Are you planning a sailing trip in Puglia? We help with itineraries, ports, yacht rental options & other useful sailing information. Get our help! Are you navigating towards the southern edge of Italy? Then you surely won’t be disappointed. This wonderful region awaits you with several attractions, beaches, and a fantastic culinary experience. You’ll find everything in this article that you need to know about Puglia as a sailor. Keep on reading if you wouldn’t like to miss the best of Puglia.Sailing in Puglia

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Weather in Puglia


Owing to its superb Mediterranean climate, Puglia is a perfect sailing holiday destination all year round. Temperatures exceed 20°C in April already and you can also count on sunny weather. Summer is long, hot and dry with temperatures often exceeding 35°C. As a result, water temperatures reach about 20 °C, perfect for swimming. This is the time when Puglia’s beaches become animated with people and the ports fill up with boats.However, even as autumn comes, temperatures don’t plummet rapidly. They only drop below 20°C at the end of October.
Most of the precipitation falls throughout the winter months, however, they’re mild, temperatures mostly vary between 10-12°C.


Puglia is dominated by southerly winds throughout the summer. The winds blowing from Africa bring hot temperatures and create huge waves on the Salento coast, facing the Ionian Sea.
Another prevailing wind is the northeasterly Tramontane, a cool and rather dry breeze that can ease the swelteringly hot summer days.
When these northeasterly winds blow, the sea becomes completely flat alongside the Ionian coastline-just like a lake-, providing perfect conditions for sailing in Puglia.
The word ‘Salento’ means: ‘sun, sea and wind’; it’s therefore not hard to guess that winds are constantly present in Puglia, even if only of moderate strength. Puglia is a flat area, surrounded by the sea on each side and far away from the mountain ranges, therefore, the winds simply blow through this region. Check the sailing conditions and wind rose diagram of Puglia.

Ports in Puglia: where to take a break on your journey

Would you like to moor somewhere in Puglia? There are many options to choose from, but we collected some of the best spots for you.


Gallipoli town consists of two parts: the new and the old town. Its port is located where the two parts meet. Every morning dozens of fishermen set sail to supply visitors with fresh fish. The port has 200 berths, lined with colourful trawlers, yachts and boats.ports in Puglia


Porto Turistico Marina di Leuca is a port where you can be sure that your boat is 100% safe, every day of the year.
The staff doesn’t only look after your boat, but whilst providing the highest standards of services, environmental issues are also taken into consideration and the best international tricks are being used through the port’s management.
There are exactly 633 available berths, so there’s a spot for you too if you book in time. There are also different services available by the marina: bathrooms, showers, Wi-Fi and drinking water.


If you fancy a great sailing experience with some fascinating ports, choose Otranto. The port is located 1.5 km from the city centre and accommodates dozens of boats, yachts and freighter yachts. The port is also home to the fleet of vessels of the Italian Coast Guard and the Customs Agency.
Stazione Marittima, the Maritime Station is also by the port. It provides various services for mooring boats and their owners. The water depth of the berths is 6.4-6.7 m and they’re capable of accommodating boats up to 150 m lengths.boating in Puglia

Porto Cesareo

There are 300 berths in this marina. The bottom of it is sandy and owing to its location it’s a great shelter against the northerly and northeasterly winds. The port is very well-equipped, amongst the many other fantastic amenities, there’s a service station available, for instance.
The water depth here is 2.4 m and the whole marina is guarded by the majestic Torre Cesarea watchtower.

San Foca

The port of San Foca provides 150 berths. The bottom of the port is sandy and rocky and it’s capable of accommodating boats up to 25 m lengths. For the sailors, there’re various amenities available, including drinking water, electricity, showers, and bathrooms as well as Wi-Fi. The nearby beaches are also all fully equipped.

Yacht charter around Puglia

10.7 m / 35 ft2 Cabins /6 Berths
12.4 m / 41 ft4 Cabins /10 Berths

Sail in Puglia! Puglia sailing trips:

A complete one-week Puglia sailing tour

We’ve put together a perfect itinerary for Puglia so that you don’t have to worry about it.
We recommend Leuca town as a base. Owing to its central location it’s easy to explore the area from here and you can also find more fascinating places to moor at. The area is easily navigable.Sailing plan Puglia

Day 1. Santa Maria di Leuca – Marina Serra

15, 43 km (9, 59 mi)
Marina Serra has located around 15 km from Leuca. Its coast is surrounded by rocks, so it is worth anchoring your boat further away and approaching the mainland by dinghy. One of the special features of Marina Serra is the natural pool formed by the rocks. 6-7 km from the coast is the center of the village with many cultural attractions. You should definitely visit the Church of San Domiengo and the Palazzo Principesco dei Gallone.

Day 2. Marina Serra – Porto Badisco

21, 15 km (13, 14 mi)
Porto Badisco is a real little fishing village. If you’re looking for a relaxed town where Italian traditions continue undiminished and where the old architectural designs are preserved, visit Porto Badisco.

Day 3. Porto Badisco – Otranto

12, 09 km (7, 51 mi)
Otranto town is the easternmost point of Italy where you can explore several attractions, such as the Torre Pinta catacombs, the cathedral that dates back to 1088 and some fascinating churches too. The town is famed for its unique horse breed, the ‘murgese’. Not to mention that owing to its sandy beach, it could also be a perfect choice for families.

Day 4. Otranto – Torre dell’Orso – San Foca

19, 91 km (12, 37 mi)
In the close vicinity of San Foca is to be found Grotta della Poesia, a natural swimming pool in the middle of a cliff. It attracts hundreds of visitors daily with its crystal-clear waters. In addition, the nearby Torre dell’Orso Beach is also worth a visit. With its golden sand dunes, it’s a perfect beach for a whole-day relaxation.ports and islands in Puglia

Day 5. San Foca – The Cesine Nature Reserve – San Cataldo

13, 38 km (8, 31 mi)
Leaving the town of San Foca, San Cataldo will be your next stop, but it’s worth taking a short detour to one of Italy’s most beautiful reserves, which gives home to many protected bird species.Arriving in San Cataldo, a real Sicilian atmosphere is waiting for you . You can reach the city’s main attractions, such as Chiesa Madre and Parocchia Santa Maria del Rosario, through narrow alleyways leading between whitewashed houses. If you want to relax actively, euro park offers adventure pools and exciting slides close to the city.

Day 6. San Cataldo – Torre Chianca

12, 19 km (7, 57 mi)
Torre Chianca will be your next stop, where after the hustle and bustle of the previous day, you will have real peace here. Along the coast, a sandy beach stretches, its shallow, crystal clear waters are perfect for beaching. It is definitely worth taking a short walk to the fortress on the beach.

Day 7. Torre Chianca – Almini Grande – Leuca

89, 97 km (55, 90 mi)

You will pass Alimini Grande, and return to Leuca, the starting point of your journey, which is the most southerly settlement in Puglia After you have dropped off your boat, go on a journey and explore the city! Leuca has been a pilgrimage site for centuries, because as the legend says, St. Peter went ashore here and started his journey to Rome. Exploring the cultural sights of the settlement is a multi-day program, but if you only have 1 afternoon in the city, be sure to visit the Church of Santa Maria di Finibus Terrae and the lighthouse.
A perfect end of your journey can be an evening at one of the local restaurants, where you can re-experience the adventures of your sailing trip alongside a bottle of local wine and various antipasti dishes.

7 days sailing plan from Porto Cesareo – Sail in Puglia!

Day 1. Porto Cesareo – Sant’Isidoro 5, 71 km (3, 55 mi), Day 2. Sant’Isidoro – Santa Maria al Bagno 13, 17 km (8, 18 mi) Day 3. Santa Maria al Bagno – Gallipoli 9, 53 km (5, 92 mi) Day 4. Gallipoli – Torre San Giovanni 26, 42 km (16, 42 mi), Day 5. Torre San Giovanni – Torre Pali 10, 06 km (6, 25 mi), Day 6. Torre Pali – Santa Maria Leuca 15, 08 km (9, 37 mi), Day 7. Santa Maria Leuca – Torre Vado – Porto Cesareo 74, 87 km (46, 52 mi)Sailing itinerary Porto Cesareo

Sailing in Puglia: 1 week San Foca sailing itinerary

Day 1. San Foca – The Cesine Nature Reserve – San Cataldo 13, 38 km (8, 31 mi), Day 2. San Cataldo – Torre Chianca 12, 19 km (7, 57 mi) Day 3. Torre Chianca – Brindisi 31, 85 km (19, 79 mi) Day 4. Brindisi – Torre Santa Sabina 27, 23 km (16, 92 mi), Day 5. Torre Santa Sabina – Torre Canne 21, 35 km (13, 27 mi), Day 6. Torre Canne – Savelletri 7, 15 km (4, 44 mi), Day 7. Savelletri – San Foca 109, 15 km (67, 83 mi)Sailing itinerary Puglia

7 days Puglia sailing trip from Gallipoli

Day 1. Gallipoli – Santa Maria al Bagno 9, 53 km (5, 92 mi), Day 2. Santa Maria al Bagno – Sant’Isidoro 13, 17 km (8, 18 mi) Day 3. Sant’Isidoro – Porto Cesareo 5, 71 km (3, 55 mi) Day 4. Porto Cesareo – Torre Colimena 13, 34 km (8, 29 mi), Day 5. Torre Colimena – Lido di Silvana 34, 15 km (21, 22 mi), Day 6. Lido di Silvana – Lido Bruno 15, 29 km (9, 50 mi), Day 7. Lido Bruno – Parco naturale regionale Porto Selvaggio e Palude del Capitano – Gallipoli 83, 77 km (52, 05 mi)Sailing plan Gallipoli

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Marine gas around Puglia

  • Bari: Depth: 3 m, Working time: 8-18, GPS Coordinates: 41.1115 , 16.8554
  • Brindisi: Depth: 8 m, Working time:9-19, GPS Coordinates: 40.6638889, 17.976388
  • Gallipoli: Depth: 4 m, Working time: 0-24, GPS Coordinates: 40.0640535, 17.9988551
  • Porto Cesareo: Depth: 1, 2 m, Working time: 8-19, GPS Coordinates: 40.262824, 17.898418
  • Taranto: Depth: 15 m, Working time: 0-24, GPS Coordinates: 40.4793183, 17.2272413
  • Trani: Depth: 3, 8 m, Working time: 0-24, GPS Coordinates:41.27787780761719, 16.420852661132812
  • Vieste: Depth: 2, 5 m, Working time: 0-24, GPS Coordinates:41.885199, 16.1697115

Hopefully, our article put you in the mood for sailing in Puglia. Now, you also know which ports and islands to choose for mooring if the wind blows you there. Find yacht routes in Puglia or choose another rent a boat in Italy. HELP ME TO CHOOSE THE PERFECT BOAT

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