The Gulf of Kvarner, thanks to its unique location, is a pleasant area for sailing. It’s the largest inland seawater area in Croatia. The ports provide safe mooring and shelter. One of them is Marina Punat which lies in a wonderful Mediterranean environment. Lovers of silence and intimacy will find tiny fisher villages, mountain hiking routes, lonely gulfs. Families with small children can enjoy well-equipped beaches and playgrounds as they like. Visitors sailing to Punat and its vicinity have countless pastime opportunities.Sailing in Punat

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Punat, the all-time favourite of sailors

Punat itself has relatively few sights. It’s rather the Mecca of sailors where the can moor in a pleasant, tidy, and safe environment and go to explore other parts of the Krk island.

The residents of the small town make most of their living from tourism and serving sailors. Thus, the lovers of the sea have a very good time here. They usually gather and meet each other in the Hotel Kanajt only 50 metres from the port.ports and islands in Punat

Port in Punat: Marina Punat

The Marina Punat is the largest and oldest port of the Adriatic. It’s able to host nearly 1200 boats. The peaceful town of Punat also lies in an environmentally protected gulf. It’s one of the most sheltered gulfs of the Adriatic Sea. Though the season lasts from April to October, naturally, the port operates all-year and has very high-quality equipment and service.
It lies on the navigable route that lasts until the Kornati islands, on the eastern side of the big Puntarska Draga. The entrance of the gulf is very narrow, thus, the sailing route marked with buoys is only 2,5 to 3 metres deep. Due to the nearby beach and big traffic you’re strictly required to sail carefully and only between the buoys.

The island of Krk and the town of Punat

Punat is the second-largest settlement on the island of Krk. They also call it the gate of the island. Its narrow streets and old stone houses provide an amazing view and environment for visitors. The sights and several restaurants, cafés, and wine vaults are in a walking distance to the port. The fish and seafood are guaranteed to be fresh and delicious.

The beaches are north from the port all along the coast of the town until the Gulf of Krk. It’s interesting how you can see the castle of Krk from the outer parts as well. A small electric train goes along the coast, and there’s an aqua park in the centre as well.Coasts and islands in Punat

Before the departure of after mooring, you should definitely take a pleasant walk on the island of Kosljun, which is in the middle of the gulf only a few hundred metres from Punat. The rich greenery of the small island hides a monastery and a church.

The island of Krk is not only the largest Croatian island but also the most developed in terms of tourism in its region. They named it Golden Island after its unique sandy sections of seashore otherwise uncommon in the Adriatic Sea. Practically, you can swim on the whole shore. You’ll find any type of beach from the well-built and fully equipped sections to the small, untouched, hidden gulfs.

Around the island there’s a great area for diving, you can find numerous exciting places. Some of the most popular sites are a sank Greek barge, an underwater cave near Vrbnik, and the stunning red corals growing on vertical walls around the island of Plavnik – the latter is an especially beloved area.

Sail in Punat! Punat sailing itineraries:

Sailing in Punat: A one-week sailing plan from Punat

Sailing Itinerary Punat

Day 1. Punat – Lopar (Rab)

23.59 km (14.66 mi)
Many people say Rab to be the most beautiful island in the Kvarner Bay full of picturesque gulfs and gorgeous beaches. It’s worth going diving in near the Cape of Sorinj. You can take pleasure in viewing the island’s wonderful, thick, green vegetation and pine forests. You might even meet deer and mouflons. There are some small islands nearby, like the Goli-otok and the Grgur. These are also fun to explore. Spend the night in the town’s port.

Day 2. Lopar – Opatija (Pag island)

42.52 km (26.42 mi)
The capital of Pag Island, Pag, would only be accessible from the Velebit canal which has the danger of bora in one-third of the year. On Pag’s western side only Novalja is suitable for mooring. Novalja has a great nightlife full of parties, it’s the favourite place of young people. For those who like diving, the peak of Pag could be interesting.

Day 3. Novalja – Susak

47.25 km (29.36 mi)
The island has only one small village called Susak. Here you can find beautiful shores with smooth sand, just like on the other parts of the island. Since Susak is a sand island, the wine here has a unique taste completely different from wines made of grape grown in stony soil. Islanders speak their own dialect that even Croatians don’t understand, and they wear a traditional costume at festivities. Most tourists don’t know about the island, so don’t miss the chance to explore this hidden gem yourself! Spend the night in the port of Susak.

Day 4. Susak – Mali Losinj

14.33 km (8.90 mi)
You can explore the stunning wonders of nature in Mali Losinj. The lovers of the sea and sailing can enjoy their passion in a safe environment. And wherever they land, they can enjoy the opportunities of vegetation, gastronomy, Mediterranean atmosphere, historical towns, and cultural treasures.

Day 5. Mali Losinj – Unije

25.68 km (15.96 mi)
The island of silence, peace, and sunlight. It’s known for the Vnetak lighthouse. Don’t forget to rent diving gear, the water is very clear in the gulfs. The island has a huge, long spreading, pebbly beach, it’s the most famous one here.

Day 6. Unije – Cres

44.43 km (27.60 mi)
The shore is quite indented with many hidden gulfs and pebbly beaches. Besides numerous diving centres, jet-ski rental and skydiving are also available. Lubenice is famous for the Blue Cave. You can swim into wonderland from the sea. Spend the night in the port of Cres.

Day 7. Cres – Malinska – Punat

79.09 km (49.14 mi)

7 days Punat sailing itinerary

Day 1. Punat – Malinska 31.42 km (19.52 mi), Day 2. Malinska – Opatija 29.15 km (18.11 mi),Day 3. Opatija – Rijeka 10.25 km (6.37 mi), Day 4. Rijeka – Crikvenica 29.77 km (18.50 mi),Day 5. Crikvenica – Senj 26.64 km (16.55 mi), Day 6. Senj – Baska 12.09 km (7.51 mi), Day 7. Baska – Lopar – Punat 38.29 km (23.79 mi).Sailing plan Punat

Sailing in Kvarner bay: 14 days sailing tour

Day 1. Punat – Lopar (Rab)23.59 km (14.66 mi), Day 2. Lopar – Opatija (Pag island) 42.52 km (26.42 mi), Day 3. Novalja – Susak 47.25 km (29.36 mi) Day 4. Susak – Mali Losinj 14.33 km (8.90 mi), Day 5. Mali Losinj – Unije 25.68 km (15.96 mi),Day 6. Unije – Pula 50.72 km (31.51 mi), Day 7. Pula – Medulin 27.90 km (17.34 mi), Day 8. Medulin – Rabac 41.84 km (26.00 mi), Day 9. Rabac – Opatija 33.26 km (20.66 mi), Day 10. Opatija – Rijeka 10.25 km (6.37 mi), Day 11. Rijeka – Crikvenica 29.77 km (18.50 mi), Day 12. Crikvenica – Senj 26.64 km (16.55 mi), Day 13. Senj – Baska 12.09 km (7.51 mi), Day 14. Baska – Island of Rab – Punat 38.29 km (23.79 mi).14 days Sailing Itinerary Punat

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Punat is the tourist centre of the Krk island. The narrow, cobbled streets offer many sights as well. There’s an especially rich, subtropical vegetation, an untouched, inner natural area. The island has many amazing sections of shore. Its beaches are on the online top list of the best beaches in Croatia. Find more Kvarner bay sailing destinations

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