Sailing in the Mediterranean is a real wonder. Sparkling sea, picturesque coastline and different cultures welcome boatmen. You never get bored on these tiny islands and coastlines of old towns. The climate is ideal for cruising; the ports are well-equipped, nothing else is needed for a perfect voyage.Sailing in the Mediterranean

Mediterranean sailing holidays: Various weather and relief

Sailing in the Mediterranean is dependent on the season in many areas. The Mediterranean climate brings a hot and dry summer, and a mild and wet winter. The average temperature is 14 Cº, though; it drops to 4 Cº in the coldest months. Due to the winds, the distribution of precipitation is uneven. The Western wind is the dominant one nearly all the year round with cyclones of the temperate climate. The trade winds prevail with subtropical cyclones in the summer months which bring heat and drought.

Therefore, it matters which region you are willing to choose for your boating. For instance, sailing by shores is typical in the West. Here the biggest challenge is to find another return track, not to follow the previous one. In this point of view, the Croatian and Greek islands are much more exciting. You can take part in several attractive journeys offered by these islands. Basically, the Western part poses a bigger challenge to boatmen. Since few islands provide shelter and the Northern weather has also an effect on the climate here.

Ports and islands in the Mediterranean: Exploration of the sea

Whether smaller or bigger ports, you find all in the Mediterranean. Most of them welcome tourists as well. Let’s see a few!


Sibenik is Croatia’s third-biggest port. Its maritime traffic is significant, and there is an opportunity for boat rental. The historic town is worth visiting once which hide many interesting sights. Beyond the well-equipped port there are many shops, banks and surgeries etc. nearby.
If docking here, do not forget to marvel at the Krka waterfalls. Believe me, it’s awe-inspiring.


Want to avoid the crowd but stay on the Aegean Sea? Then choose the island of Kos. There are 250 berths in its port with electricity, water supply, phone line and wireless network. So comfort is guaranteed. 150 dry docks are available in the port and a 35t hydraulic trailer lifts out the yachts.
The town originally built by fishermen is rich in plenty of historic sights, although water lovers and beachgoers can find their pleasure on the island of Kos too.ports and islands in the Mediterranean


Portisco is Sardinia’s favourite port. July and August are regarded to be the most crowded seasons. Thus, it is worth booking in advance in the port and gaining information on prices which can be quite high in the peak season.
Anyway, there is a light breeze in Sardinia. For this reason, sailing is easier on the East than the West, but we can expect stronger winds at the Strait of Bonifacio.


The French Riviera is fairly popular among tourists and boatmen. The high-quality sandy beaches, marvelous buildings, and the luxurious, glamorous milieu attract many people.
The wind blows lighter in the morning and stronger in the evening. The latter warm, moist wind is called Marin on the French Riviera. Besides, prices in Cannes like in other popular places, i.e. Saint Tropez, are of premium category.

Palma de Mallorca

The best is in Mallorca that the sun shines over 300 days of the year. A very short, mild winter breaks the eternal warm summer; hence it is an excellent destination for boatmen. There is only one drawback: the weather is quite capricious in this transitional period.
Since it is the largest sailing paradise of the Mediterranean it provides many facilities for docking. The main port is Puerto de Palma in Palma de Mallorca. For first sight the port rules seem fairly complicated, so book well in advance and ask for further instructions. There is water supply, electricity, WiFi, toilet and bathroom in the port.ports in the Mediterranean

Sail in the Mediterranean! Mediterranean sailboat cruises

Sailing the Med: a week sailing itinerary

A sailing trip can be a real once-in-a-lifetime experience. Moreover, the sailing experience and the smell of the sea can forge old and new relation yachts. So if the chance occurs, grab it! Check out an itinerary:
The Croatian sailing route between Sibenik and Trogir is enjoyable, exciting at reasonable prices. To accomplish it you need just a week; not to mention the stops and accommodation opportunities.

Day 1 – Sibenik

The starting point of the sailing trip is the historic town of Sibenik. It is a fabulous town. A lot of festivals and events are held here. Furthermore, you can visit its castle, town wall, and a few churches.
A small aqua park has been established in Sibenik for the youngsters and an interesting gallery for art lovers.
For nightlife, the Eastern port of the canal is recommended. Spend the first night here!

Day 2 – Primosten

Primosten, an authentic Croatian town with alleys and cosy restaurants, is not far from Sibenik. However, the town’s population is just about 3000, allegedly there are 50 restaurants. So you should definitely try one.
Its main sight is the 15th Century Church of St. George on the highest point of the town. The next step on your sightseeing tour is to visit the Primosten vineyards, which are listed on the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and drink a glass of red wine. After a delicious dinner in one of the nice restaurants and a romantic walk, indulge yourself in the nightlife at the port of Primosten.ports and islands in the Mediterranean

Day 3 – Kanica

Kanica is a beautiful town in the Kanica bay. Here your holiday is only about relaxation and recreation. Imagine, about 130 inhabitants live here. Here you can experience the authentic Croatian culture and traditional dishes.
To enhance your mood, spend the night in a typical local house.

Day 4 – Drvenik Veli

Drvenik Veli is a real pearl. Actually, it is an island with a fascinating fishing village. Take a stroll under the stunning olive trees and step into the 16th century-old Saint George church and the 18th century-old Saint Nicholas.We can spend the night either on the yacht or in the port.

Day 5 – Trogir

If you love history, the town of Trogir will be a paradise for you. The main sight of the town built between the 13th and 15th centuries is the church of Saint Lawrence constructed in Romanesque-Gothic. The fortress of Kamerlengo and Saint Mark’s Bell Tower is also worth visiting. One of the famous ports is the ACI Marina in the South where you can have the best view of the town. There are tremendous great opportunities for accommodation in the town to make your best choice.

Day 6 – Rogoznica

The next destination is Rogoznica which covered by wonderful trees. There is a lot to see here. For instance, the parish church of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Heaven and the Lake Dragon’s Eye saltwater lake. The second one was created after the last ice age. From a boating perspective, boatmen have to use different tactics by the port of Rogoznica, but it’s worth spending a day here. Spend the last night on your yacht and enjoy the splendid sea view.Sailing in the Mediterranean

Day 7 – Sibenik

On the last day leave Rogoznica and head to your original port in Sibenik. The last hours spent on your yacht could the capstone of your voyage. Take another walk among the historic sites in the town and find a good restaurant.
Sailing in the Mediterranean could be a sheer adventure and a memorable experience for you and for your whole family. Thanks to the excellent weather conditions and infrastructure you need nothing else for a great sailing trip. HELP ME TO CHOOSE THE PERFECT BOAT

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