Canada is a huge country, therefore it has a considerable climatic variety. The climate varies according to altitude and slope exposure. Because of the high latitude, there are large seasonal variations, from permafrost in the north to four distinct seasons towards the equator. Overall the country is cool, there are some remarkable differences from region to region. Winter and summer high temperatures across Canada vary from region to region. The Rocky Mountains generally block the flow of mild Pacific air masses. There are unfortunately no topographic barriers that could block cold air masses coming from the North Pole.

However, most Canadian cities are within 300 km of the southern border. There are mild springs, hot summers and pleasant autumns. Summer lasts from around June to September and the weather varies from warm to hot. Daytime temperatures are between 20 and 30 °C. Fall and spring are transition seasons. The only area where in winter the average temperature exceeds the freezing point is the coast of British Columbia. The climate of the region is oceanic, cool and rainy. Snow covers the ground usually from December to April. In southwest rain is more common in winter than snow.

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