Are you planning a sailing trip in Antiparos? We help with itineraries, ports, yacht rental options & other useful sailing information. Get our help! The small island of Antiparos is in the centre of the Cyclades archipelago. It is a very peaceful island with lots of sandy beaches. Many Hollywood stars have holiday homes here. With a little luck, you can meet some well-known actors! The island of Antiparos is the perfect starting point for exploring Naxos, Paros and the Small Cyclades!
Sailing in Antiparos
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The weather of Antiparos

Antiparos has a Mediterranean climate. Summers are dry. There is no rainfall between June and August. There may be some rain in the autumn or winter, but you do not have to expect prolonged rainy periods. July and August are the hottest. The average temperature is above 25 degrees. The temperature of the sea is 24-25 degrees. It is perfect for swimming and diving. Blowing from the northwest in summer, the Meltemi winds barely reach the southern shores of the island. Therefore, if you want to go swimming at a less windy beach, choose the southern parts of the island! Check the sailing conditions and wind rose diagram of Antiparos.

Ports and islands around Antiparos

Antiparos Marina, Antiparos

It is a small marina with a draft of 2, 5 m. It can accommodate boats up to 60 m in length. The marina offers basic services like water supply, bars and restaurants. yacht charter Antiparos

Naxos Marina, Naxos

Yachts up to 20 metres in length and a number of 70 may berth in this marina. The maximum dive is 5 metres. In addition to the boat service, you can find the usual basic services in the marinas here. Naxos sailing, boat rental Naxos
Ports and islands around Antiparos

Apollonia Marina, Naxos

It is a larger marina on the northeast coast of Naxos, in the town of the same name. It can accommodate boats up to 60 metres in length and a draft of 4 metres. The marina offers basic services. There are also some restaurants and bars.

Paroikia Marina, Paros

The most popular marina is in Paros. It can accommodate yachts up to 60 metres. They also offer refuelling, boat service and electricity. The city’s sights, the best hotels and apartments, as well as great taverns and bars, await visitors near the marina. The depth of the marina is 3.5 metres. Paros sailing, boat rental Paros, catamaran charter Paros, rent a motorboat Paros, rent a luxury yacht Paros, sailing charter Paros

Karavostasi Marina, Ios

It is a medium-sized marina on the island of Ios. It can accommodate boats up to 60 metres in length. The depth of the seabed is 4 metres. There are many services available such as a water tank refill, and you can find restaurants nearby.

Athinios Port

Santorini’s largest port is Athinios, located on the western side of the island. Locals also refer to it as New Port or Thira Port. It can accommodate hundreds of yachts. It is very well-equipped. There are drinking water, electricity and a refuelling station. The port is very busy, especially in the high season.

Skala Port (Santorini)

This is the old port, located near the town of Fira, the tourist centre of Santorini. It is small in size, so larger boats cannot berth here. The passengers of such boats are transported to the mainland by water taxi. You can reach the town climbing 600 steps of stairs. You can go on foot, with a cable car or on the back of a donkey. If you get hungry, there are restaurants and taverns in the port. You can buy souvenirs and local delicacies in the smaller shops.

Ammoudi Port

The picturesque Ammoudi is on the northwestern coast of Santorini, next to Oia. It is only 13 km from Firas. The small port can accommodate yachts up to 20 metres in length. There are traditional fish taverns on the beach where you can try fresh seafood dishes and local delicacies as well.
Marinas and islands around Antiparos

Vlychada Port

Opened in 2008, Vlychada is Santorini’s most sheltered port. It can accommodate boats up to 25 metres in length. The depth of the seabed is 4 metres. There are drinking water, electricity and a refuelling station. In addition, there are bars and restaurants along the coast. Santorini sailing, yacht rental Santorini, rent a luxury yacht Santorini, catamaran rental Santorini, Santorini sailboat charters

The island of Naxos has many attractions, lots of gorgeous beaches and natural beauties! It is a perfect starting point to explore the region. From here, you can quickly reach all Cycladic islands. Paros, Mykonos, Santorini, Milos and many other islands are waiting for you to discover!

15.0 m / 49 ft4 Cabins /10 Berths
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12.8 m / 42 ft4 Cabins /12 Berths

Sail in Antiparos island! Antiparos sailing itineraries

Sailing in Antiparos: 1-week sailing plan

In this 1-week itinerary, starting from Antiparos, you take a smaller lap. You visit Paros, Naxos, the island of Amorgos and the Small Cyclades. Finally, you return to the marina of Antiparos.
Antiparos sailing itinerary

Day 1. Antiparos– Parikia (Paros)

7, 79 km (4, 84 mi)
Your first stop is the big brother, Paros. The bay of Parikia is very well protected against both Meltemi and Sirocco; its disadvantage is its difficult accessibility. Even as an experienced sailor, it is not easy to moor here: in the west, some cliffs make it difficult to set in. The island itself is famous for its beautiful snow-white marble architecture. You should see the Frankish castle built-in 1260, which has now become part of the city of Parikia. If you are curious about the origins of the abundance of marbles, be sure to check out the marble quarries that have been in operation for thousands of years.

As a sailor, the Skorpios Museum in Aliki is a must-see, where you can visit Benetos Skiadas ’wonderful collection of ship models. Be sure to check out the Valley of Butterflies, where you can see plenty of butterflies worthy of its name in a beautiful natural environment. Read more about what to do in Paros or Paros sailing. Paros yacht charter

Day 2. Parikia (Paros) – Naxos

31, 22 km (19, 40 mi)
Sailing northeast of the island of Paros, you can moor at the neighbouring island of Naxos. Before arriving, you should look north: the sight of a door frame left from the ancient temple of Apollo welcomes visitors to the island. The port is also very cosy, and the scenery is beautiful wherever you go on the island. You will also find romantic mountain villages, the ruins of various ancient temples, and the cave where, according to the legend, Zeus grew up. If you want to look around the island, it is worth renting a car. Read more about what to do in Naxos

Day 3. Naxos – Donoussa

44, 95 km (27, 93 mi)
The island of Donoussa is east of Naxos. It is part of the Small Cyclades. In addition to the port town, you can visit three small villages here. An afternoon is enough to discover the island, but you should sail around it because there are many wonderful beaches and sea caves here!

Day 4. Donoussa – Katapola (Amorgos)

31, 85 km (19, 79 mi)
Your next stop should be the elongated island of Amorgos to the south. The island has two main marinas. We recommend Katapola. There are many shops and bars in the streets near the marina. A walking path leads to the ruins of the ancient Minoan settlement at the nearby hill. From here, you will have a wonderful view of the bay.
Coasts and bays in Antiparos

Day 5. Katapola (Amorgos) – Koufonisia (Koufonisi)

25, 70 km (15, 97 mi)
Sailing northwest, pass the island of Keros and drop anchor at Koufonisi. The small archipelago of two islands consists of Ano Koufonissi and Kato Koufonisi. Kato is uninhabited, so moor in Ano. You can find every important service in the only village of the island. Leaving the marina, you can admire the gorgeous natural surroundings of Ano. Sail around the island and discover the beautiful beaches and sea caves! Visit the island of Kato where you can go swimming in a perfectly peaceful environment, with basically no tourists around.

Day 6. Koufonisia – Schoinousa – Iraklia

17, 43 km (10, 83 mi)
Sail southwest and drop anchor at the island of Schoinousa. There are three small villages on the island that you can discover on foot. They were built-in Cycladic style, so you will see many white houses and narrow little alleyways. The life of locals is very quiet, they only organise religious celebrations and smaller festivals over the year. Thus, Schoinousa is an ideal choice if you are looking for a peaceful holiday.

West of Schoinousa you will find the calm little island, Iraklia. Enjoy the natural beauty of this place! You can see monk seals and sea turtles on the shores! There are two villages on the island. One of them is Agios Georgios, moor your boat here. The capital of the island is Irakleia, located in the heart of the island.

Day 7. Iraklia – Despotiko – Antiparos

64, 26 km (39, 93 mi)
On the last day, sail back towards Antiparos across the high seas. Pass by the south side of the island then drop anchor at the island of Despotika. Here, you can see some sandy beaches, and the ancient temples of the gods Artemis and Apollo.
Then, it is time to go back to where you started your journey a week ago. Return to the marina of the island sailing along the west side of Antiparos. When you arrive, you still have time to discover the island. If you return early in the afternoon, the dripstone cave will still be open. If you like great parties, do not go to bed too early! The capital’s nightlife is an unforgettable experience! It really comes alive after midnight. You can dance to the music of the 80s in La Luna disco.

7 Days Antiparos island sailing tour (longer)

This route is almost the same as the one described above, but you do not turn back towards Antiparos after visiting Iraklia. Instead, you sail south. The island of Santorini will be your final destination.
Sailing itinerary in Antiparos
Day 1. Antiparos – Parikia (Paros) 7, 79 km (4, 84 mi), Day 2. Parikia (Paros) – Naxos 31, 22 km (19, 40 mi), Day 3. Naxos – Donoussa 44, 95 km (27, 93 mi), Day 4. Donoussa – Koufonisia (Koufonisi) 26, 02 km (16, 17 mi), Day 5. Koufonisia – Schoinousa – Iraklia 17, 43 km (10, 83 mi), Day 6. Iraklia – Ios 33, 26 km (20, 67 mi), Day 7. Ios – Agia Eirini, Therasia – Thira port (Santorini) 41, 96 km (26, 07 mi)

Marine gas near Antiparos, boat gas stations around Cyclades

  • Parikia, Paros: Depth: 3.5m, Working time: 0-24, GPS Coordinates: 37.087424, 25.151587
  • Naxos, Naxos: Depth: 5m, Working time: 0-24, GPS Coordinates: 37.106213, 25.372575
  • Riva Tirasia, Santorini: Depth: 5m, Working time: 0-24, GPS Coordinates: 36.452705, 25.344247
  • Thira New Port, Santorini: Depth: 4.5m, Working time: 0-24, GPS Coordinates: 36.386354, 25.428268

Many Hollywood stars have holiday homes on the tiny island of Antiparos. Moreover, the island is in the centre of the Cyclades archipelago, so starting from here, you can easily visit every nearby island! Cyclades sailing destinations, boat rental Cyclades islandsr


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