Find out everything about sailing in Skopelos: itineraries, ports, yacht rental options & other useful sailing information. Get our help! Skopelos welcomes tourists with beautiful beaches, gorgeous pine forests and charming capital. You can try many local specialities on the island known for its delicious cheeses and fishing traditions. Nature lovers and hikers can also feel at home here, as there are several monasteries and other attractions to visit.

Loutraki Skopelos yacht vacation
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The weather of Skopelos

Skopelos have a Mediterranean climate. Winters are quite cold with an average daily temperature of 4-6° Celsius in January. In the summer, the warmest period is between July and August when the average daily temperature is 22-24° Celsius. The peak temperature is around 30-32° Celsius during this period. The temperature of the sea is 23-24° Celsius, perfect for swimming. You can expect longer rainy periods between October and April, but the summers are completely dry. It barely rains between June and September. Showers only last for one or two hours. The beaches of the south-southeast coast are more protected against the Meltemi blowing from the north. Check the sailing conditions and wind rose diagram of Skopelos.

Ports around Skopelos

Loutraki Marina

You can find this port in the northwestern part of Skopelos, in the town of Loutraki. They accommodate boats with a length of up to 60 metres and a draught of up to 4 metres. They do not offer a wide variety of services, but we will still have the opportunity to replenish our water supplies and buy groceries.

Limin Skopélou Marina

This tiny marina can be found on the eastern side of Skopelos, in the city which bears the same name. The accommodated boats with a maximum length of 60 metres and a draught of 6 metres. They have all the basic services; they provide water, boat service and fuel, and they also have restaurants. rent a boat Skopelos,

Skiathos Marina

350 boats are allowed in the marina near the capital of Skiathos, with a maximum length of 65 metres and a draught of 10 metres. The marina offers full service – sailors will find everything they might need here including a boat service, fuel, Wi-Fi as well as water and groceries. Skiathos sailing, bareboat yacht charter Skiathos, catamaran charter Skiathos

Limin Linaria M

The small marina welcomes tourists in the town of Linaria, on the island of Skyros. They accommodate boats with a length of up to 60 metres and a draught of up to 4 metres. Their services include maintenance, water supply, markets, bars and restaurants.

Patitiri Marina, Alonnisos

The southern port of Alonnisos can accommodate boats up to 60 metres in length and with a maximum draft of 6 metres. The port is well-equipped for its size. There are water supply, boat maintenance services and security services. If you get hungry or want to replenish your supplies, you can buy everything you need in restaurants, bars and shops.

Volos port

The port of Volos is the fourth busiest port in Greece. They established it in 1893 and it became the most important booster of the area’s industrial development. It’s hosts every boat regardless of its size. The marina is well-equipped, it ensures fixation and fuel supply besides several extra services. It’s connected to boat lanes of neighbouring areas, thus, ferryboats also start from here. The port is very popular since it’s the place from where you can reach the beautiful islands of the Northern Sporades the fastest. yacht charter Volos, catamaran charter Volos, rent a sailboat in Volos, rent a luxury yacht Volos

Yacht charter around Skopelos

10 %sun-odyssey-44i-2009-7Volos
13.8 m / 45 ft4 Cabins /10 Berths
10 %lagoon-40-4-2-cab-2021-12Volos
11.7 m / 38 ft4 Cabins /12 Berths
45 %lagoon-42-4-2-cab-2024-16Volos
12.8 m / 42 ft4 Cabins /12 Berths

Sail in Skopelos! Skopelos sailing trips

1-week sailing in Skopelos

Sporades sailing itinerary
You will sail around the smaller and larger islands of the Sporades, including the four inhabited ones. For the most part, you can expect short distances, with the exception of visiting Skyros.

Day 1: Skopelos (Skopelos) – Patitiri (Alonnisos)

13, 25 km (8, 24 mi)
After a short trip, you will arrive at the southern marina of Alonissos: Patitiri. The tiny village surrounded by beautiful pines offers a calm environment. If you are interested in local history, you should visit the private ethnographic museum. The village’s neighbourhood is also rich in beaches ideal for swimming that you should not miss out on either! Read more about what to do in Skopelos, or boat rental Skopelos

Day 2: Patitiri (Alonnisos) – Skatzoura – Linaria (Skyros)

69, 83 km (43, 39 mi)

In Skatzoura, you can admire an old monastery from the outside. The island – rarely visited by tourists – offers many tiny islands that you can sail around. Since this is a longer journey, you should relax a bit on this island.
The small marina welcomes tourists in the town of Linaria, on the island of Skyros. They accommodate boats with a length of up to 60 metres and a draught of up to 4 metres. Their services include maintenance, water supply, markets, bars and restaurants.

Day 3: Linaria (Skyros) – Skyros (Skyros)

42, 07 km (26, 14 mi)

Sail counterclockwise along the coast of Skyros to reach the capital on the east side of the island! There are many interesting sights to see around the capital of Skyros. Walk up to the Byzantine fort towering above the town, providing a wonderful view of the beach. You will find the ancient ruin city Palamari on the northeast. The city’s findings can be observed in the archaeological museum of the capital. If you are interested in churches, you will see quite a few here.

Day 4: Skyros (Skyros) – Peristera

63, 33 km (39, 35 mi)
Sail back west and head to the island of Perisera, opposite Alonnisos! This island is inhabited only intermittently. Mainly shepherds and goat breeders come here. There are great beaches that are perfect for swimming, but you can also go hiking in the almost untouched nature.

Day 5: Peristera – Kalamakia (Alonnisos) – Kira Panagia

23, 84 km (14, 81 mi)

Sail to Kalamaki, which is the northern port of Alonnisos.! This village is an ideal starting point to explore the northern part of Alonissos. There are several hidden churches and monasteries nearby. Sail to the tiny islands in the area as well!
You should buy groceries in advance as you will have to take care of yourself where you are headed. If you are ready, sail towards the northeast and anchor at the island of Kira Panagia. There is only one building here: a 16th-century monastery reconstructed in 2017. You can hike and enjoy the water in a practically unexplored natural environment.

Day 6: Kira Panagia – Skiathos

53, 90 km (33, 49 mi)
Sail southwest then head to the island of Skiathos! You can discover two beautiful towns here, Skiathos and Kuknaries. Skiathos is an interesting place because landing planes pass just a few metres over the nearby beach, over the heads of tourists. Read more about what to do in Skiathos, Skiathos sailing, or Skiathos yacht charter

Day 7: Skiathos – Loutraki (Skopelos) – Skopelos (Skopelos)

41, 94 km (26, 06 mi)
On the last day, you will return to Skopelos, but first, you will moor at Loutraki, opposite Skiathos. You will also find a fairly neat sandy-pebbly beach next to the marina. You should definitely not miss the sunset here – the sun disappearing behind the island of Skiathos is a truly wonderful sight! If you feel like exploring the village of Glossa, you should climb the hill to do so. If you arrive on time, you will find the local cultural heritage museum open.
Finally, sail around the island counterclockwise to return to the capital. You will have a chance to visit several beautiful beaches along the way. You will be amazed at the capital with its zigzagged streets, narrow alleys and diverse architecture. There are several monasteries and churches in town and nearby. If you are looking for something more adventurous, visit the local watersports centre! Here you can try scuba-diving, wakeboarding and jet skiing. Should you be in the mood for a hike, you can go to the ancient pirate graves on Mount Karia.

7 Days Skopelos sailing trip

You will sail around the western islands of the Sporades, while also spending a day on the uninhabited island of Kira Panagia. Your final destination will be the port of Volos in the Bay of Pagasitikos.
Skopelos Sailing itinerary
Day 1. Skopelos (Skopelos) – Patitiri (Alonnisos) 13, 25 km (8, 24 mi), Day 2. Patitiri (Alonnisos) – Peristera – Kalamakia (Alonnisos) 16, 02 km (9, 95 mi), Day 3. Kalamakia (Alonnisos) – Kira Panagia 17, 50 km (10, 87 mi), Day 4. Kira Panagia – Skiathos 53, 90 km (33, 49 mi), Day 5. Skiathos – Ag. Kiriaki (Trikeri) 39, 71 km (24, 68 mi), Day 6. Ag. Kiriaki (Trikeri) – Palaio Trikeri – Chorto 21, 37 km (13, 28 mi), Day 7. Chorto – Kato Gatzea– Volos 32, 18 km (20, 00 mi)

Marine gas near Skopelos, boat gas stations around the Sporades

  • Skiathos, Skiathos: Depth: 10m, Working time: 0-24, GPS Coordinates: 39.162061, 23.491586
  • Skopelos Town, Skopelos: Depth: 6m, Working time: 0-24, GPS Coordinates: 39.122113, 23.732775

The location of the island of Skopelos makes it a perfect starting point for exploring the Sporades. If we do not take into account the distant island of Skyros, it is exactly in the centre of the islands. Skopelos offers several amazing beaches, great hiking and water sports opportunities, and rich local history.

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