Sailing in Menorca: Sail around the Eden!

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The Southern part of the Mediterranean is full of surprises. Just like the Balearic Islands, including Menorca. Mallorca’s counterpart is the paradise of boatmen! It has various coastline. The cliffs are darker on the Northern part with wilder landscape. However, on the southern regions, the northern streams washed out valleys among the snow white limestone rocks. Several naturally shallow beaches have been formed here by the wild nature. There are light towers on many cliffs of the island fighting with the strong wind day by day. Do you want to know why it is worth sailing in Menorca? Read further and we will show it to you.
Sailing in Menorca

The main points of the article are the following:

When is the best time for sailing in Menorca?

Menorca has generally Mediterranean climate. As it is an island, there are differences. Winter is mild with a high level of precipitation, there are averagely 65 rainy days per year. Summer is extremely hot with high humidity level. In the daytime, the temperature can even reach 35-39 degrees which you can feel more due to the humidity. What is, though, important to mention is that the wind blows a lot on Menorca. As the island is practically flat, there are no serious terrain factors that could prevent the way of the wind. Generally, the wind blows from the North, almost every time, which moderates a bit in the summer. This effect has caused the leaning of old oil trees to the South. In sum, the best time to visit Menorca is between May and August. At this time the precipitation is little with moderate wind and pleasant temperature for bathing.

Ports and island in Menorca

Menorca abounds in ports and tiny islands along the shore. It will definitely be an exciting cruise if you choose the second largest island of the Balearic Islands. The navigation is easy with no hard spots. One would stop at each cove; all of them are so fascinating. Watch out! You can get addicted to Menorca very easy.

Port of Mahon

Port Mahon can be found at the historical centre of the city. It is in a natural valley protected from any weather conditions. Port Mahon is the world’s second deepest anchoring berth with over 30 meters. The fjord being used for at least 2500 years is more than 6 km long. It is a natural harbour; it had an important role in the past to protect whole navies. Phoenician, Carthaginian, Greek, Roman, English and Spanish navies used it beforehand. Let’s see two of the terminals.

Marina de Mahon

It is fully-equipped. There is a 24-hour security guard, electricity, water and fuel supply. You can hire cars in the port, or go to the restaurants nearby. There are 165 berths for maximum 50-metre ships.ports and islands in Menorca

Marina Deportiva de Menorca

Smaller yachts are able to stop here up to the length of 6 meters. There are 230 berths available in 24 hours. There is a developed infrastructure here, beyond basic facilities there is a laundry and a taxi station.

Port de Ciutadella

The port was renovated in the 17th century. It lies in a narrow river valley, as a natural anchoring berth. It possesses two terminals. One of them offers 150, the other 180 berths with maximum 60 m depth. The allowed length is 20 m. There is a range of accommodation facilities in the bay. It is well-equipped meeting the requirements of the modern world.

Port of Addaya

This natural cove lies on the northern part of the island next to a national park. On this side of the island more coves like this were formed owing to the streams flowing in. A breath-taking picture appears on the horizon when you reach its entrance. First, a nearly 300-year old lighthouse built by the British appears in the narrow valley, then the houses by the shore. There are 150 berths for yachts with a length of a maximum of 25 meters. It has good infrastructure too.

Port of Fornells

This town is the well-preserved pearl of the northern shore. Its white houses shine brightly in the sun; its marina is really tiny accepting maximum 12-meter longships. There are 115 berths. This country lies a bit far away from everything, here nature dominates. There are no hotels, only apartments or small pensions. Nevertheless, there is a buzzing life here. You can try water sports, golf, horse riding, and scuba diving. The main source of inhabitants is/was fishing; this gives a unique atmosphere to the town. Several reefs and islands emerge from the sea in the surroundings.Sailing in Menorca

Platja de Binicodrell

There is an island opposite the beach next to Sant Thomas. It is worth swimming over there in calm weather, the shore is very close. It is the best for snorkelling; you can explore a rich fauna.

Illots d’en Marcal

This small reef lies along the shore of Binissafúller. At its flat rocky part, you can spot swimmers. The water around it is 8-10 meter deep and very clear. Splash into the water here to see the wonderful underwater world! Its flora and fauna are unbelievably diverse, definitely take an underwater camera.

Illa de L’Aire

This islet is opposite Punta Prima. Its well-protected, a rare species of the Balearic lizard lives here. It is also interesting that there is a big population of wild rabbits. You need permission to enter; the fauna is under strict surveillance. There is a lighthouse on the islet.

Illa d’en Colom

‘Columbus Island’ can be found 300 meters from Grau. It is absolutely uninhabited as being part of the national park. There are two beaches: Tamarells and s’Arenal d’en Moro. You can find real peace here by watching this fabulous environment.

Illa Gran d’Addaya

There are three islands at the entrance of the bay not far from Addaya, the biggest one is called Illa d’en Addaya. There is a port available for boatmen and tourists. A Balearic lizard and many gull colonies live on the island. You should try diving here, even with a trainer.

Sailing in Menorca: Seven days around the island

Here are some tips on how to spend a week on Menorca.

Day 1 Mahon – Port d’Addaya

Leave the ‘capital city’ of the island. Sailing through the 6-kilometre long harbour path is a sheer adventure. Head to the North and reach Port d’Addaya next to the wonderful national park. If you see the lighthouse, you are not far. This is an exciting starting-off in your cruise, but it can be enhanced further. The port is well-equipped with excellent accommodation. Take a stroll in the curving streets of the town and enjoy a great dinner in a restaurant by the shore.

Day 2 Port d’Addaya – Fornells

Sail to North-West by the shore. The toothed fjords give a magnificent view. By halfway, stop for a while on the beach of Cala Pudent. This stunning bay was formed by an estuary of a mountain stream. Upon your arrival at the port of Fornells, devote some time to explore the town. There are calmness and peace, no hotels can be found. You can have a rest and enjoy the silence of the northern coast in a local pension. You can choose from numerous restaurants, the cuisine of Menorca is incomparable.

Day 3 Fornells – Cala Morell

Head to Cala Morell to the West. The tiny village boasts of its cove which serves as a natural marina. Boatmen fancy it for its shallow and clear water, and for the crazy nightlife in the beach bars.

Day 4 Cala Morell – Ciutadella

If you leave in the morning, you can have lunch in Ciutadella. The island’s former capital city preserves many treasures for tourists. The long, narrow port welcomes ships up to 12 meters. Go shopping to Mercat de Peix, the town’s largest market. There is a long row of fishermen offering their products. Visit the 17th-century old cathedral and walk on the historical main square.boating in Menorca

Day 5 Ciutadella – Cala en Bosc

Cala en Bosc lies 10 kilometres from Ciutadella. Due to the port bridge ships of maximum 6.8 m height can come in. There is an opportunity for fuelling, water, electricity supply, internet and shops available by the docks. A stunning beach lies directly by them. First-class hotels and apartments with own pool can be rent throughout the town.

Day 6 Cala en Bosc – Cala en Porter

The distance between the two towns is about 20 km. There is an outstanding anchoring berth, but no port. As Menorca has only a few official ports, staying on the water for the night is allowed. Here you can really experience the rare beauty of nature. Open a bottle of wine and swing under the stars of the Mediterranean Sea.

Day 7 Cala en Porter – Mahon

From Cala en Porter sail to South-East and sail around the island. In a short time, you will spot the entrance of the Port of Mahon.

In this article, you have seen why sailing in Menorca is an excellent choice. If you are keen on an unforgettable holiday, do not hesitate further. Choose this destination where you can experience despite Mallorca and Ibiza the wildness of the Balearic nature. Start the cruise tomorrow!

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