Are you planning a sailing trip in Greece in September? We help with itineraries, ports, yacht rental options & other useful sailing information. Get our help! The weather in Mediterranean Greece is very pleasant, even in September. The popular tourist destinations are not too crowded, the prices are more reasonable, and the sea is still warm. Read our article on why it is great to go sailing in Greece in September!Sailing in Greece in September
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Advantages of sailing in Greece in September

Greece is a particularly popular holiday destination. The high season runs from early June to the first week of September. From mid-September fewer tourists and sailors come here, making it easier to find a berth in marinas. The restaurants and taverns are also less crowded, you can sit down basically anywhere without a reservation. The prices are more reasonable, you can moor 20-30 percent cheaper than in the high season. The hot summer heat is over, but you can still swim in the sea.

Weather in Greece in September

In terms of sailing, Greece can be divided into two parts: the Ionian Sea to the west and the Aegean Sea to the east. Meltemi winds still dominate the Aegean Sea in September. Therefore, you should plan cruises from north to south this time of year. Towards the end of the month, rainy periods become more frequent. At the same time, the southern sirocco wind arrives. Because of this, it is better to plan south to north cruise in late September if you do not want to sail against headwinds. In the Ionian Sea, the northern maestro winds blow that is weaker than the Meltemi. Thus, you should plan a north to south cruise in September.
The coasts and islands have a Mediterranean climate. In September, the temperature is 25-27 degrees, and the sea’s temperature is 22-24 degrees. It is perfect for swimming. Towards the end of the month, the rainy periods become more frequent. sailing conditions and wind rose diagram of Greece.

A peaceful environment

By mid-September, the high season is mostly over, tourists go home. The incredibly popular Greece becomes a quieter place. You can find berths even in the otherwise most crowded marinas. The most-visited towns are also more peaceful. In September, you can enjoy the sunsets in a calm environment. The popular capitals of the archipelago do not rest even at night in summer. Many bars and night clubs play loud music, sometimes even next to each other. In fall, the capitals are more peaceful, the clubs also quiet down.
Greece sailing

Events in September

The Greek archipelago has some very interesting events in September. You can find everything you are interested in, from smaller village festivals to big events. The Armata Festival is very popular on the island of Spetses. The festival commemorates the naval battle of 1821 that happened in the strait between Spetses Island and Kosta. There are theatre performances, Greek dance performances and you can watch the re-enactment of the historic battle. In Santorini, they hold the Santorini International Music Festival with popular musicians. The festival takes place in the first three weeks in September. On the island of Aegina, you can take part in a pistachio festival.

Extra expenses

The official currency of the country is the euro. If you are coming from a country where the euro is not the official currency, be sure to visit a currency exchange before you leave. Also, be prepared that the pricing of marinas is not uniform. You can moor for free in some places, but typically you will expect prices of around € 30-50 per port, depending on the length of your yacht. You can moor 20-30 percent cheaper outside the high season. But there are some marinas that operate with the same prices. Before your holiday, find out about the fees.

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What route to choose?

Of course, your route also depends on what places you want to visit. If you want easy sailing in terms of wind, we recommend the Ionian Sea.
Wherever you want to sail in Greece, only go on a round trip in September if you are ready for some challenges. Be aware of the changes in the direction of the winds towards the end of the month, which can cause some inconveniences in the Aegean Sea.

Sailing in Greece in September

1-week one-way sailing trip from Lefkas to Zakynthos

This is a 1-week southeast cruise from Lefkas to the island of Zakynthos. First, you visit the eastern towns of Lefkada, then, after a longer sea cruise, you arrive in Kefalonia and Zakynthos.
One way Greece sailing itinerary

Day 1. Lefkas (Lefkada) – Meganisi

20, 59 km (12, 79 mi)
Meganisi is located in the southeast part of Lefkada. On this evergreen island, you can go swimming and hiking in beautiful natural surroundings. It is not too crowded so whenever you come, you will find peace and quiet. The long southern isthmus of the island hides many caves. The most popular is the Papanikolis Cave. It was named after the WW2 submarine that was hiding here from occupiers.

Day 2. Meganisi – Kalamos

23, 57 km (14, 64 mi)
Head east from Meganisi to arrive at Kalamos Island. Go around the island and moor your boat at Port Kalamos. You can stop at beautiful beaches along the way. Some of them are only accessible by boat. You can visit the ruins of a monastery near Episkipi. Next to Agios Konstantinos there is a privately owned chapel. There are windmills here and there on the island, and you should definitely discover the caves of Agrapidia.

Day 3. Kalamos – Kastos

7, 45 km (4, 63 mi)
Sail south to the tiny island of Kastos. You can see old stone houses in the only tiny village of the island. Check out the olive trees and vineyards that cover most of the island. Kastos is famous for its wineries and viticulture.
On the east side, you will find beautiful beaches. Visit Fokotrypa, which has a beach hidden in a cave! The island has many archaeological and architectural attractions. You can discover old monasteries, mills, and archaeological sites. Look around if you are interested in history!

Day 4. Kastos – Fiskardo (Kefalonia)

34, 56 km (21, 48 mi)
Sail southwest to arrive in the northern marina of Kefalonia, Fiskardo. Interestingly, Fiskardo was the only village that the earthquake of 1953 did not affect when it destroyed much of Kefalonia. Thanks to this, most of the old buildings remain untouched. From the protected port, you can walk to the promenade where several restaurants and taverns welcome you. The village is characterised by Venetian-style architecture with the sea rippling in front of the buildings.
Coasts and bays in Greece

Day 5. Fiskardo (Kefalonia) – Ithaka

28, 71 km (17, 84 mi)
Your next stop is the island of Ithaca to the east, more specifically the marina of Vathi. You know this island from the Odyssey-legends, but it has been an on-going argument among historians if it really was the home of Odysseus. Since there is no airport, most tourists come here as part of a round trip. Thanks to this, Ithaka is the island of peace and quiet, even in the high season. It has a 100 km long coastline, and you can visit several bays.

Day 6. Ithaka – Argostoli (Kefalonia)

84, 73 km (52, 65 mi)
You can find the largest marina of Kefalonia in Argostoli. You can quickly get to the city centre from here where many restaurants, taverns and shops await you. The city is home to the largest theatre building and an archaeological museum. If you are interested in medieval history, you can find the remains of the 12th-century St. George’s Castle 8 km from the city. Visit the Lighthouse of Saint Theodori south of the city. It is astonishing! If you are near Sami, do not miss out on the Melissani Lake Cave that you can discover by boat! It is very popular, so you may have to wait a few hours to get in.

Day 7. Argostoli (Kefalonia) – Agios Nikolaos (Zakynthos)– Zakynthos (Zakynthos)

69, 03 km (42, 89 mi)
Finally, you arrive at your last stop, the island of Zakynthos. If you feel like it, you can sail around the island. There are many beautiful, hidden beaches. The most popular is Navagio Bay. It is a very unique place because there is an old shipwreck on the beach. We recommend visiting the island of Marathonisi that is shaped like a turtle. It is south of Zakynthos. You can see sea turtles here.
Agios Nikolaos is a very popular seaside town. It has a great beach where you can try several water sports. If you get hungry, there are many taverns and bars to choose from.
Then, you arrive in the capital of Zakynthos, which has the same name as the island. You should definitely visit the Venetian Fortress near the city, at least for the great panoramic view. If you are interested in the history and memories of the city before the earthquake, check out the Byzantine Museum! You can see the model of the city pre-earthquake and many memorabilia.

1-week sailing tours from Athens

The Saronic Islands are an interesting addition to the Greek archipelago, we recommend visiting them. You leave from Athens, visit some of the Saronic Islands, and then, you return your boat in Athens.
Greece sailing itinerary September

Day 1. Athens (Kalamaki-Alimos Marina) – Selinia Salamis 14, 52 km (9, 02 mi), Day 2. Selinia Salamis – Aegina (Egina) 25, 14 km (15, 62 mi), Day 3. Aegina (Egina) – Egistri 7, 80 km (4, 85 mi), Day 4. Agistri – Methana 17, 89 km (11, 11 mi), Day 5. Methana – Poros 10, 79 km (6, 71 mi), Day 6. Poros – Agia Marina (Egina) 33, 01 km (20, 51 mi), Day 7. Agia Marina (Egina) – Glyfada (Agios Kosmas) – Athen (Kalamaki-Alimos Marina) 27, 33 km (16, 98 mi)

In Greece, the beginning of September is still the high season, but there are much less tourists from the middle of the month. If you want a more peaceful and less hot holiday, plan a September holiday in Greece! Rent a boat from us:
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