Are you looking for a sea holiday, but comfort and luxury are also important to you? Are you bored with busy yacht boards and want some privacy, but you also appreciate safety? A crewed yacht charter can offer you much more than that!
Crewed yacht charter is the peak of all-inclusive boat rental. This type of holiday is actually a swimming hotel where you and your family, or your partner are the only guests. You have nothing to do, but to relax while the crew fulfills all your wishes. A professional captain will navigate the yacht on a route that you have planned. You can spice up your journey with various programs or you can simply enjoy the fresh sea air and the refreshing cocktails.

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  • Advantages of a crewed yacht charter
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  • Crewed yacht charter types
  • How to make a reservation?

What does crewed yacht charter mean?

You can spend your holidays at a swimming resort with an ever-changing landscape. You can have your holidays onboard a sailing boat or a yacht with all-inclusive service and a friendly and professional crew who work on making your trip relaxing and enjoyable. Going on holiday with a crew makes it possible for you to relax fully. The most superb thing about it is that you don’t have to worry about the vessel’s operation, because there you have the crew taking care of the boat. This is nothing else, but luxury sailing that focuses on comfort, location, and relaxation in a beautiful environment. Forget about too busy ocean liners and rather imagine sailing with a luxury sailing boat or a mega-yacht in the open sea. There is no need for experience, all you need is to be committed to this fantastic leisure time.

How does crewed yacht charter work?

This type of yacht charter is the product of a professional and happy crew. The details of boat rental as well as the selection of crew are based on individual preferences. When the client has decided, where they want to cruise and what kind of a yacht they would prefer, the last important step is to settle the number of crew members and the types of services required. Crewed yacht charter means that there are two or more crew members.

The number of crew members

A crewed yacht charter with the smallest possible number of the crew includes a captain and a chef and a stewardess. Thanks to crewed yacht charter the client doesn’t have to think about navigation, cooking, or cleaning. The crew also provides information on where to find the best ports, beaches, promenades, programs at the coast, or restaurants where you can find the best local dishes. The presence of the basic crew can make a big difference in the quality of your charter holiday. When chartering a smaller boat, you spend much more time onboard and meet the crew members more often. For example, you often dine together. This may sound odd at first, but don’t forget that crew members are experts. They respect their guests and know their place and role on the yacht.
When you charter a larger yacht, naturally the number of crew necessary will also increase from five to up to 15. In addition to the captain, there are engineers, hostesses, coordinators, and technicians on board. They will offer you a full range of services on board and will help you in all issues that are related to sailing or technical problems.

About the crew on the crewed yacht charter

The crew of a luxury yacht is fully committed to the guests. They are committed to preparing the charter and also to make a truly memorable and extraordinary trip for the guests. The crew members are the captain, the first officer, the boson and the deckhand. They are responsible for the yacht’s navigation and also for the rental of the yacht. You can find the engineer in the engine room who has the vital role of keeping the mechanics running perfectly. The interior crew consists of the stewardesses and the chefs. Food and services prepared by chefs easily compare with the best restaurants in the world. Stewardesses are in charge of the interiors of the yacht. They have the breakfast buffet set up, but you can also turn to them if you have other questions.
The crew will work hard, long hours to make your holiday pleasant. If you think the service has been excellent, then 10 percent of the charter fee is an acceptable sum to express your satisfaction. If the crew has done an exceptional job, you can offer them a higher amount. The captain usually distributes the gratuity among crew members equally.

Advantages of a crewed yacht charter

If you love sunshine, sea, and sailing, then this type of yacht charter won’t disappoint you. Real freedom awaits you onboard a yacht or a sailing boat.
A crewed yacht charter is ideal for anyone who wants a little privacy, romance and wants to organise a family event. Perhaps it is hard to imagine, but what you find here equals to hotel services thanks to the crew members. Besides meeting comfort requirements, they are able to provide you with information on ports, shopping opportunities, and pleasant restaurants. The captain is not only responsible for the proper operation and navigation, but also for the enjoyment and quality of your holiday.
If you are planning a romantic holiday, you must take into account that you won’t be perfectly alone with your partner every minute. However, you can organise individual programs, you can go for a romantic dinner, enjoy the silence and peace or visit the local clubs. This type of sailing is an enjoyable program for children as well. It is a real family program that brings the whole family together.

Who we recommend it to?

A crewed yacht charter or sailing boat holiday is a wonderful choice both individually and for couples and families. You can have great adventures through sea explorations and you can gain experiences for life through a program or sightseeing. This type of sailing is the ideal choice for sea lovers who are looking for a quality holiday. An experienced sailor also deserves some peace and quiet! Let others take control, sit back and enjoy the rhythm of the waves. You can also embark on this journey if you’re a novice sailor because the crew will take care of everything for you. If you have an important event coming up, you can make the celebration even more special on board a yacht. A wide range of event boats are offered for organising fantastic events Whether it’s team building, a conference, a company celebration, a wedding or any special event.

Crewed yacht charter types

There are many choices in the crewed sailing category that meet all demands. There are some special yachts dedicated to make any occasion a special celebration, e.g. a tropical wedding, a honeymoon on the Caribbean. Furthermore, a celebration of an anniversary, a memorable and stress-free family reunion, a unique and adventurous company retreat, a gay-friendly holiday, scuba diving, a vacation, etc.

Crewed catamarans

Catamarans are very popular because they offer the best service in terms of privacy and comfort. Traveling is also comfortable thanks to their stability and the view is always beautiful. No matter where you are, a quick swim in the sea is always possible.

Crewed sailing yachts

They offer a complete sailing experience with comfort and luxury. The wind-powered sailing boats are often more attractive to more experienced sailors, too.

Super Yachts

Super Yachts offer the holiday of a lifetime with the quality services of a 5-star hotel. The cabins are spacious and many entertainment activities and water sports options are available in addition, you can often have internet access and a gym onboard, too.

How to make a reservation?

A good starting point for organising your holiday is choosing the region, country or city. Each region offers a wide range of yacht rental opportunities for tourists. No matter, which area you choose, you are guaranteed a life-long experience. The average daily 15-20mile sailing gives you enough time to swim, snorkel, and explore faraway bays or simply spend more time at target destinations or the ports.
Yacht chartering is not as complicated as it may sound at first, especially if you have a good travel agent. There are always some basic questions to discuss when you start the process with the help of the service provider. When you have decided to charter a luxury yacht, but you have no idea how to get started, the easiest way is to select the region, where you want to travel. All popular regions, e.g. the Caribbean, Greece, Italy, Croatia, etc. offers luxury boat rental. These routes are always created to meet your own preferences.
Enjoy the freedom and safety of a sailing boat and at the same time watch your dreams come true! It is an ideal choice if you want to get away from the world and leave the hustle and bustle of everyday life behind and enjoy the peace of problem-free days. Real comfort and world-class luxury await you and your family members and relatives as well.

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