Are you planning a sailing trip in Sicily? We help with itineraries, ports, yacht rental options & other useful sailing information. Get our help! Sicily is Italy’s largest island, in the direct neighbourhood of the boot-shaped peninsula. The island is full of mountains and lowlands and it is a gem of the Mediterranean. You can find lots of smaller or bigger islands around Sicily, which can serve as excellent destinations for those sailing there. ports and islands in Sicily

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Sicily’s geography and winds

This island full of forests and mountains is located in the Mediterranean Sea that separates it from the rest of Italy. The neighborhood of the island includes the Pelagie islands (to the southwest), the Egadi island groups, the island of Pantelleria (to the west) and the Lipari islands (to the north). On the east of the island southeastern winds, on the southern side southwestern winds, while on the western and northern side north western-western winds prevail. In the sailing season, the northwestern wind blows from sunrise to sunset with the strength of 3-4 on the Beaufort scale. The western wind helps you sail to the east. The strength of sea currents can be felt south of Sicily.

Sicily’s islands

When you leave Sicily behind you can find many smaller or bigger islands that expect you to discover them in the sea, when you sail there.
Coasts and bays in Sicily

Northern direction

If you sail north, you can spot the Lipari-islands, which have a volcanic origin. You also find Lipari (Éoli), Vulcano, Salina, Filicudi, Alicudi, Stromboli and Panarea islands here, of which Vulcano and Stromboli are active volcanoes until today. UNESCO World Heritage has added Lipari-islands on its list of world heritage sights.

North-western direction

If you turn northwest from the island, you find the island of Ustica. The village with the same name covers almost the whole area of the island. This small island with an area of 8.24 km² It is fast and easy to sail round and offers a pleasant view to visitors.

Western direction

If you turn west, you find the Egadi-island groups and Pantelleria island near Sicily. The Egadi-islands is a collection of several islands, as you see from their name. The islands consist of two small and three large islands, Favignana, Levanzo, Marettimo, Formica, Maraone (the latter two are actually just two small rocks). The three larger islands are inhabited and popular destinations among tourists. Summers are long and hot here, you can measure even 45 degrees and temperatures don’t sink under 5 degrees even in the coldest months. The other island in this direction is Pantelleria.

South-western direction

Pantelleria islands 100 km from Sicily and covers an area of 83 km². It is important to know that the island is closer to Tunisia than to Sicily. When you keep looking toward the island, you can realize that its only border is the endless blue horizon. If you sail to the southwest, you find the last island group, the Pelagie-islands. The island consists of three islands located between Tunisia and Sicíly. Although the islands are part of Sicily, two of them (Lampione and Lampedusa) already belong to the African continent. While Lampione is uninhabited, Lampedusa is inhabited. These are the islands to spot the breeding place of loggerhead sea turtles.Sailing in Sicily

Where is it worth mooring?

Marina del Nettuno

The port is known for its proximity to the Aeolian Islands, a popular destination for boaters. It is located near the center of Milazzo, making it easy to reach the city and its historical attractions. It can accommodate more than 140 boats with a maximum length of 50 meters, with no depth limit. Milazzo yacht charters

Port of Trapani

The historic port of Trapani on the west coast of Sicily offers a fascinating mix of history and culture. It has about 50-60 seats. The maximum length of the ships can be 30 meters. yacht charter in Trapani

Marina di Marsala

Located on the west coast of Sicily, Marina di Marsala is a modern port known for its proximity to the world-famous Marsala wine region. The harbor has approximately 30-40 berths for 30-40 meter yachts and leisure boats. Marsala yacht charter

Port of Palermo

The bustling port of Palermo, the capital of Sicily, offers a lively atmosphere and a rich historical heritage. A busy port with several docks for cargo ships, ferries, cruise ships and yachts. Palermo is a great starting point for exploring other parts of Sicily or the Aeolian Islands. boat rental Palermo

Marina di Ragusa

Located on the southern coast of Sicily, Marina di Ragusa is a small charming port known for its calm atmosphere and proximity to beautiful beaches. Discover the historic center of Ragusa, protected by UNESCO, the labyrinth of winding streets. boat rental Ragusa

Marina di Portorosa

The marinais in the north of the island along a 4, 000-meter long quay. It is a really elegant and modern port in the neighborhood of Fumari. It is adequately insured and protects you from winds. Lipari islands are very close, just a few kilometers away. The sea bottom is 3.5-5 meters here, while the port basin is 2.5-3.5 meters deep. 

14.2 m / 47 ft4 Cabins /10 Berths
12.6 m / 41 ft4 Cabins /11 Berths

Sail in Sicily! Sicily sailing tours

A week Sicily sailing holiday

Sicily and its surroundings offer many sights for those sailing there. The list underneath presents a one week route that includes the most beautiful places and the most interesting islands for you. The duration of this route largely depends on whether how much time you want to spend at a certain place.
sicily sailing holidays

Day 1. Milazzo – Vulcano Porto

35, 21 km (21, 88 mi)
Thanks to the active Fossa di Vulcano, there is a beautiful black sand beach on the island. The fiery crater hides bright red and yellow crystals. You can go snorkelling, swimming or hiking here. Discover Grotta del Cavallo. Spend a night in Porto di Ponente port.

Day 2. Vulcano Porto – Filicudi Porto

39, 19 km (24, 35 mi)
This island has the lushest vegetation. Visit the prehistoric villages, Capo Graziano and Zucco Grande. Discover the stunning Blue Grotto. Check out Scoglio della Canna, a rock obelisk not far from the northwest coast. There are extensive hiking trails on the island.

Day 3.Filicudi Porto – Santa Marina Sailina

28, 71 km (17, 84 mi)
It is known for its lush vegetation and freshwater springs. There are three high mountain peaks and three villages on the island. Explore the smaller hills or enjoy the breathtaking view from the mountain tops. It is worth spending a night in Santa Marina Salina.

Day 4. Santa Marina Sailina – Stromboli

41, 63 km (25, 87 mi)
Stromboli emits beautiful spherical clouds. Watch how the red hot lava river moves towards the sea. On the two sides of the volcano, you will find two smaller villages. Among the members of the island group, these beaches have the blackest sand due to the volcanic ash. Discover the wonders of this island!

Day 5. Stromboli – Panarea

22, 72 km (14, 12 mi)
Panarea is the smallest inhabited member of the Aeolian Islands. It is very popular among celebrities and the rich. There are no cars on the island, thus locals and tourists use golf carts and electric bikes. People come here to be able to swim, dive, sunbathe and enjoy the sweetness of doing nothing in these peaceful, picturesque villages.

Day 6. Panarea – Lipari

21, 85 km (13, 58 mi)
Lipari is the largest, oldest and most populous island. Visit the town’s historical museum. Lipari’s
main attraction is a 13 th -century Norman-style cathedral. Discover the famous beaches of the island.
Lipari is known for its vineyards. Local wines are very delicious.

Day 7. Lipari – Tono – Milazzo

40, 64 km (25, 25 mi)
Milazzo is a lively port city. If you get here early, discover Piscine di Venere, one of the most famous natural attractions of Milazzo. It is only a short trip starting from Belvedere Square. From the very beginning, you will have incredible views over Capo Milazzo and Sant’Antonio Bay. There are several
high-quality restaurants in the town.

Sail on catamaran in Sicily from Marsala

Day 1. Marsala – Isola Grande 11.47 km (7.12 mi), Day 2. Isola Grande – Favignana 16.33 km (10.15 mi), Day 3. Favignana –Marettimo 23.49 km (14.59 mi) , Day 4. Marettimo – Isola Levanzo 23.38 km (14.53 mi), Day 5. Isola Levanzo – Trapani 14.87 km (9.24 mi), Day 6. Trapani – Mozia 17.54 km (10.90 mi), Day 7. Mozia – Parco – Salinella 14.10 km (8.76 mi)
Catamaran itinerary Sicily

More Italy sailing tours

Sicily is a wonderful and unique island with a volcano and it is also surrounded by three seas. It is easy to sail around and there are many famous and well-equipped ports for you to moor, where you’ll find it difficult to resist the wonderful wines and dishes. Discover the fantastic smaller islands that you fin din all travel brochures or make a short trip to a nearby town of Italy. Sicily is not only the home of The Godfather, but also of many sailors, fishermen, and seamen. Explore the island, where the love of sea and seafood is in the heart of culture. catamaran charter Sicily, sailboat charter Sicily, motor yacht charter Sicily, luxury yacht charter Sicily, bareboat yacht charter Sicily, Sicily crewed yacht charter

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