The pleasant, Mediterranean climate makes this famous Spanish coastline a particularly attractive holiday destination. In this article, we will discuss when it is best to go sailing in Costa Brava. Furthermore, we will give you some useful tips for planning a great 1-week sailing itinerary. Discover the most amazing holiday resorts in the ‘wild beach’!Sailing in Costa Brava

This article gives you an overview of the following topics:

Weather in Costa Brava: Mediterranean climate

The climate of Costa Brava is Mediterranean with warm, dry summers and moderately cold winters. The average annual temperature is between 7 and 28°C. The hottest months are July and August. The latter is especially good for swimming because the average temperature of the sea is 26°C. October gets the most rainfall. This means an average of 82 millimetres. During the summer season, most holiday resorts are extremely crowded. So if you can, you should visit in late August, or early September The weather is still nice, but there are fewer people.Check the sailing conditions and wind rose diagram of Costa Brava.

Ports and islands in Costa Brava

Port de Blanes

The port is operated by the Banes Sailing Club. They have 309 moorings for yachts with a maximum length of 24 metres. You can find a café, a restaurant and a sailing school in the club. They combine commercial fishing activities with recreational sailing. Info about sailing in Blanes, or rent a boat in Blanes.port in Costa Brava

Club Nàutic Estartit

The port is located in the L’Estartit resort. They have 643 moorings for yachts as long as 32 metres. The depth of the water is 2.3 metres. It is a protected port with several great services offered, and there is also a bar and a restaurant here. Info about sailing in L’Estartit, or yacht charter L’Estartit.

Club Nautic Cambrils

Suitable for 426 yachts, they can be 8 to 25 meters long. The area includes 8 areas that can cover a wide range of yacht maintenance and repair services. There is a bar, restaurant, Wi-Fi and 24-hour service and assistance. Club Nautic Cambrils. Yacht charter Cambrils.

Port Vell

Barcelona is one of the most important port cities on the Adriatic Sea. Port Vell offers 148 moorings for yachts not longer than 190 metres. They have drinking water, electricity and cable TV. Info about sailing in Barcelona, or yacht charter Barcelona.

Yacht charter around Costa Brava

Sail in Costa Brava! Costa Barva sailing tours

1-week sailing plan from Blanes – Sailing in Costa Brava

The journey starts at Blanes, south of Costa Brava, close to Barcelona, and we return here at the end of the week.Sailing Itinerary Costa Brava

Day 1. Blanes – Lloret de Mar

4.56 km (2.84 mi)
The next stop of our trip is Lloret de Mar, which is not only the biggest holiday resort in Costa Brava but the centre of nightlife, too. If you like to have fun, this place has many discos, pubs and entertainment venues to offer. The city has a pebbly-sandy beach, but be careful because the water deepens quickly. You do not mind crowded beaches? Then choose the 1, 5 kilometres long main beach. If you prefer quieter places, visit Fenals or Boadella. The Santa Clotilde Garden offers a gorgeous view of the sea. The medieval Castillo Castle rises above Sa Caleta. You can try delicious dishes and tasty drinks in Lloret de Mar’s restaurants and wine taverns. Spend the night in the city’s port.

Day 2. Lloret de Mar – Tossa de Mar

9.50 km (5.90 mi)
Tossa de Mart is considered to be one of the most beautiful villages in Costa Brava, it is referred to as the ‘Spanish Saint Tropez’. If you want to relax in a peaceful place, this village is a perfect choice. It is also recommended for families. Water enthusiasts can discover beaches like Playa Gran or Mar Menuda. The Cala Futadera is located in a wide bay, perfect for snorkelling. It has no services. Explore the medieval old town of Tossa, which has beautiful historic monuments. Spend the night at the port of Tossa de Mar.

Day 3. Tossa de Mar – Palamos

21.38 km (13.29 mi)
The next stop our trip, Palamos, is also known for its quiet, small-town atmosphere. It is perfect for relaxing and getting to know the local Catalan culture. If you want to go sunbathing and swimming, choose the 3 kilometres long beach. The town offers picturesque hiking trails and historic monuments. Palamos is famous for its seafood, especially for the prawns caught by local fishermen. It has a great fishing museum called Museu de la Pesca. Spend a night at the city’s port. Read more about what to do in Palamos or Palamos sailing. Check our boats: rent a boat in Palamos.

Day 4. Palamos – Llafranc

10.23 km (6.36 mi)
A beautiful, sandy beach is waiting for you at this idyllic, peaceful holiday resort. The sea is clear, safe, slowly deepening, making it perfect for families with small children. The town also has great sports facilities: tennis club, diving school, golf courses. The Sant Sebastian lighthouse is located on Sant Sebastian Mountain. It offers a wonderful view of the surrounding towns. The typical Catalan atmosphere of the town is enriched by Sangria and local delicacies. Spend the night at the port of Llafranc.ports and islands in Costa Brava

Day 5. Llafranc – Medes Islands and L’Estartit

20.63 km (12.82 mi)
This tiny archipelago has a rich abyssal fauna and is very popular among divers. You can go waterskiing and kayaking or play golf as well. The town of L’Estartit is located about 2 kilometres from Medes Islands, and it provides a fantastic view from the Roca Maura hill. If you are looking for a delicious local meal, visit the local Cal Tat bar. In the evening, have a rest in the port of L’Estartit. Info about L’Estartit sailing, or rent a boat in L’Estartit.

Day 6. L’Estartit – L’Escala

12, 37 km (7, 69 mi)
We are going to stop at L’Escala, which is a significant fishing port and a tourist centre. There are great beaches here, and we can try several watersports. If you are interested in Catalan culture, there are countless museums and monuments here. Try the typical local speciality, the delicious anchovy. You can spend the night in the port of L’Escala.

Day 7. L’Escala – Begur – Blanes

73, 68 km (45, 78 mi)
This town is one of the hidden treasures of Costa Brava. It is famous for its white Mediterranean houses. This coastline is less known than the previously mentioned holiday resorts, it does not have a loud nightlife. If you drop anchor at Begur, you can swim at gorgeous beaches. You can find the sandy Aiguablava beach that is one of the best and most beautiful places in Costa Brava. It is located in a breathtaking bay. The pebbly-rocky Platja Fonda is also a great beach, but there are no services. The pebbly Sa Tuna is also a great choice. Begur is famous for the ruins of Castell de Begur, a castle built on a hill in the 17th century. It offers a wonderful view over the area.

The Old Town is characterized by narrow streets and the beauties of Moorish and Spanish architecture. Spend the night at the city’s port. After visiting Begur we return to the first stop of our journey, Blanes. Read more about what to do in Blanes or Blanes sailing. Check our boats: Rent a boat Blanes.


If you are looking for some more fun, there is a mini-golf course, the Garbi Minigolf. Do you have more time? In the Old Town, you can see historic monuments such as the Santa Maria Parish Church, the castle or the fountain. The palm tree-lined promenades are ideal for relaxing a little. If you go swimming, choose the 650 metres long sandy beach where water sports facilities are also available.

Do you love nature? Visit the world-famous botanical garden called Járdin Botanic Marimurtra. There are 6000 flower and plant species on the 16-hectare area, and the lookout points offer a wonderful view over the town. The other botanical garden, Pinya de Rosa is also worth seeing, it is the world’s largest cactus garden. If you are looking for fantastic views, do not miss out on the Castillo de San Juan castle. You can see not only the sea but in clear weather, the silhouette of Montjuic Hill in Barcelona is also visible. Spend the night in the port of Blanes.

Plan for a one-week-long sailing trip from Palamós – Sail in Costa Brava!

Our adventure starts in Palamós and after exploring the surrounding spots in Costa Brava, this is where we return.Sailing Itinerary Palamos

Day 1. Palamós – Platja d’Aro

6, 46 km (4, 01 mi)
Apart from the main beach the village also boasts some other, smaller beaches. Platja d’ Aro is dotted with splendid bars and restaurants, often enlivened by live music. If you visit this village you can enjoy such events as the Sant Isidre Festival in May, the Jazz Nights in the summer or the Beer Festival in October. Spend the night in the village’s port.

Day 2. Platja d’Aro – Sant Feliu de Guíxols

6, 36 km (3, 95 mi)
Our next destination is Sant Feliu de Guíxols, awaiting us with tiny, pinewood-framed coves, lined with crystal clear rocky or fine sandy beaches. Take a pleasant stroll down on the town’s unique, wide, sandy walkway, lined by trees. Spend the night in the town’s port.

Day 3. Sant Feliu de Guíxols – Tossa de Mar

10, 94 km (6, 80 mi)
If you are looking for a truly relaxing place, Tossa de Mar is the place to be! The town that is also often referred to as the ‘Spanish Saint Tropez’ takes pride in such heavenly beaches as Playa Gran, Mar Menuda or Cala Futadera. Visit the medieval Old Town of Tossa, and explore the fantastic historic monuments. Spend the night in the town’s port.

Say 4. Tossa de Mar – Lloret de Mar

8, 73 km (5, 43 mi)
Our next stop is Lloret de Mar, the centre of nightlife in Costa Brava, crammed with discos and clubs. As compared to its impressive 1.5 km length, the town’s beach still counts quite crowded. If you are a nature lover, visit the Santa Clotilde Gardens and immerse yourself in the breathtaking vistas. The town is also home to some superb restaurants and wine bars.Spend the night in the town’s port.Sailing in Costa Brava

Day 5. Lloret de Mar – Blanes

5, 62 km (3, 49 mi)
Blanes is lined with heavenly beaches. If you love nature, visit the Marimurtra or the Pinya de Rosa botanical gardens. The latter is renowned for its cacti. Are you after some jaw-dropping views? Visit Castillo de San Juan, from where, in favourable weather conditions, you can even see the silhouette of the Montjuic Mountain.

Day 6. Blanes – Calella

14, 68 km (9, 12 mi)

Day 7. Calella – Mataró – Palamós

67.41 km (41.88 mi)
On the last day, we spend more time on the yacht then turn back towards Mataró to our original point, Palamós.
After bringing back the yacht it is worth looking around in Palamós if you have some time. The town is famous, and not only for the locally caught prawns, but it’s also an important port. Its gorgeous beach stretches for 3 km and the area is lined with fantastic hiking trails. The Old Town is brimming over with historic monuments and is full of great viewpoints. If you feel like grabbing something tasty, superb local restaurants are plentiful to choose from: Can Blau, Restaurante Caleta Blava, La Gamba, Hotel Marina Restaurant or the Mas dels Arcs, just a few to mention.

Costa Brava sailing: 7 days sailing itinerary Barcelona (South)

Day 1. Barcelona – Castelldefels 30.40 km (18.89 mi), Day 2. Castelldefels – Sitges 9.85 km (6.12 mi), Day 3. Sitges – Vilanova i la Geltrú 9.54 km (5.93 mi), Day 4. Vilanova i la Geltrú – Tarragona 48.23 km (29.97 mi), Day 5. Tarragona – Cambrils 17.13 km (10.65 mi), Day 6. Cambrils – Coma-ruga 44.00 km (27.34 mi), Day 7. Coma-ruga – Garraf – Barcelona 63.72 km (39.59 mi)Sailing plan Barcelona

7 days sailing itinerary from Roses (North)

Day 1. Roses – Cadaqués 17.37 km (10.79 mi), Day 2. Cadaqués – El Port de la Selva 20.76 km (12.90 mi), Day 3. El Port de la Selva – Portbou 11.39 km (7.08 mi), Day 4. Portbou – Salses-le-Château (Port Leucate) 54.58 km (33.91 mi) Day 5. Port Leucate – Narbone 36.40 km (22.62 mi), Day 6. Narbone – Lagoon La Berre (Port la Nouvelle) 15, 83km (9, 83mile), Day 7. Port la Nouvelle – Roses 102.51 km (63.69 mi)Sailing plan Roses

Marine gas around Costa Brava

  • BARCELONA: Depth: 6 m, Working time: 0-24, GPS Coordinates: 41.3888, 2.159
  • BARCELONA: Depth: 6.00m, Working time: 8–22, GPS Coordinates: 41° 23.1128, 2° 12.0265
  • BLANES: Depth: 1, 8-7m, Working time: 0-24, GPS Coordinates: 41.6742, 2.7904
  • CAMBRILS: Depth: 8 m, Working time: 9-19, GPS Coordinates: 41.06477355957031, 1.0590695142745972
  • EL MASNOU: Depth: 3 m, Working time: 0-24, GPS Coordinates: 41º 28′ 30″, 02º 18′ 47″
  • L ESTARITIT: Depth:4 m, Working time: 8-21, GPS Coordinates: 42.0540057, 3.2013105
  • LLORET DE MAR: Depth:2-4m, Working time: 0-24, GPS Coordinates: 41.70706558227539, 2.8809142112731934
  • PALAMOS: Depth:7m, Working time: 6-23, GPS Coordinates: 41º 50, 4 N i 03º 08, 1 E
  • ROSES: Depth:3-5, Working time: 0-24, GPS Coordinates: 42.2632018, 3.1755328
  • SANT CARLES DE LA RAPITA: Depth:4, 5-5, Working time: 9-19, GPS Coordinates: 40.61808395385742, 0.5952594876289368
  • SITGES: Depth:3, Working time: 9-19, GPS Coordinates: 41.11667, 1.25
  • TARRAGONA: Depth:6, Working time: 6-22, GPS Coordinates: 041º06’20”001º15’08”

If you are a sailing enthusiast, visiting the coastline of Costa Brava is an unforgettable experience. You can find crowded holiday resorts with a vibrant nightlife, but peaceful, relaxing towns as well.Find yacht routes in Costa Brava or choose another yacht charter in Spain.


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