Thanks to the unique location of the Aegean Sea, there are countless natural wonders. The marinas offer the safest mooring and protection. They are situated in the immediate vicinity of beautiful Mediterranean landscapes, historical and cultural sites. These treasures are just a few hours apart. This is an unmissable destination for sailors who are seeking variety and adventure.
sailing holiday in the aegean sea

Briefly about the sea weather

The best weather for sailing is the main season, which lasts from July to August. Two seasons characterize the area: from October to the end of March it is cold and rainy, while from April to September the weather is warm and dry. The coldest months are January and February. The average temperature near the coasts is 5 ° -10 ° C, while in the inland areas, the air temperature is 0-5 degrees higher. During the warm and dry period, the weather is typically stable, the sky is clear, and sunny and usually, there is no rain. During the warm period, high temperatures are moderated by fresh sea breezes and the northern winds. The pleasant summer wind is called the Meltemi, while in August the hot winds of the Livas are blowing. Check the sailing conditions and wind rose diagram of Aegean Sea

Ports in the Aegean Sea

Ports in the Dodecanese islands

Rhodes is the largest island of the Dodecanese archipelago. It is an important trading and yachting centre. The international airport is located nearby, about 14 km from the city centre. The city of Rhodes has a large port. From here you can easily reach Patmos, Leros, Kalymnos, Marina Kos, Symi, Tilos and Bodrum, Fethiye, and Turkey. Marmaris is the dominant wind in this area with 4-6B strength, blowing in west and southwest direction. The climate is sub-tropical, with refreshing western winds that moderate the summer heat. Kos is one of the many islands of the Greek Archipelago. Sailing amongst the islands is filled with joy and is suitable for beginners as well.

Rhodes Marina

Currently, there is room for nearly 400 yachts, but it is being expanded so it could accommodate up to 500 yachts. It’s unique because it can accommodate yachts with 5-6. 50 meters dive depths and up to 120 m in length and mega yachts. There are water and electricity, and the yachts can be refueled as well. The most up-to-date tools will help you with the mooring and to do the maintenance work. The security system is integrated, it works perfectly in this port of more than 100 m2. Information about sailing in Rhodes, or boat charter in Rhodes. ports in Rhodes

Mandraki Marina

This marina is close to the airport. There are two bronze deer sculptures, which became one of the city’s emblems. The city centre is about a 7-minute walk away. The St. Nicholas Lighthouse stands on the pier along with three old windmills. There are two shops and parking spaces (unguarded), and there are bank and taxi service close by. At the west entrance of the harbour, you have to look out for the shallow water and the cliffs.

Kos Marina

This new marina is located approximately 1km south of Mandraki. It boasts 250 berths and its superb equipment completely fulfils all desires. The complex boasts a 24/7 security service, a first-aid station, internet access and even a bank. There’s a shopping centre right next to it and you can also rent a car. Fashionable boutiques, bars, restaurants and various types of accommodation compete with each other to win you over. There’s also a yacht yard in the area as well as a shop specialising in boat equipment. There are refuelling opportunity and full assistance with boat trips in the area. Information about sailing in Kos, or Kos yacht charter

Ports in the Cyclades

This is the most popular Greek sailing region. It has plenty of well-equipped ports.

New Port of Mykonos

The new port of Mykonos was established two kilometres to the north from the city, in Tourlos. Charter boats leave for the other members of the Cyclades from here. The port can be used for touristic purposes. They accept yachts with a length of up to 25 metres, and the depth of water at the port is 3–5 metres. The port has complete infrastructure: they offer electricity, running water, security service and a petrol station. Information about sailing in Mykonos, or rent a boat in Mykonos

Vlychada Port

This is the most sheltered port on Santorini. The Vlychada Bay is protected by a semicircular breakwater. The piers are also in this arch. Water, electricity and fuel are available. There are restaurants and bars along the coast. This is the favourite place of surfers. The port can accommodate boats up to 25 metres in length. Santorini sailing, yacht rental Santorini

Naxos Marina, Naxos

Yachts up to 20 metres in length and a number of 70 may berth in this marina. The maximum dive is 5 metres. In addition to the boat service, you can find the usual basic services in the marinas here. Naxos sailing, boat rental Naxos

Paroikia Marina, Paros

The most popular marina is in Paros. It can accommodate yachts up to 60 metres. They also offer refuelling, boat service and electricity. The city’s sights, the best hotels and apartments, as well as great taverns and bars, await visitors near the marina. The depth of the marina is 3.5 metres. Paros sailing, boat rental Paros

Ports in the Saronic gulf

Athens is the southernmost capital city in Europe’s mainland. Its characteristic climate is semi-dry subtropical, so the summers are hot and dry, while the winters are mild and rainy. The summer average temperature ranges from 28 to 35 degrees, but sometimes 40 degrees also occurs with low humidity and regular air movement.
Athens International Airport, Eleftherios Venizelos (ATH) is about 20 kilometres east of the city centre. The Saronic Bay is in the southwest direction, from where you can easily reach the islands in the bay like Poros, Dokos, and Idra. The islands of the Cycladic Archipelago are also close, such as Kea, Kythos, Sounion and Mykonos. Athens has several ports, we present to you the biggest ones.


This is Athens’ largest port. It is close to the city centre, about 10 km away. The international airport is about 40 km away. Thanks to its geographical location it is a very important tourist, commercial and logistic centre. The harbour provides comfortable accommodation for passengers, such as wi-fi and telephone connections, restaurants, logistic assistance, and service.

Alimos Marina

One of the largest ports in Greece with 1000 berths. It is southwest from Athens and about 15 km from the city centre. Water, electricity as well as refueling are provided. Entrance lights and PIR auto lighting help orientation. You can find shops inside and around the port, and also a large local market. There are bus and tram station 500 meters away, the international airport is 30 km from here.

Aegean Sea sailing
The International Airport is 40 km away from Athens. The islands of Cyclades are easily accessible from here, such as Kea, Kythos, Sounion, and Mykonos. Lavrion is famous for its diving school, the Planet Blue Diving Center and the coral reefs in the area. The port is wind-protected and well equipped.

Lavrion Marina

Alpha Yacht Technical Management performs repair and maintenance work at the port. The trained staff will help you navigate and provide you with comfort services. You can find police, ferry, public transport and shops nearby. The harbour is located in a large area and it is wind protected. Read more about Lavrion Marina.

Olimpic Marina

Electricity and water are provided for all docks. Cranes and lifting devices make personnel maintenance and transportation tasks easier. You can rent a car and scooter, covered and uncovered parking, gas station, restaurants and bars are also available. The port has its own security staff and local authorities are also present. The first aid site is in direct contact with healthcare providers.

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14.2 m / 47 ft4 Cabins /10 Berths
12.6 m / 41 ft4 Cabins /12 Berths

Sail in the Aegean! Sailing holiday in the Aegean Sea:

The Greek area of ​​the Aegean Sea has several famous sailing routes:

  • Cruise around the Cyclades archipelago
  • Sailing the Dodecanese archipelago
  • Cruise around the Sporades archipelago
  • Sailing around the Saronic archipelago

Sailing in the Aegean Sea

Sailing the Aegean Sea: one-week Cyclades yachting

There are wonderful islands around Athens, which offer not only sandy and rocky beaches but also impressive historical monuments. On these islands, you can find everything you can imagine, secluded places that can only be approached by yachts, local attractions, more and more beautiful shores.
We offer you a one-week itinerary for cruising around the Cyclades, a sailing filled with experiences and adventures.
Before departure Athens the attractions of the city, in addition to the Acropolis, you should visit the church built-in honor of the Athene Niké, the Parthenon, the Zeus Temple Olümpic and the Dionysus Theater. It is interesting and memorable to watch the change of the guards on Syntagma Square. It is worth to experience the cuisine of the city in traditional taverns and restaurants. About the beaches, we can generally say that the farther we go from the centre, the better we find. We can start our adventures from Lavrion.

Day 1. Lavrion – Koundouros (Kea Island)

25.58 km (15.90 mi)
Our journey leaves from our base port in Athens. Here you can relax after the busy Athens sightseeing tour. Kea is a beautiful island with beautiful cities. Old temples, beaches, mills, towers, and windmills can be found here. There are many great restaurants in Kea, where fresh fish, lobster, and other traditional dishes are served. If you are looking for a quiet berth, we recommend a bay that is 100 metres away from the harbour. It is worth spending the night in Agios Nikolaos Bay in Vourkari. The village is protected from the winds of the area. It is a favourite place for ancient crabs, so it is a protected area.

Day 2. Kea Island – Kythnos Island

25.84 km (16.06 mi)
On the island, you can visit Merichas a small coastal village, which has a very sparkling life in the main season. Fresh fishes and fine wines are served in the taverns. Kythnos is a good place to explore the islands of the Cyclades. An important anchor point for most routes. Apart from the islands described in our route, the islands of Paros, Naxos and Lavrion are also close. On the island, you can harbour at Merichas where you can also spend the night. It’s a good idea to plan ahead so there would be a free space for you in the small port area. On the way to the harbour, you can discover one of Greece’s largest caves – the Katafiki Cave in Dryopida.

Day 3. Kythnos – Syros Island

73.73 km (45.81 mi)
On the third day of our trip, we depart from Kythnos to Syros Island. The island is a regular station in sailing routes. Syros is a charming little island that is full of spectacular, colourful historic buildings. On the southwest coast of the island, you can find Finikas where it is worth to stay for a night. It is a quiet village full of taverns, bars, cafés and offers good protection from the Meltemi wind. Information about what to do in Syros, Syros sailing or yacht charter in Syros

Day 4. Syros – Mykonos Island

33.67 km (20.92 mi)
On the fourth day, we reach the famous Mykonos Island. Soon, the snow-white houses, windmills, cosy streets, small squares, and parks make the capital likeable. Life on the shores and in the villages is sparkling. This is a true paradise for young people and groups of friends, but it is also a popular destination for water sports enthusiasts. There are several famous beaches (for example Agios Ioostis, Elia Beach), you can visit any of them. It is worth knowing that the weather is often windy in July and August. In the well-equipped old port of Mykonos, you can spend the night pleasantly. Information about what to do in Mykonos, Mykonos sailing or boat hire in Mykonos
Coasts and bays in Aegean Sea

Day 5. Mykonos – Paros

45.82 km (28.47 mi)
The bay of Parikia is very well protected against both Meltemi and Sirocco; its disadvantage is its difficult accessibility. Even as an experienced sailor, it is not easy to moor here: in the west, some cliffs make it difficult to set in. The island itself is famous for its beautiful snow-white marble architecture. You should see the Frankish castle built-in 1260, which has now become part of the city of Parikia. If you are curious about the origins of the abundance of marbles, be sure to check out the marble quarries that have been in operation for thousands of years.

As a sailor, the Skorpios Museum in Aliki is a must-see, where you can visit Benetos Skiadas ’wonderful collection of ship models. Be sure to check out the Valley of Butterflies, where you can see plenty of butterflies worthy of its name in a beautiful natural environment. Read more about what to do in Paros, Paros sailing, or Paros yacht charter

Day 6. Paros – Sifnos

53, 94 km (33, 52 mi)
Then, sail to the island of Sifnos. Here you can admire beautiful olive trees and almond fields. The symbol of the island is the Church of the Seven Martyrs, seen on a tiny peninsula-like extension of the east coast. Its beautiful whitewashed walls, sky-blue dome, and Cycladic architectural style are worth a look. In addition to the iconic church, the island hides many monasteries and museums. The most significant of these is the monastery of Chrissopighi.

Day 7. Sifnos – Souinin Lavrion

103.47 km (64.29 mi)
Sounion is at the most southern point of Greece. Previously served as a defense line against attacks targeting the city of Athens. The uniquely beautiful Poseidon church is on top of the cliffs. From where you can enjoy a wonderful view of a sunset. It is known for its historic buildings and spirituality, while it is a great place for relaxation and recreation.

We are returning to Athens, there are still plenty of attractions to see. We recommend three of them.
Lycabettus Mountain is the highest point in Athens, accessible by foot or by car, or even with a glider. From here a breathtaking landscape opens up to the entire Attica Basin and the Aegean Sea.
The ornate National Garden is right behind the Parliament. Here you can spend a pleasant afternoon on the shady promenades. Between the garden’s huge palm, orange and lemon trees you can admire sculptures.
One of the largest buildings in ancient Athens is Panathenaic, which was built around 330 B.C., games were held here in honour of the goddess Athene. The stadium was completely rebuilt for the 1896 Olympics, so it was the first modern Olympic Stadium.
More Cyclades sailing routes or yacht charter in Cyclades.

7 days Dodecanese sailing trip from Rhodes

Day 1. Rhodes – Ano Symi 45.66 km (28.37 mi), Day 2. Ano Symi – Mandraki 72.02 km (44.75 mi), Day 3. Mandraki – Livadia (Tilos Island)36.33 km (22.57 mi) , Day 4. Livadia – Chalki (Chalki island) 34.47 km (21.42 mi) Day 5. Chalki – Lindos 83.93 km (52.15 mi), Day 6. Lindos – Antony Quinn Beach 28.24 km (17.55 mi) Day 7. Antony Quinn Beach – Faliraki – Rhodes 17.14 km (10.65 mi).Dodecanese sailing plan
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Aegean yachting: A week Saronic gulf sailing itinerary

Day 1. Athens – Selinia Salamis (Salamina island) 9.42 km (5.85 mi), Day 2. Salamina – Aegina 26.25 km (16.31 mi) Day 3. Aegina – Poros (Poros Island) 35.54 km (22.08 mi), Day 4. Poros – Ermioni 40.00 km (24.85 mi), Day 5. Ermioni – Idra (Idra Island) 19.58 km (12.16 mi), Day 6. Idra – Coressia (Kea island) 83.19 km (51.69 mi), Day 7. Kea – Sounion – Athens77.30 km (48.03 mi)Saronic gulf sailing itinerary
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Aegean sailing holiday: Lavrion sailing tour

Day 1. Lavrion – Coressia (Kea island) 28, 09 km (17, 46 mi), Day 2. Coressia – Merihas (Kithnos island) 37, 98 km (23, 60 mi), Day 3. Merihas – Livadi (Serifos island) 46, 67 km (29, 00 mi), Day 4. Livadi – Kamares (Sifnos island) 23, 57 km (14, 64 mi), Day 5. Kamares – Paros 54, 25 km (33, 71 mi), Day 6. Paros – Ermoupoli (Siros island) 45, 48 km (28, 26 mi), Day 7. Siros – Giaros Lavrion 102, 29 km (63, 56 mi)Lavrion sailing saronic gulf

The Cyclades and the Dodecanese Archipelago are one of the best-known sailing destinations in the world. With beautiful islands such as Lavrion, Mykonos or Rhodes, renting a boat will be an unforgettable experience. It is a popular destination for the lovers of the sea. More Aegen sea sailing routes, or yacht charter in the Aegean Sea


More information about the Aegean Sea

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