Are you planning a sailing trip in Croatia in September? We help with itineraries, ports, yacht rental options & other useful sailing information. Get our help! Croatia is a very popular holiday destination, so the seaside towns and islands tend to be a bit crowded in summer. The weather is still great in September, you can go swimming in the sea. In this article, we will show you why it is great to go sailing in Croatia in September. We will also give you some useful tips and itineraries that lead you through the most peaceful places.
Sailing in Croatia in September
Our article gives you an overview of the following topics:

Advantages of sailing in Croatia in September

Why you should go sailing in Croatia in September?

If you want a quieter, more peaceful holiday, you should avoid going in peak season. In Croatia, it falls between July and August. In September, the towns and islands are not crowded, but not deserted either. There are plenty of moorings at the less known marinas. You do not have to book a berth in advance. It is the same with restaurants. You can sit down anywhere, which is definitely an advantage if you are traveling with a group.
Although there are fewer entertainment options in September, you can still go to some great festivals and events. By late autumn, every tourism venue closes, but they are open in September. For older people, the weather is an important factor. In September, the weather is warm on land and on the water as well. But the hot summer heat is over by then.

Weather in the Adriatic Sea in September

September is a transitional period in the weather. The first half of the month is still characterised by 13 hours of sunshine a day, the average temperature is 23-26 degrees. By the end of the month, you can only expect 10-11 hours of sunshine. The length of cloudy, rainy periods is also increasing. The humidity is higher than it is in August, which can result in quick local showers. The average temperature of the sea is 23 degrees, perfect for swimming. The winds also change in September. The northwestern mistral, which blows in summer, is gradually replaced by the northern northeastern bora and southern Jugo winds. Check the sailing conditions and wind rose diagram of Croatia.
Croatia sailing

A more peaceful atmosphere after peak season

In summer, the Croatian coasts of the Adriatic Sea are a little crowded. The high season comes to an end in September. It is easy to find a spot in the bigger marinas too. In September, all smaller Croatian towns living from tourism are open. Souvenir shops and attractions only close late October. You can discover everything in September without people everywhere.

Festivals and cultural events in September

Croatia hosts many events in September. You can visit several music and cultural festivals. A good example is Visualia in the town of Pula or the Dubrovnik Music Festival. The famous Split Film Festival is held in September, where you can watch several newly released movies of different genres.

One-way trip or round trip?

Towards the end of September, winds can change several times a day, so you have to be prepared for some challenges. If you go earlier in the month, you can use the southeastern winds. Even as a beginner, you can have an easy one-way trip.
In the second half of the month, it does not matter if you go on a one-way or round trip. In this case, decide based on your route plan. If you want to use the same marina as your starting point and destination, choose a round trip.

What costs do you have to count with?

The currency of Croatia is the Euro. The price of the moorings does not change outside the high season, in which case they are only 5-10% cheaper. You will have to pay around 60-100 euros for each port you visit. Food and drinks are relatively expensive compared to other Adriatic countries. rent a boat Croatia

12.4 m / 41 ft3 Cabins /8 Berths
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11.9 m / 39 ft4 Cabins /10 Berths
12.0 m / 39 ft2 Cabins /6 Berths

Sailing in Croatia in September

1-week one-way sailing trip from Sibenik to Split

First, we offer a 1-week trip from Sibenik to Split. We recommend setting sail in early September so the wind can help you along the way. During this trip, you can visit many Dalmatian islands, including Brac and Solta.
One way Croatia sailing itinerary

Day 1. Sibenik – Zlarin

7, 61 km (4, 73 mi)
Your first stop should be the island of Zlarin to the southwest. The island is famous for its corals. It provides protected bays for your boat. You can go hiking in a beautiful, almost untouched natural environment. There are many churches and chapels on the island. The most famous is the Assumption of Mary Church. If you like crafts, check out the coral workshops! Even today, craftsmen make coral jewellery by hand.

Day 2. Zlarin – Kaprije

18, 20 km (11, 31 mi)
Continue sailing southwest, then drop anchor at Kaprije Bay. Only a hundred people live on this beautiful island. The chief occupations are olive growing and viticulture. You can admire the work of farmers, and you can spend your time in beautiful, almost untouched natural surroundings.

Day 3. Kaprije – Zirje

6, 24 km (3, 88 mi)
Next, visit the island of Zirje, which is closest to the open sea. This is the largest island in the Sibenik archipelago. It is composed of limestone ridges with many caves to explore, and rich flora and fauna. The island has always played an important role is protection. This is shown by the remains of ancient fortresses and the cannons from the 1991 war.

Day 4. Zirje – Kremik

26, 30 km (16, 34 mi)
Sail east, then enter Kremik Bay along the Croatian mainland. You can easily reach the nearby coastal towns from here. For example, you can visit Primošten. This town is a popular tourist destination thanks to its beautiful beach. There are gorgeous wineries and vineyards next to the town. Visit the 17-metre statue of Our Lady of Loreto! If you want to buy a unique souvenir, check out the Honey shop Gracin!

Day 5. Kremik – Drvenik Veli

25, 76 km (16, 01 mi)
Since it is on the way, visit the most beautiful island of the coastline of Trogir, Drvenik Veli! A few years ago only locals knew this island. Tourists have just discovered it thanks to a marketing campaign. On the island with only one town, you can even try the Robinson-style vacation. You can leave your boat and hideaway in nature for a day. The island is great for sports, too. You can go biking, roller skating, hiking, or you can try water sports.

Day 6. Drvenik Veli – Solta

17, 66 km (10, 98 mi)
Next, visit the island of Solta to the east! Locals live on the northern part of the island. The southern part is characterised by steep cliffs. If you like Dalmatian architecture, you can find many Dalmatian buildings in the towns on the island. You will find most of these buildings in their original form in Grohote.
Ports in Croatia

Day 7. Solta – Supetar (Brac) – Split (ACI Marina Split)

36, 95 km (22, 96 mi)
Heading east along the coast of Brac, you will soon arrive in Supetar. Already on arrival at the port, the three-bayed baroque church with a 35-metre-high tower stands out. Known as the capital of Brac, Supetar offers plenty of enjoyment. If you arrive between June and September, you will drop into the long-running Supetar Summer Festival.

Sailing straight north from Supetar, you will arrive in Split. You will walk north from ACI Marina to the city centre. First, you will find yourself on the beautiful Riva promenade, which was completed a few years ago, where restaurants, cafes, pubs, and shops meet. Inside you will find the ancient palace of Diocletian along with the Peristilium. Directly in front of them is the Cathedral of St. Domnius, whose tower offers a magnificent view. From here in good weather, you can see even to the island of Brac. If you love the fish, be sure to visit the city’s huge fish market as well.

1-week sailing itinerary in western Croatia

On this route, you will visit the northwest coast of Croatia instead of the Dalmatian Islands. Your will start and end in the famous Fiume. During your journey, you will visit the port of Pomer, than on the way back you will explore the Kvarner-Bay.


Croatia sailing itinerary September

Day 1. Fiume – Ičići 12, 00 km (7, 46 mi), Day 2. Ičići – Rabac 29, 47 km (18, 31 mi), Day 3. Rabac – Cres (ACI Marina Cres) 24, 81 km (15, 42 mi), Day 4. Cres (ACI Marina Cres) – Pomer (ACI Marina Pomer) 46, 60 km (28, 96 mi), Day 5. Pomer (ACI Marina Pomer) – Susak 47, 54 km (29, 54 mi), Day 6. Susak – Pogana 22, 71 km (14, 11 mi), Day 7. Pogana – Krk (Njivice) – Fiume 89, 33 km (55, 51 mi)

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Croatia is welcoming tourists after the high season as well. In September, the weather is still warm, so if you want to avoid the crowds, get on a boat in September! You will not miss anything just because you are traveling after the height of the tourist season. You can fully enjoy your holiday because there are not too many people to bother you. Get information and rent a boat from us:
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