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Sailing in Lavrion

Lavrion was one of the most important trading centres of ancient Greece. Silver mining took place in the surrounding areas. Thanks to the treasures of this land Athens was a wealthy metropolis. The gods of the archaic world smiled upon this city. Its rich wildlife and natural wonders are known far and wide. The coastline […]

Cyclades sailing holidays: island tour on the middle of the Aegean Sea!

The Cyclades are very popular among boaters – the archipelago offers unforgettable experiences! You can explore more than 200 islands here, each providing you with a different adventure! There are countless beaches and diverse entertainment opportunities on these islands – explore them all! You can read in this article about the following topics : The […]

Sailing in Lindos: sail out from a historic village!

Lindos is a popular resort town in the central part on the eastern coast of Rhodes. You have the opportunity to admire several historic buildings in the acropolis on top of the hill behind the village and in the neighbouring areas. Besides, the village is just beautiful with its whitewashed house walls, narrow alleys and […]

Sailing in Kolymbia: begin your trip in the peaceful resort town!

Kolymbia is a relatively newly established resort town. It offers long sandy shores and natural attractions to its visitors. You can easily get to the coastal towns on Rhodes from its little marina. If you visit the other members of the archipelago, you should expect a longer trip, as they are located on the other side of the island.

Sailing in Faliraki: explore Rhodes and the neighbouring areas leaving from a resort town!

Faliraki offers a wonderful, 4-kilometer-long shore segment, one of the largest waterparks in Europe, and a charming little port to boaters. Leaving from here, we can easily sail around Rhodes, and the other islands of the Dodecanese are also in a fairly short distance.

Skopelos sailing trips: Explore one of the most beautiful islands of the Sporades!

Skopelos welcomes tourists with beautiful beaches, gorgeous pine forests and charming capital. You can try many local specialities on the island known for its delicious cheeses and fishing traditions. Nature lovers and hikers can also feel at home here, as there are several monasteries and other attractions to visit.

Sailing in Brbinj: One of the most protected marinas in the region

The marina of Brbinj is located in the bay of Dugi Otok, and is perfectly protected from the winds of the Adriatic, making it an ideal anchorage for boaters. The town is a perfect starting point when exploring nearby islands such as Iž or Ugljan. In this article, we will show you what the weather will be like when you go sailing in Brbinj.

Sailing in Nassau

Nassau, which is the centre of the Bahamas, is located in the heart of the region. It is like a utopistic fairy tale, with a mixture of the ancient culture and modern urbanism. The name of its northern neighbour, Paradise Islands says it all. On this island, it is all about enjoying life, having fun and relaxing. Visitors are welcome by breathtaking shores, beaches and holiday resorts here. All

Sailing in Skiathos: explore the Sporades!

Skiathos, an island located in a fairly calm environment, is very popular among sailors who want to explore the Sporades. It provides visitors with numerous entertainment opportunities, diverse beaches and beautiful pines.

Sailing in Murter: the North-Dalmatian sailing paradise

The port of Murter is located in one of the best-protected bays of the island with the same name, offering a safe anchorage for sailors. Thanks to its favourable location, the town is an ideal starting point when visiting the Kornati islands. In this article, we will show you what the weather will be like when you go sailing in Murter. In addition, we will give you some tips for planning a shor

Sailing in Bimini – on the border of the Bahamas

Bimini is the Bahamian island located closest to the United States. It can be found only 80 kilometres from the shores of Florida. It consists of three islands: North Bimini, South Bimini and East Bimini. The largest island, which is also the most significant one in terms of tourism, is North Bimini. Although the group of islands is relatively small, it is still a unique world waiting to be exp

Sailing in Serifos: Discover the western part of the Cyclades!

The island of Serifos is located on the western side of the Cyclades. If you would like to hike and enjoy the sea in a fairly calm environment, this place is a great choice. There is a unique attraction here: an old iron mine that was operating until 1964 since the ancient times with shorter and longer breaks. Leaving from the island, you can explore most of the Cyclades.

Vodice sailing: Discover the beautiful nearby islands!

The well-maintained beaches, interesting activities and breathtaking nearby islands make Vodice an extremely popular holiday destination. In this article, you can find out what weather to expect when you go sailing in Vodice, In addition, we will help you plan a 1-week itinerary. If you follow our advice, you can enrich your life with some […]

Sailing in Zadar, Zadar sailing trips

Zadar is a perfect starting point for a sailing holiday rich in amazing experiences. If you choose to visit this Northern-Dalmatian town, you can expect unforgettable sights on the neighbouring islands as well. From this article, you can find out when it is worth sailing in Zadar, and we will also help you with useful […]

Sailing in the Exumas: Exumas sailing itineraries

The Exumas are a large group of islands on the eastern edge of Bahama Bank, south of Nassau. It consists of 365 smaller islands and sandbanks, many of which are uninhabited. The flora and fauna of the region are breathtaking, both on land and in the sea. A significant part of the archipelago belongs to […]

Sailing in Omiš: Discover the most attractive destinations in Dalmatia!

If you need some peace and quiet, Omiš at the mouth of River Cetina is the perfect holiday destination. It has a beautiful natural environment. In addition, Omiš is near Split, which is one of the most famous Croatian cities. In this article, you can find out what weather to expect when you go sailing […]

Eleuthera sailing adventures

Eleuthera is the fourth-largest island on the Bahamas. The chain of islands is among the most significant and iconic parts of the region with its countless pineapple fields and beaches covered with pink sand. Its eastern coast faces the Atlantic Ocean and the western coast is opposite the Great Bahama Bank. The island is very […]

Sailing in Folegandros: Discover the south-western part of the Cyclades!

Folegandros is a lesser-known island in the southwestern part of the Cyclades archipelago. It offers relatively few tourist attractions for lovers of sightseeing and historic monuments. Although, in return, it has great beaches that are perfect for swimming! It is not too crowded in the high season, so you can spend your holiday in a […]

Sailing in Slano: Visit the towns of this Southern Dalmatian gem!

If you prefer peace and quiet to popular tourist attractions, Slano is a great choice. The town is located in a beautiful natural environment, in a safe bay ideal for anchorage. In this article, we will provide you with information on when it is recommended to go sailing in Slano, and will also give you […]

Amorgos sailing and yachting: sail around the Small Cyclades!

Amorgos is located at the eastern edge of the Cyclades archipelago. The mostly rocky island offers great hiking routes. We can also enjoy the beach here, with both sandy and pebbly parts to choose from. Most of them can be found on the northern part of the island; there are only few beaches on the […]

Syros sailing & boat tours:
Explore the northern islands of the Cyclades!

The island of Syros is a great starting point when exploring the northern parts of the Cyclades. The island itself suits every need; whether you want to enjoy a peaceful swim or the buzzing nightlife, you will find what you are looking for here! Starting from here, you can easily explore Kea, Kithnos, Andros or […]

Sailing in Orebić: The most famous town on the Pelješac peninsula

Orebić has been known as the town for ship captains and sailors for centuries. It is a perfect starting point for exploring nearby islands like Korčula or Mljet. In this article, you can find out what weather to expect when you go sailing in Orebić. In addition, we will help you plan a 1-week itinerary. Visit this beautiful town on Pelješac peninsula!

Sailing in Cavtat: a perfect location

The coastal town is a popular destination thanks to the pleasant Mediterranean climate, the beautiful architecture and the fact that it is located close to Dubrovnik. From this article, you can find out what weather you can expect when sailing in Cavtat, and we will also help you with useful tips on how to make seven days sailing trip. Explore this cosy South Dalmatian town and its neighbourhoo

Antiparos sailing: Go on an adventure from the centre of the Cyclades!

The small island of Antiparos is in the centre of the Cyclades archipelago. It is a very peaceful island with lots of sandy beaches. Many Hollywood stars have holiday homes here. With a little luck, you can meet some well-known actors! The island of Antiparos is the perfect starting point for exploring Naxos, Paros and the Small Cyclades!

Vela Luka sailing: One of the safest bays of the Adriatic

The more than 9 km long, picturesque Vela Luka Bay has been providing a safe haven for sailors for centuries. The crystal clear sea, the excellent transport connections, and the mouth-watering gastronomy make the town of the same name an extremely attractive tourist destination. In this article, you can find out what weather to expect when sailing in Vela Luka. In addition, we help you plan a 1

Sailing to the Bahamas:
Cruising around one of the most versatile areas of the
Caribbean Sea, the Bahamas

Nearly 30, 000 square kilometres of breathtaking blue water tempting us to cruise around on a boat – This is The Bahamas. It is among the most brilliant sailing destinations in the world calling us to explore its seas and lands from all angles. There are seven hundred separate islands here stretched all over the […]

Tortola sailing and sights. Tortola catamaran tours

Whether you are only familiarising yourself with sailing or have years of experience, it doesn’t really matter – a holiday on Tortola is truly beyond compare. Tortola is the largest and most populous island of the British Virgin Islands with suitable conditions for sailing during almost the entire year. The temperature and the sea are […]

Naxos sailing tours
Discover the largest island of the Aegean Sea!

Naxos is the largest island of the Cyclades. It is a great holiday destination thanks to its beautiful beaches. In this article, you can read about the weather, and we also recommend some itineraries to discover the nearby islands. Naxos is the perfect starting point for sailing around the Cyclades, you should definitely start here!

Sailing in Greece in september

The weather in Mediterranean Greece is very pleasant, even in September. The popular tourist destinations are not too crowded, the prices are more reasonable, and the sea is still warm. Read our article on why it is great to go sailing in Greece in September!

Korčula sailing tours

Situated on a small peninsula, the town is an excellent tourist destination thanks to its natural beauties and historic monuments. In this article, you can find out what weather to expect when sailing in Korčula. In addition, we will give you some useful tips for planning a one-week itinerary. Visit this picturesque South-Dalmatian town!

Sailing in Croatia in September

Croatia is a very popular holiday destination, so the seaside towns and islands tend to be a bit crowded in summer. The weather is still great in September, you can go swimming in the sea. In this article, we will show you why it is great to go sailing in Croatia in September. We will also give you some useful tips and itineraries that lead you through the most peaceful places.

Korčula island sailing:
Discover one of the most beautiful islands of Southern Dalmatia!

The extremely clear waters of the island of Korčula, its dense black pine forests, and its picturesque settlements make it a particularly attractive destination. Our article shows you what weather awaits you when sailing in Korčula, and we also provide useful tips for compiling a one-week itinerary. Discover the beautiful island of southern Dalmatia! This […]

Sailing to Puerto Rico: Let’s get on board and head to Puerto Rico!

Puerto Rico is one of the northernmost islands in the Caribbean region. The name speaks for itself – Puerto Rico means “rich port” in Spanish. Also, the country has a rich flora and fauna, not to mention their culture and gastronomy. We can choose from several routes to take in the region. Besides a large number of berths and ports, we can explore many brilliant islands here, but

Sailing to the BVI: where and when is best time to sail on the BVI?

If we are looking at the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean region from a distance, we will see something like we would only see through a kaleidoscope. The sight of the bright blue water, the yellow sunshine, the colourful ports, and the sandy beaches resemble pieces of mosaic.. We can explore spectacular ports on […]

Sail from Split to Dubrovnik.
Discover two popular Croatian coastal towns!

You will find plenty of attractions to see on the Dalmatian islands, located between the two most important coastal towns in the southern part of Croatia. To make your trip easier, we introduce some interesting destinations and ports. In addition, we will give you some useful sailing advice. Our article gives you an overview of […]

Stomorska sailing: Discover the picturesque town!

Stomorska is a small town at the eastern end of the island of Šolta with the island’s oldest port. Our article reveals the weather conditions if you are planning sailing in Stomorska. Moreover, our one-week itinerary compiled will help you during your cruise. Do not hesitate, visit this idyllic settlement and its vicinity! Our article […]

Catamaran from Mykonos to Santorini:
have an adventure around the Southern Cyclades!

The island of Mykonos is a great starting point to discover the Cyclades. From here, you can quickly reach every island on the Aegean Sea, so you can sail to Santorini as well. In this article, we will show you some islands you can visit along the way, the important ports and give you other […]

Greece sailing & sailing holidays in Greece:
Explore the breathtaking shore segments!

The crystal clear water, the islands sparkling like gems and the beautiful coastal towns all make Greece an attractive destination among tourists. From this article, you can learn when sailing in Greece is the most ideal, and we also provide you with useful tips on how to plan 7 days sailing trip leaving from the […]

Catamaran from Split to Hvar
Sail around one of the most beautiful Dalmatian island!

According to many, Hvar is the most beautiful island in Central Dalmatia. Starting from Split, you will have time to discover Hvar and the surrounding region. In this article, you will find all the important information about the trip, marinas and landmarks. Our article gives you an overview of the following topics: Important information if […]

Sailing from Athens to Santorini: discover the Southern Cyclades!

If you want to discover the Southern Cyclades and the island of Santorini, a cruise from Athens is the best way to do it. In this article, you can find the most important landmarks, marinas, and other useful information. Our article gives you an overview of the following topics: Important facts when sailing from Athens […]

Sailing from Puerto Rico to St. Thomas
Let’s explore the Caribbean Sea and Saint Thomas!

Puerto Rico and the Caribbean are among those places on Earth that all sailing enthusiasts must visit. The entire area is surrounded by the sea – the marvellous archipelago and the crystal-clear water will provide us with the experience of a lifetime. If we go towards the east from Puerto Rico, we can sail to […]

Catamaran from Crete to Santorini:
Sail to the most famous island of the Cyclades!

Crete and Santorini are two very popular Greek islands. Crete is the largest island in Greece. Santorini is a popular holiday destination. En route from Crete to Santorini, you can enjoy the views of the endless sea for hours before arriving at the volcanic island of Santorini. In this article, we will show you everything […]

Catamaran tours from Venice to Croatia:
sail around the northern part of the Adriatic!

If you are looking for great challenges in the North-Adriatic region, there is no better starting-off point than Venice. From here you can easily reach the towns of the northern Croatian shore. If you are in love with exciting and challenging cruises, definitely explore the Northern edge of the Adriatic Sea! Our article includes all […]

Sail Dubrovnik to Split: adventure on the islands of the Croatian coast!
Sail from Dubrovnik to Split on catamaran!

If you want to explore the islands of the southeast coast of Croatia, there is nothing better than a northwestern yacht adventure. Below we briefly present the area, the typical weather and list the important ports. Our article gives you an overview of the following topics: Important information if sail from Dubrovnik to Split Ports […]

Sailing from Dubrovnik to Montenegro:
discover a less known coastline! Explore Montenegro gulet cruise!

If you want to feel the differences between really popular and less popular resorts, sail from Dubrovnik to Montenegro. You will experience an eye-catching difference between Dubrovnik, which has become a major tourist destination due to the Game of the Thrones, and the calmer cities of Montenegro. Our article details the weather in the area, […]

Milna sailing. One of the best ports in Croatia

Milna is located in one of the most protected bays on Brač Island, making it a favourable place among sailors. Thanks to its suitable location, it is an ideal starting point when exploring the island of Šolta or the famous Makarska Riviera. From this article, you can find out when it is worth sailing in […]

Sailing in Sumartin
The easternmost town on the Central Dalmatian island

The charming Sumartin is the easternmost and youngest town on the island of Brač. As the high season is quite peaceful, it is the perfect holiday destination if you want to avoid crowded places. In this article, you can find out what weather to expect when you go sailing in Sumartin. In addition, we will […]

Sailing from Athens to Mykonos
and explore the wonderful Cyclades archipelago!
Sail on the Greek islands by catamaran

If you want to explore the beautiful Greek archipelago, you should sail from Athens to Mykonos. During the flexibly organized trip, you can discover the islands of the Cyclades and then arrive on the island of Mykonos, where you can spend several days. This article describes the typical weather, the ports available along the way, […]

Bol sailing itineraries: the oldest city on Brač Island

Bol is the largest town on the southern coast of Brač Island. It is a perfect starting point from where we can visit the island of Hvar, which is regarded as the sunniest island on the Adriatic. From this article, you can learn what weather you should expect when sailing in Bol, and we also […]

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