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Despite its small size Montenegro is a country with many interesting sights. If you come here, most sights are simply explorable.

Location of Montenegro

On a European scale Montenegro is a relatively rarely inhabited area in the Dinaric Alps. Steep hillsides divided by bays follow its shore along the Adriatic coast. The largest is the Bay of Kotor. The Montenegrin coast is located in the southeastern part of the Adriatic Sea, between Croatia and Albania. The coastline is 260.2 kilometres, the mainland is 249.1 kilometres and the islands’ coastline is 11.1 kilometres long. The seabed deepens rapidly. You can find the deepest point of the Adriatic Sea at near the Montenegrin coast (1280 metres).

History of Montenegro

The first artefacts are from the Paleolithic Era. Illyrian tribes lived here from 500 BCE to 200 BCE. After that the area was under Roman rule, several citieswere founded in those times. Until the 6th century therthe the e was Byzantine rule then came the Slavs. They introduced Catholicism. Between the end of the 12th century and the 15th c,entury most of the present territory of Montenegro was part of Serbia (Rakša). Montenegro was recognized as an independent state in 1878 at the Berlin Congress and with the support of major powers it had the chance to expand its territory. In 1916 the king lost his power when the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy occupied the country.

In 1929 the Serb-Croat-Slovene Kingdom reorganized as Yugoslavia. After the collapse of Yugoslavia in 1992 the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia was founded, Montenegro and Serbia were parts of it. In 2003 the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro was born based on the alliance of the two states. The city is an important commercial hub. The port can be divided into several parts: a port for scheduled vessels, private vessels, commercial vessels and naval port. The port is a country border and a customs border as well.

Beaches in Montenegro

Despite its isolatedness and small size Montenegro will offer very diverse beach options for all tourists.


Mogren is one of Montenegro’s beaches with golden sand that is divided into two by an enormous and beautiful mountain. Those who swim here can also discover a cave that connects the two beaches and those who have enough courage can also climb the mountain that divides the beaches.


The 600 metres long sandy town beach of Petrovac is both visited by tourists and locals due to its turquoise-coloured water and rustical old town. In the summer months it becomes a really busy and lively tourist hub with pleasant cafés, restaurants and beaches covered by golden sand

Mala Plaža

Here you can feel the real Mediterranean atmosphere, as the beach is on the plage. This small beach can be a little crowded in main season, but it gives you a real Mediterranean experience. The beach is even busier at night, when all tourists and locals gather here. The illuminated old town and the bay give a special view at night.

Jazz Beach

3 kilometres from Budva in the direction of Tivat you find one of the longest and busiest beaches of Montenegro that is Jazz Beach in Budva. The approx. 1,200 meters long Jazz Beach is covered by small pebbles and the beach is full of cafés and restaurants. Read more about other beaches in Montenegro

Main sights in Montenegro

A Lovćen National Park

Lovćen National Park, which is located in the middle of Lovćen mountains has been deemed as a national park area since 1952. A speciality of Lovćen is that wherever you may stand, you’ll have an amazing and unforgettable view in front of you. You can also get familiar with original Croatian national architecture in the region, because about ten churches have been built to decorate the landscape of Lovcen with their special church spires.

Biogradska Gora National Park – Rain Forest and Glacier lake

The greatest natural treasure of the park is Biogradska gora rain forest. It is one of the last three rain forests in Europe that have survived, which lies on a huge area. Biogradsko lake can be found 1,094 metres high in the heart of the rain forest. It is the largest and most popular glacier lake in the National Park.

Lake Scutari

Lake Scutari is a sight to be visited by all means due to its wonderful view. Due to its geographical location and Sub-Mediterranean climate the National Park is one of the most important living venues of swamp birds in Europe.

Durmitor National Park

Durmitor National Park has also been a nature protection area since 1952 and it has been on the UNESCO’s Natural and Cultural Heritage list since 1980. The greatest sight of the park is a wide plateau 1,500 meters above sea level. The mountain eyes that consist of 18 glaciers in amazing heights (about 1,500 metres above sea level. are the most famous sights here.

Sveti Stefan

The tiny island of Sveti Stefan is very close to the city of Budva. It has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Montenegro. The public beach of the island is at the end of the pier, from where you get a fantastic view to the special red-roofed buildings and the crooked streets. It is an amazing experience to walk between the beaches with white sand and the first class luxury hotels.

Kotor bay

One of Montenegro’s icons is Kotor bay that is under the protection of UNESCO and Kotor castle. The castle was built in the era of the Venetian Republic in 1453 and it has preserved its original style until now. Concerning this area you must know that Kotor bay is the largest natural bay of the southern part of the Adriatic Sea and also the southern most European fjord.

Gospa od Skrpjela

If you make discoveries near Kotor, you shouldn’t miss the church Gospa od Skrpjela, which means “the Lady of Cliffs”. This tiny island is only a short sailing trip from the old town of Kotor.


Montenegro’s most southern town and also oldest town at the Adriatic Sea is Ulcinj, which is at the southern border of Montenegro. Ulcinj is only 12 kilometres from the border of Albania. The old town that is still inhabited by locals is worth visiting.

Three types of climate and weather

Mediterranean climate

The Mediterranean zone is a narrow stripe on the Adriatic coastline from Herceg-Novi to the Bojana River. In summer the average temperature is between 25.4 °C and 27.6°C. The summers are short and dry and the winters are short and mild. The hours of sunshine are around 2500. Ulcinj has to most extreme data with 2700 hours of sunshine per year. The temperature of the sea is 26-27°C. In July there are 11 sunny hours per day. The temperature of the sea is pleasant from May until the middle of August.

Continental climate

In the central part of Montenegro the temperature in July is 26.4°C, in Podgorica it is 25.4°C (Danilovgrad). The absolute maximum temperature is 40°C. Hot air flows to Podgorica from the valley of the Bojana River, the Lake Skadar and Morača River which makes it the hottest city of the former Yugoslavia. The average temperature in January is around 5 °C and the minimum temperature is -10°C. Sudden weather changes are also expected. The middle areas are characterised by extreme temperatures.

Mountain climate

A mountain range starts at the Piva River. The average height of the mountains is 1700 metres, and the peaks reach up to 2000 metres. In the mountains have a subalpine climate with cold and snowy winters and mild summers. The weather can change suddenly. In winter the temperature can drop to -20°C or -30°C. While it rarely snows in the Skadar region, in Durmitor even 5 metres of snow can fall. Due to low evaporation snow can remain until May, and in some places the whole year.

Yacht charter Montenegro

The largest ports in Montenegro:

Port of Kotor

Port of Kotor is also known as Luka Kotor or Cattaro Marina by Italiens. It is situated in the coastal town of the same name, on the Adriatic coast of Montenegro. It offers its guests modern facilities in the heart of a medieval site with well-preserved fortifications and fascinating historical attractions. Kotor is well protected from the east by fortification walls up to 20 meters in height, from the west by the sea, from the North by the river Škurda and from the south by the underwater spring Gurdić. Port of Kotor

Port of Bar

The Port of Bar is Montenegro’s main sea port. It is located in Bar. The city is therefore an important commercial hub. The port can be divided into several parts: the harbour for regular shipping services, the private harbour, the commercial port and the naval port. The harbour serves also as a country and customs border.

Port of Montenegro

Berthing at Porto Montenegro offers marina guests and crew a full homeport solution in one of the world’s most spectacular cruising grounds. The marina’s 450 berths are complemented by an extensive range of services and amenities.Porto Montenegro

More information about Montenegro

The terrain of Montenegro ranges from high mountains through a segment of the western Balkan Peninsula, to a narrow coastal plain that is only one to four miles wide. Montenegro’s lower areas have a Mediterranean climate. The country has dry summers and mild, rainy winters.

On the coast, the climate is mild but rainy in autumn and winter. The summer is hot and sunny, tempered by the breeze. Climate is exceptionally mild and Mediterranean in the south, with average air temperature in summer of 27 °C and lots of sunny days a year. Autumn and spring are usually sunny and mild. Occasional short cold spells in winter can bring about by the north and north-easterly winds from central Europe. Central and northern regions have Continental climate, where temperature varies greatly with elevation.Precipitation in Montenegro is plentiful, especially in the coastal strip and in hilly regions overlooking the sea. The rainy season is long and runs from September to April.

If you want more accurate/detailed information about the weather and wind conditions, select a region from the yacht charter in Montenegro destinations tab. Please search for the desired holiday destination within the region and you can find the weather tab under the city tab.

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