

2 weeks catamaran tour from Komiža

Do you want to spend a longer period on the sea? Choose our 2-week itinerary with cosy sites! We steer past Maslinica lying on the western part of the Šolta island, its most famous site is the Martinis Marchi Castle built after the former pirate attacks.

Day 1. Komiža – Vis (Marina Vis) 19, 71 km (12, 25 mi), Day 2. Vis – Rogoznica 58, 50 km (36, 35 mi), Day 3. Rogoznica – Maslinica 29, 12 km (18, 10 mi), Day 4. Maslinica – Rogač 11, 38 km (7, 07 mi), Day 5. Rogač – Supetar 21, 23 km (13, 19 mi), Day 6. Supetar – Povlja 24, 33 km (15, 12 mi), Day 7. Povlja – Sumartin 15, 45 km (9, 60 mi), Day 8. Sumartin – Jelsa 19, 71 km (12, 25 mi), Day 9. Jelsa – Sućuraj 42, 32 km (26, 30 mi), Day 10. Sućuraj – Ploče 23, 04 km (14, 31 mi), Day 11. Ploče – Trpanj 14, 51 km (9, 01 mi), Day 12. Trpanj – Lovište 26, 86 km (16, 69 mi), Day 13. Lovište – Vela Luka 42, 09 km (26, 15 mi), Day 12. Vela Luka – Biševo-island – Komiža 65, 12 km (40, 43 mi).
Vis island catamaran itinerary

More Dalmatia sailing itineraries

Marine gas near Vis, boat gas stations around Central Dalmatia

  • VIS: Depth: 2, 5 m, Working time: 6-22, GPS Coordinates: 43.057443, 16.190497
  • HVAR: Depth: 1, 8 m, Working time: 6-22, GPS Coordinates: 43.170339, 16.444642
  • MILNA, HVAR: Depth: 3 m, Working time: 6-22, GPS Coordinates: 43.327293, 16.448249
  • VRBOSKA, HVAR: Depth: 2 m, Working time: 8-15, GPS Coordinates: 43.180978, 16.673233
  • BOL, BRAČ: Depth: 3, 5-4 m, Working time: 6-22, GPS Coordinates: 43.260791, 16.654266
  • MAKARSKA: Depth: 5 m, Working time: 6-22, GPS Coordinates: 43.293683, 17.019819
  • PLOCE: Depth: 10-12 m, Working time: 6-22, GPS Coordinates: 43.057252, 17.428057
  • SOLTA: Depth: 4, 5 m, Working time: 6-22, GPS Coordinates: 43.395533, 16.303849
  • VELA LUKA: Depth: 3-4 m, Working time: 6-22, GPS Coordinates: 42.959407, 16.714213
  • ACI Marina KORCULA: Depth: 3, 5m, GPS Coordinates: 42.956744, 17.138561
  • LASTOVO: Depth: 2, 5-4, 5 m, Working time: 6-22, GPS Coordinates: 42.745218, 16.824718
  • SOBRA, MLJET: Depth: 5m, Working time: 6-22, GPS Coordinates: 42.740951, 17.598208
  • SPLIT: Depth: 3, 5-4 m, Working time: 6-24, GPS Coordinates: 43.502079, 16.427268
  • TROGIR: Depth: 3 m, Working time: 8-19, GPS Coordinates: 43.513687, 16.248574
  • MARINA KASTELA: , VHF: 17, Working time: 6-22, GPS Coordinates: 43.546155, 16.405204
  • PRIMOSTEN: Depth: 3-4, 5 m, Working time: 6-22, GPS Coordinates: 43.587926, 15.92353
  • DUBROVNIK, ACI Marina: Depth: 4m, Working time: 8-20, GPS Coordinates: 42.670687, 18.127007
  • DUBROVNIK, Orsan: Depth: 3, 7-4, 9 m, Working time: 6-22, GPS Coordinates: 42.660463, 18.079714

For having a memorable sailing cruise, due to its mild climate, Vis is highly-recommended. Drop your anchor by the islands nearby, and explore the must-see sites! Find more Dalmatia sailing destinations or choose another yacht charter in Dalmatia.


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